Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chapter Six

“You sure can, and my name is Lexie.” She told him.

Looking over at Jon she waited on him to tell her how he wanted his eggs.

“My name is Romeo.” He told her.

“Well Romeo, you think we can get your dad to fix the toast?” They both turned to Jon in unison.

“Toast I can do.” He got off the stool and went to the toaster. So her name was Lexie…that still didn’t ring a bell.

Lexie scrambled him the one egg and put it on a plate with two strips of bacon. Grabbing one slightly over done piece of toast, she cut it in half and handed him the plate. Adding a glass of milk to his plate,.

“Thank you Lexie.” Romeo said as he dove into his breakfast.

“You’re very welcome.” She turned back to the bowl and broke four eggs in it. By the time she had them cooked she split them between two plates. Giving him the once over she added four strips of bacon to his plate and three on hers. Well there went her lunch; she would have to do with peanut butter and jelly. Looking over at the stack of bread she scratched the sandwich.

Jon took the plate from her and sat beside his son.

“Thanks, I really appreciate this.” He watched her pour them both a cup of coffee and waved off the milk and sugar.

After handing him the cup she sat beside him on the remaining stool. They ate in silence for a while until Romeo had finished his plate.

“Go play in the snow now Daddy?” He wiped the milk mustache off with is sleeve. Jon winced and handed him one of the napkins on the bar.

“In a minute son, let me finish my coffee. Why don’t you go get on your boots and bring down your coat?” He helped him off the stool and watched him run out of the room, followed by Snowball.

Once he was out of the room he turned to Lexie.

“Listen, thanks for breakfast. I know this wasn’t planned, but why don’t we work this out. I had planned on hitting the store for provisions, we ate your food, you make a list of what we need for the three weeks, I’ll pay.” He watched her face for a reaction.

Lexie thought it over and shrugged her shoulders. Why not since they had ate not only her breakfast but her lunch too. So it looked like the three of them were going to be here for three weeks.

“Look I can grill a mean steak and make an omelet, and you can see I can’t make toast…I know you aren’t the cook, but take pity on my son. If it wasn’t for you he would have lived off grilled cheese and soup for three weeks.” He turned on the famous Bongiovi charm.

Lexie rolled her eyes, but he was winning her over. How hard can it be, cook three meals a day and write her book? She was crazy, but how could she let that precious little boy eat nothing but grilled cheese and soup.

“Okay, I give up.” She figured while they were gone she could write, and while he is out side with Romeo she could squeeze in a few chapters. This just might work.

“Great, you make a list and we’ll hit the store.” He grabbed his and Romeo’s plates and put them in the sink, and he was out of the kitchen as Romeo came down the stairs.

He had on his coat and the two of them were heading out the door when Romeo turned to her…

“You come with us Lexie?” He waited for her answer.

“No, you and your Dad go; I’ve got some things to do here.” She said thinking about the sink of dishes waiting to be cleaned. She then handed him the grocery list of food that they would need.

“What have you got to do, the place is clean.” Jon added as he waited on her to join them.

“Well, I have this book…” She told him as she shooed them out of the cabin.

“Okay, I understand…little quiet and a good book…We’ll be out of your hair for a while.” He let her usher them to the garage.

“Take your time, the list is long.” She said as she closed the door between them.

Jon laughed and rolled his eyes.

“You think she wanted us gone, Ro?” He helped Romeo into the jeep. Getting in he, started the Jeep after opening the garage as they backed out. They were just about to the gate when he heard a whimper. Stopping he looked over at Romeo and noticed his coat had a bulge that moved.


  1. Uh oh! Call 911! Puppy napping in progress!

  2. Yeah, Jon, she wanted you gone :) Now turn your ass around and bring back her dog lol

    ~ Hath

  3. lol Hath!!!!!

    rut row!!! there's a puppy nappping happening!!