Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chapter 75 (This is a record 4 in one month, I'm spoiling you all)

Lexie looked at the kids waiting for an answer.  In her mind she was already their mother, she didn’t need a lawyer or buying off their mom to be that.

“Of course I want to adopt you mutts.”  She laughed. 

All the kids jumped up to hug her.  Jon stood watching the free for all.  They were joined by the elder Bongiovi’s who added their congratulations. Carlotta came in to tell them breakfast was on the table.

Much later that evening as Jon and Lexie cuddled in bed, she ran her fingers along his chest. 

“You know, this paper is a formality, those four already are my kids.”  Lexie looked up at him.  “I can’t believe she signed away her rights to those kids.  I could never do that.”

Jon smiled.

“I have to ask, when did you five have this meeting?”  She sat up and leaned against the headboard.

Jon knew she was going to ask that.

“You just happen to be in your writing spot.  Seems they talked about it when we were at the cabin on our honeymoon.  Dad told me they asked about how you went about adopting” Jon sat up facing her in the bed, knowing that the cuddling was over until she got her mind around this adoption.

“Dorothea has separated from Greg, she called because she heard we were married.”  Jon reached for her hand.

“Separated, I thought they had moved to Los Angeles?” Lexie linked her fingers with his.

“Well, seems she needed more money, he lost his job, and she refused to go to work.” Jon sounded very upset the more he talked about her.  “I offered her a deal, she signed the papers for adoption, and it was a one-time lump-sum deal.”

“You mean she took money to sign away her rights?”  Lexie gasped.

“Yeah she did.  I would have paid anything at this time.  She gave up custody to me after the Philly incident, so this legally ends her involvement with the kids.”  Jon shifted in the bed so he could look in her eyes.  “My mom will tell you I should have made her sign a pre-nup” He stopped to take a breath, she jumped on it.

“Jon, I know all this. That’s why we met with the lawyers before we were married.”  Lexie reached out and touched his face.  “I just want to know, why she gave in so easy.”

“Well, for one it was all about the money.  Two, the kids do not and I stress do not, like his parents.  Three, I wanted to wash my hands of her.”  He sighed, “With this payment, she can’t have contact with them, without me being there, and it has to be in Jersey. She can’t come to me for more money, this gold vein had been tapped out.”

“So she sold her kids to you, I could never do that.”  She placed her hand on her swollen abdomen.  “One of us has to die first.” 

He knew she was serious.  She would never give up her trio or his four, unless she was dead.  When he and Dot got married, she had wanted kids, and he would settle down and they would be a family.  When he hit the big time, she begged his to slow down, not tour so much.  When he found out she cheated on him, it had just about done him in.  He still hand feelings for her, they did have four kids, and just now the feelings weren’t the love they had shared.

“She signed the paper and the money was deposited in her name.” Jon sighed and brought their joined hands to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

Lexie just shook her head.  She would make sure not a day goes by that those kids didn’t feel unloved.

The next two doctor’s appointments came and went, Little Baby Bongiovi three, managed to hide from having its privates photographed.  She left Jon with the boys while she and Stephanie headed to Atlanta for the Book Writers conference.  The Paps camped out at the hotel, keeping Lexie and Stephanie holed up in the hotel.  If they wanted food, Robbie would order it sent to his room and he would sneak it up the back stairs.  They rented in room movies and shopped online.  Every night she fell asleep talking to Jon.

They were sitting on the balcony waiting for Robbie to bring up dinner.  They had ordered pizza and salads, Stephanie was leaning over the balcony railing looking down at the photographer and autograph seekers.

“You know I could throw a bucket of water down on them, bet they would leave us alone.”  She leaned back and watched Lexie tapping away on her iPad.

“Ah Hua,” Lexie mumbled.

“That or just spit down on them.”  Stephanie teased. She had seen it before, a bomb could go off and Lexie wouldn’t hear it, when she was in the throes of writing.

“Yeah, but you could get arrested.” Robbie said as he walked out on the balcony with a large veggie pizza.  The smell finally drew out of her iPad world.

“Yummy, the trio is getting hungry.”  She saved her chapters and shut down the iPad.

“She was so gone Robbie, I threatened to toss water on the paps or spit on them and she just agreed.”  Stephanie grabbed a plate and a slice.

“I know I get caught up in my writing, but it was just flowing.”  She grabbed a slice and a plate.  She grabbed a bottle of water and took a long swallow.  “Your Dad and Uncle Mookie are the same way, when they are writing.”

“That’s true.”  Stephanie said.

Later that night as she sat talking to Jon.

“I am so sick of this hotel.”  Lexie sighed as she sipped a McDonalds to go sweet tea. Robbie made a midnight run to McDonalds for Lexie.  The babies wanted sweet tea and the hotel tea just didn’t hit the mark.  “We leave tomorrow by way of the kitchen backdoor.  Security sucks.” 

“Well, you come home tomorrow and don’t have to go back.”  Jon told her as he ran through the channels on the bedroom television. 

“Yes I will, the awards conference is here, this summer.” She rubbed her tummy.  “The trio hates this place too.”  She placed the empty cup on the bedside table.

They talked until she fell asleep.

Snow in February, Jon sat in the airport waiting on the plane to be ready.  He had a bad feeling leaving Lexie yesterday.  Her cravings were making him sick and he put on about twenty pounds since they found out she was pregnant.  At Midnight he woke up to her eating a peanut butter sandwich in bed.  Of course he had to have one too.  Reaching for her other half, he missed the dill pickles in the sandwich.

“I didn’t think you liked crunchy peanut butter.” He said as he took another bite.

“That’s the dill pickles.”  She said as she took another bite.

Jon almost barfed in the bed right there.  He tossed the three bites he had last into the trash.

“Damn Lexie, next time warn me.”  Jon said as he jumped out of bed and run to the bathroom to rinse his mouth out.

“I pregnant with triplets, I eat what they want, one wanted peanut butter, the other wanted raspberry preserves with seeds and baby c, our unknown passenger, demanded pickles.”  She laughed as she popped the last bite of the sandwich in her mouth.

He jumped when his cell rang, checking the caller ID he noticed it was Stephanie number.

“Hey Steph, what’s up?” Jon got up and walked toward the windows so he could hear her over the band horsing around.
“I’m taking Lexie to the doctor’s office, she said she’s fine,” Stephanie said as she helped Lexie into the car.

“I’m fine Jon,” he heard Lexie sounding weak.

“I’m stuck in the airport in Cleveland, their icing down the plane.”  Jon started to pace.

“I just wanted you to know, I called Dr. Sally and he is waiting on her.  I’ll call you when I know something more.”  Stephanie gave the driver directions, Lexie grabbed her phone.

“I’m okay Jon, Stephanie is just over protective, I woke up from my nap and my back was hurting worse than it had before.  She thinks I’m in labor, but it’s too soon, I’m almost seven months, I’m not due till May.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can Lex.”  Jon was getting worried, the last time they were at the doctor’s office, Dr. Sally said with multiples, early contractions have happened.  “Have you been timing the pains?”

“We’re heading in the tunnel, Stephanie will call you from the doctor’s office.”  Lexie said and sure enough they lost the signal.

“Lex, Lex?”  Jon looked at the screen “Damn, Obie get my ass out of fucking Cleveland.”  He turned and yelled at the sound man.

“Wouldn’t that be Paul’s Job?”  Obie the sound wizard of the crew.

“Once they get the plane ready we can leave, Kidd.” Richie said as he walked over toward Jon. 

“I knew I shouldn’t have left her.”  Jon paced and looked at the plane.  “Freak ice storm my ass.” 

“Is something wrong with Lexie?”  David joined Richie who was pacing along with Jon.

“Early labor, we knew it could happen with Lex having the trio.”  He stopped pacing and looked between Richie and David.

“Maybe it’s just Braxton’s.” David told him.  “Aprille had that problem.”

“I don’t know, I just want to be there.”  Jon said quietly.

By the time they got into the air, Jon checked his email over and over, for work from Stephanie.  As they landed he turned his cell off.  It listed a hospital and a room number.

Jon started to give the driver but he already knew.  He was taken to the back, past the field of photographers.  Stephanie was waiting in the hall, he had to show ID to get into the hall.

“Steph?”  He called to his daughter.

“Daddy,” Stephanie went to her father, walking into his open arms.  “She’s sleeping, Dr. Sally, wants her on bed rest.  Said she was over doing it and if she wants the Trio, he was going to make sure she slows down.”

Jon and Stephanie walked into the hospital suite, she looked so pale and it was very evident she was carrying multiples, by the tent where he stomach would have been.  Sitting beside the bed, he held her hand.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

chapter 74 (OMG three in one month)

The room erupted in congratulations to the couple.

“Hey Lemma, Jon just took the lead on Multiples.”  Richie smacked Jon on the back, then leaned over and gave Lexie a kiss on the cheek.

“You better congratulate Lexie, so far as we know, Jon can only shoot out singles.”  Lemma laughed and gave Lexie as kiss on the other cheek.

Several rounds of Champagne later, the guest started to leave and the elder Bongiovi’s headed up to their rooms.  Jesse and Stephanie helped Lexie pick up the glasses, plates and trash.  Jacob and Romeo headed up to bed, Jon had let them stay up until they started to crash.

“Carlotta will kill us if we don’t get this place back in order.”  Lexie said as she came out of the downstairs guest powder room with two glasses and a plate.

“I think that is the last of the trash.”  Jesse said as he came in from the trash dumpster.

“I loaded the dishwasher and started the load.”  Stephanie came in from the kitchen.  She joined Jesse as he flopped down on the sofa.  “All the packages are off the tables at the front door.”

“It’s snowing again” Jesse told them as he yawned.

“Why don’t you guys go on up, you know Romey will be up before the sun comes up.”  Jon said as he went toward his office.

“So that’s where he hides everything.”  Jesse yawned and stood up.

“The Shoe Inn until before the party.”  Lexie said as she sat down and kicked off her shoes and sighed in relief.

“Ah,” Stephanie joined Jesse as they headed toward the stairs.  “Don’t stay up to long Lexie, you’ll need your rest.”

“Going up soon after I help your dad.”  She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

Jon came in with Romeo’s old wagon loaded down with an assortment of brightly wrapped packages and bags.  “Lex can you go start on bringing the bikes in.”  He said as he started to unload the wagon with Xbox games and Wii games.  Three teddy bear’s, two with pink bows and one with a yellow bow.  When she didn’t answer he looked over at the sofa and smiled.  Standing up he shifted her on the sofa and covered her with the throw, off the back of the sofa.

He finished up playing Santa, going over to the plate of cookies he ate two, took the carrots back to the fridge and poured the now hot milk down the drain.  Taking the empty glass back to the desk, we went over and moved Lexie over some, kicking off his shoes he got comfortable on the sofa with Lexie in his arms and drifted off to sleep.

Romeo crept to the top of the stairs, it was almost eight in the morning, staying up late and the excitement for the babies’ announcement, he actually over slept.  Knowing he had to wake up his dad and Lexie, he went to their door first.

“Merry Christmas Daddy and Lexie.”  He knocked and opened the door.  The bed was empty.  “Maybe they didn’t wait on me.”  He went next to his sister’s room.

“Merry Christmas Steph.”  He opened the door and went and jumped on the foot of her bed.

“Merry Christmas Romey.”  Stephanie yawned.  “Daddy and Lexie up yet?”  She rolled over and looked at the clock, “Eight O’clock, Romey, have you already been downstairs?”  She sat up and pulled her little brother in a hug.

“I just woke up, Stephie, stop it.”  He giggled.  “Daddy and Lexie weren’t in the bedroom, the bed is still made.”  He gasped for air when she stopped tickling him.

“Maybe they beat us downstairs, you go get Jacob and I’ll get Jesse.”  She waited for her brother to hop off the bed, getting up she pulled on her robe and headed to Jesse room.

The door opened and Jesse stood there in his robe.

“You’re up already?”  Stephanie asked.

“Who could sleep with you tickling the giggle monster?”  Jesse asked as he followed her to the top of the stairs.  Soon they were joined by Jacob and Romeo.

“Okay let’s go see what Santa brought.”  Stephanie led her brothers down the stairs.  She stopped short when she saw her dad and Lexie asleep on the sofa.  “Found Daddy and Lexie.”  She said as they came into the room wishing them Merry Christmas.

Jon groaned and looked at his watch, his back was killing him, but the soft body of his wife took the pain away.

“Merry Christmas,” came the sleepy voice of Lexie.  She kissed his chin and sat up.  “We never made it up to bed.”  She yawned.

“You fell asleep on me.”  He said as she sat up and gave him time to sit up.

“Want me to make some coffee while we wait on Grandpa and Grandma?”  Stephanie asked looking at the small box with her name on it. The tag said it was from Santa.

“That would be great Steph, anyone wake them up yet?”  Jon asked as he looked around at the kids peaking under the tree.

“I’ll go get them.”  Jesse said, “You want your camera dad?”  He asked as he started up the stairs.

“Yeah Jess, Thanks.” Jon called out.

Soon they were joined by his parents and the mass hysteria known all of the world as Christmas morning had begun. Jacob and Romeo got new bikes and wanted to take them outside, but changed their mind when they saw the fresh show. 

Stephanie opened the small box from Santa and squealed.  “I got a car!”  She jumped up and threw her arms around her dad, who snapped away following one kid or the next.

“Don’t thank me Steph, it came from Santa.”  Jon laughed.

It all got down to one box, Jesse was showing Lexie how to use her iPad.  Jon was excited when he opened the box from Lexie that held the same three charms for his family necklace as the charm bracelet that he had given her. Walking over he nodded for Jesse to move off the sofa by Lexie.  He motioned to all the kids to gather round.  He took the iPad from her and sat the last unopened box on her lap.

“What is this?  I know every box that was under that tree.”  She looked at the tag.  It read To Lexie and had all the kid’s names on it along with Jon’s.  “When did you put this one under the tree?”

“Last night when you fell asleep on me.”  Jon laughed.
John Sr. and Carol quietly left the family, going into the kitchen to get more coffee.  Carlotta was peeking out the door when they came in.

“Is it time for the big gift?”  Carlotta asked them.

“Yes, he just gave it to her.”  Carol told her as she poured a fresh cup of coffee.

“My son said it wasn’t hard to work for Mr. Jon.”  Carlotta said.

“Well, Money will tell.” Carol said and Carlotta agreed.

Back in the family room, Lexie was slipping the ribbon off the box and eased to tape off the paper.

“Just rip into it honey,” Jon said as he was not patient.

“But the paper is so pretty, Jonny.” Lexie eased a piece of tape off the paper.

“I’ll buy you a whole huge roll of it, just rip the paper please.”  Jon begged. 

Lexie giggled and ripped the paper. Lifting the lid she takes out an envelope.  Carefully she slips the papers out.

“Is this what I think it is?”  She reads the pages slowly not once but twice.

“We had this meeting,” Jesse stated to say.

“We want to be one family.” Stephanie added.

“We want you to be our mom.” Jacob said as he moved closer to the sofa. 

“Yeah, will you adopt us?”  Romeo looked up at her with puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t know what to say.”  Lexie said with big tears rolling down her cheeks. Looking down to make sure Dorothea signed the papers.

“Say yes, please?”  Jacob asked.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chapter 73

Jon looked up at the screen, sure enough, right behind baby Bongiovi Girl B, two was a head and two arms.  Jon slowly started to slide down to the floor.

“Trio, not a duet, but a trio.”  Jon mumbled as he sat propped against the wall, pulling away from the nurse in a futile attempt to get away from the foul smell of ammonia "popper", faint giggles surrounding him.

“Three, we’re having triplets?”  Lexie asked.

“I hope this one’s a baby brother.”  Romeo mumbled as he looked at the third baby on the screen.

“Is it a girl too?”  Stephanie asked, her fingers crossed.  Being in the minority in the house, it would be nice for the girls to outnumber the boys.

“Its sister is blocking the view, we’ll just label it Baby Bongiovi C.”  Doctor Sally said as he helped Jon stand.  “I hope you’re not going to do this in the delivery room.”  He teased Jon.

Lexie kept her eyes on the screen, two girls and a third one?  “I’m not having twins but triplets?”  She slowly sat up. Stephanie handed her a towel to wipe off the gel.

“That means, you’ll be coming back more often, we’ll try again after the holidays to see if baby three is also a girl.”  Doctor Sally said as he made a notation in the file. 

“Daddy, can we go by the mall tomorrow?” Romeo asked.

“Mall, sure, why?”  Jon asked his youngest.

“I got to see a man in a red suit about ordering a brother.”  Romeo said in a serious voice.  “Sissy asked for a sister and got two, I want to ask for a baby brother.”

The last of the four that still believed in Santa.  Jon smiled and patted him on the shoulder.  He would need to see the jeweler about adding another rattle to his order.

All the way home, they talked about how they would tell the family about the new trio coming to the family.

“We’ll announce it at the party.”  Jon told then as they headed into the tunnel on the way back to the river house.

“Jon, you know what this means?”  Lexie asked him.  “We need to start looking for a larger place to live in the city.”

Jon was more thinking in the moment and not in the long term.

“We got a while before you need to look.”  Jon told Lexie.
“You have tour starting, I have to be in Atlanta in a month, and the kids have school.  When are we going to have time?”  Lexie nibbled on her bottom lip.

“I’ll call the realtor that found the penthouse and have her start looking.  Will that be okay?”  Jon asked her as he pulled into the Garden State Parkway and headed to exit nine.

“I guess so, we have four months to find a place.  I wanted to start looking at furniture, three of everything.  We can’t go with pink, because we don’t know what number three is.” Lexie pulled out her ever present notebook and pen.

“Why don’t you do the room in a green and yellow colors, sort of generic baby colors?”  Stephanie leaned forward to the front seat.

“That’s true, those are natural baby colors.”  Lexie agreed.  “It will need to be a big room, to fit three cribs, changing tables and dressers.”

So Lexie and Stephanie talked about baby things all the way home.

True to his word he stood in the Santa Clause line with Romeo, so he could make his bid for a baby brother.  It was just Jon and Romeo, Stephanie and Lexie were looking online at baby items, Jesse and Jacob were helping Carlotta with moving things around for the party in two days.  After spending thirty minutes in line, they went to the food court for hot chocolate and coffee.

“So, Romey, you want a baby brother?”  Jon asked as he watched his youngest grow a whipped cream mustache.

“Yeah, Steph is the oldest, then Jesse and Jacob and me.” He wiped his lip with the back of his hand.

“Yeah, that’s because we had you last.”  Jon said as he handed Romeo a napkin.  “That’s how things happen.”

“I know,” He took the napkin and wiped his hand and lips.  “Jesse taught Jacob and me how to play football, Jacob taught me how to play Mario, who do I get to teach?”

“You could teach the girls how to play football, or play video games when they grow older.”  Jon said watching how Romeo processed the ideas.

“But it’s not the same, they’re girls.”  He said as he finished his hot chocolate.  “I can’t be the real older brother.”  He looked up at his dad.

He didn’t seem to understand that he would still be an older brother to the, then it hit him.  He would be the older brother of a little brother, instead of the youngest brother.

“I understand Romey, I understand.”  They threw the cups in the trash and headed to shop.

The day of the party, Christmas Eve dawned snowy, Lexie had been up with the birds, making sure everything was ready for the party.  Jacob came down in his PJ’s, he came into the family room and watched Lexie flitter around the tree.

“All this work and its over by lunch tomorrow.  Romey will be up before the sun, to see what Santa brought him.”  He yawned, “I’ll hook up the video for tonight, its looks good.” 

“I bet it does.”  Lexie came over and sat by Jacob.  “Do you like doing that sort of thing, videotaping?”

“Yeah kinda, I take all the videos when we go out trips, either with dad, or St. Barts.”  Jacob reached over for one of the gingerbread men sitting on a tray on the table.

“That’s why you’re not in any of the family shots.”  Lexie grabbed a cookie too.

“Unless Dad’s in his David Bergman mode,” He bite off a foot.  “Everyone thinks, just because I look more like him than Jesse and Romeo, I’ll be the singer just like him.  But I like being behind the camera not in front of it.”

Jon had woken up alone and went in search of Lexie.  He wished he had picked up his camera on the way down.  They were facing the tree, with their backs to him.  Of all his kids, Jacob was the quiet one, coming out of his shell more and more.  Lexie was a great mentor for Jacob.

Coming up behind them, he looked down and noticed the half eaten gingerbread in their hands.

“Cookies for breakfast?”  Jon spoke and they both jumped.

“Gingerbread has flour, eggs and milk, which makes it a breakfast food.”  Lexie said as she bite off its head.

Jon came around and sat beside Jacob. 

“Ready for tonight?”  Jon reached for a cookie.

“The house is ready, so I guess I’m ready.  The kids want to announce the baby news.”  She said looking down at Jacob and winked.

“Yeah dad, we want to be the ones to announce the baby news.”  Jacob said as he looked up at Lexie and winked back.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.”  Jon said.

The party was in full swing, packages under the tree grew and what they had bought for the guest were on the table by the door.  So when they left they could grab one.  In each basket was a copy of Lexie award winning book, the women’s bag had earrings and the men’s had a watch. It was easy to tell them apart the women’s was on one side of the door and the men’s the other. 

About nine o’clock Romeo moved everyone in the family room.  Jesse and Stephanie, made sure everyone had a glass of champagne or cider.  Jacob attached his cell phone to the TV system.

Jesse and Stephanie got to the front of the huge screen.

“We had to wrestle this from daddy,” Stephanie said to much laughter.  “Yesterday we, Jesse, Jacob, Romeo and myself, along with daddy and Lexie.  Went to the Doctor’s appointment.”

“We all got to be there when we, found out what Lexie was having.”  Jesse added.

“Many of you know Lexie and Daddy were having twins.”  Stephanie told the crowd. 

Jon was on the receiving end of head tapping and shoulder bumps.  Jon reached over and took Lexie hand, bringing to his lips he kissed her knuckles three times.

“So, we thought we would show you how the appointment went.”  Jesse informed the crowd.  “Uncle Southside will you get the lights.

Once the lights went down, Jon leaned over and whispered in Lexie’s ear.

“Did you know about this?” He whispered.

Lexie just nodded and smiled. 

There on the big screen was the family with Doctor Sally.

Everyone clapped when the Doctor announced Baby A Bongiovi was a Girl.

“A little Granddaughter.”  Carol oohed and ahhed. 

“Way to go Kidd, another girl.”  David yelled across the room.

Then the Doctor announced Baby B Bongiovi was also a girl.

“Twin Girls, Jon is after your title Lemma.”  Richie kidded David.

“What is this?”  The Doctor said.  The camera moved to Jon kissing Lexie.  Jon had looked up at the screen.
“We’ll call this one Baby C Bongiovi.”  Doctor Sally said, as the camera panned to a very pale Jon sliding to the floor.

“Trio, not a Duet, but a Trio?”  Jon was heard to mumble.  The screen went dark and a banner was held up between Jesse and Stephanie saying “Welcome Bongiovi Triplets”.

“Congratulations Daddy and Lexie on having triplet’s two girls we know for sure.  We’ll find out next month if it’s a Boy or Girl.”  Jesse announced.

You could have heard a pin drop in the room.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chapter 72

Strong arms came up to steady her shoulders.

“Hold On Miss Lexie.”  The man said, as he righted her back on her feet.  Cold Strawberries and cream wet his shirt, when she ran into his chest.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”  She backed away from him.  She had never seen him before today.  “Why are you following me?”  She asked, then glanced over his shoulder looking for a security guard.

“You knew I was following you?”  He asked stunned.  He had never been caught before.

“The men’s store, the book store and the toy store, but that isn’t answering my question.  Why are you following me?”  Lexie asked again.  Taking a step backwards to distance herself from the stranger.  Half her Venti drink was smeared on his dark shirt.

The man cringed. 

“Mr. Bon Jovi has hired private security for you and the kids.  He contacted us that you five were shopping today.”  He told her.  “My name is Vito Manillie.  We have three of us watching the family.”

John Francis Bongiovi you are a dead man! She thought. 

“Well Vito, I wish I had known and Mr. Bon Jovi will get an ear full at lunch today.  I’m sorry about your shirt.”  She handed him the napkins she had grabbed.

“It’s okay, I’ve had worse tossed at me.”  He laughed it off, as he wiped the cold creamy drink off his shirt.  “Can I ask what gave me away?  I don’t want to fail again.”

“I’m a mystery writer and you reflected in my cell when I checked to see if the kids were in trouble.”  She tossed her half empty cup, the taste for cold strawberries and cream gone from her cravings.  “Once I knew you were there I started looking for you in the stores.”

“Mr. B isn’t going to be happy I was so spotted.”  Vito said.

Mr. B is going to get a piece of my mind when I see him at lunch.  She smiled at him.  They were soon joined by the kids and their security agents.  Well the kids didn’t see them, but Lexie did. Vito tried to blend in with the other shoppers.

“All done?”  She looked down to the kids with multiple bags.

“Yeah and I have some left over.”  Romeo said.

“That’s great, Romeo.”  She looked at the four bags he held.  She smiled when she saw they had one to the pet store.

“I’m tapped out.”  Jesse told her.

“Me too.”  Stephanie said smiling, she knew her dad would offer more money to shop for Lexie.

“What about you Jakey?” She looked into Mini Jon’s blue eyes.

“I’m okay.” He smiled up at her.

“He’s tight with his money, wouldn’t even loan me a dollar.” Stephanie laughed.

“Well, let’s go meet your dad and have Pizza.”  She widened her eyes when she said Pizza and Romeo giggled.

They left and headed down into Rumson.  She kept checking in the rearview mirror, sure enough Vito was in a black sedan following her.

Parking the car they met Jon out front of Umberto’s. 

“You guys go on in, I need to talk to your dad.  Get me ice water with lemon.”  She smiled at the kids as they trooped into the pizza parlor.

“Did you have fun shopping?”  Jon asked as they walked out of the entrance of Umberto’s and down away from where they wouldn’t be interrupted.

“Didn’t you get a report from Vito?”  Lexie asked sarcastically.

Jon should have gotten a warning when she sent the kids on in to the restaurant.  The bite in her voice, he bowed his head a little.

“You know about Vito?”  Jon asked her quietly.  “I guess I should have told you about Vito and the men.  I just wanted to keep you and the kids safe.” He looked up at her sheepishly.  “You know how my fans are, I bet there are pictures of the kids and you shopping already on Twitter and Facebook.”  

“It ruined my whole shopping experience.  I only picked up two things I needed.  I haven’t got the kids anything, or your parents.”  She whispered to him.  

Jon knew he was in deep shit when she whispered at him.  She never yelled when she was mad, but boy could she whisper.

“I spotted him in the first store, I didn’t know who he was. Then I started seeing him in every store I went to, the book store, the toy store, everywhere.  Then in the food court I ran smack into him and spilt my strawberries and cream all over his shirt.  Then and only then did I find out you hired someone to follow me around.”  She stood there toe to toe, hands on hips, the only thing missing was her tapping toe to her boots.

“I know, I should have told you about Vito and the boys.  The kids know they are being watched.  The older two not as much as the younger two.”  Jon took her hands, which he was lucky she would allow.  “I love you so much and out little duet, that I don’t want anyone or anything to hurt you three.” He leaned forward and kissed her nose.

She knew she should really be pissed at him, but he was only trying to protect her.

“Next time, tell me I have a hired shadow.”  She told him.

“Can we go eat now?”  He asked as he put his arms around her hips.

“I guess so, is there anything else you haven’t told me about?”  She asked him as she took his hand and they headed into Umberto’s.

Jon ducked his head a little, should I tell her about the adoption?  He decided until the paper was in his hands he wouldn’t say anything.

Lunch was so fun, loads off laughs and jokes.  When it got time to leave Jon call the owner over to introduce Lexie and let him not only were they married but going to have a baby or two.  Much back slapping and stories till Stephanie reminded her dad about shopping.  Jon paid the bill and they walked out to the cars.  Lexie waved them off then headed her car toward the shops along the downtown area of Red Bank.  Pulling into the deck she parked and looked for Vito to join her,

“I thought you would head back to the house.” Vito told Lexie as they headed down the stairs to the sidewalk.

“Well since my shopping was botched, I thought you might like to join me while I look for stocking stuffer’s and some stuff for the kids,” She told them as she went into the boutique Stephanie liked.  They shopped for three hours and Vito carried the packages.  Once back into the cars, she headed the long way back to the house.

Jon watched the kids take off into the mall, once again, the older two split the younger two.  He went on his own shopping, usual disguise sunglasses and a ball cap.  At home and in the City he could walk around, sure there were Pap’s everywhere, but after he signed and posed for a few pictures they normally left him alone.  Shopping for Lexie he didn’t want them to catch him in one shop or the other.  He had Stephanie going to Victoria Secret for him, with the pictures of what he wanted to buy her.  Jesse was picking up an iPad for her, so when she was out and an idea struck her she didn’t have to grab napkins or beg for paper.  He even has Romeo and Jakey picking up little things for her stocking. Stepping into the jewelers he picked up a special order, He got her a necklace like his but added the two baby rattle charms.  He knew God would give them two girls, they were due at the OBGYN tomorrow. The whole family was going in, they would get the news if it was boys or girls or one of each.  Coming out he was stopped.

Pap one, “Merry Christmas Jon, Been shopping for Lexie?”

Pap two. “Is it true you’re having twins?”

Jon smiled, good thing he had put the bag in his jacket pocket.  He posed for pictures and signed some pictures.  He knew the questions before they said them. 

“I’m shopping for my family.  Shouldn’t you also be shopping for your families?”  He turned and walked to another shop.  He walked into a toy store and began looking at games for the boys.  He wished he could still buy a doll or a tea service for Stephanie, maybe he’ll pick up a doll and a teddy bear for the duet.  He came out on the other side of the shop where there were no Pap’s, he quickly rushed into the next shop, looking around.

He finished his shopping, having a lot of it delivered tomorrow while they were at the doctor.  He had already handed off money to his older two, but by all the bags they carried, it was money well spent.  He loaded them into the car and headed to the house. 

Once the car was unloaded they separated to wrap and put things under the tree. He found Lexie curled up on the sofa, sound asleep.  The packages under the tree had grown and the stocking looked like they were fuller.  Carlotta came in with a platter of veggies and cheese.

“Mr. Jon, she hasn’t been home long, been in here wrapping and on that phone of hers.”  Carlotta placed the tray on the coffee table and smiled.  “You got a good wife Mr. Jon, you got real lucky this time.”

He grinned like crazy, she wasn’t telling him something he didn’t already know.

“Mail is on your desk in the office and your parents called, bring the pasta over before the party.” She chuckled.  She knew his daddy and the family sauce.

“I’ll go check it in a while.”  Jon said snagging some cheese cubes and walking over to the bar and fixing him a goblet of wine. 

“Go check your mail Hon.” Lexie said as she sat up and wiped the sleep out of her eyes.  “Did you have fun at the mall?”  She reached for some cheese and a cracker.

“The kids made a haul and I got cornered by the paps, they wanted to know about the duet, and what I picked up for your Christmas.”  He sipped his wine and went and sat by her on the sofa.  “Mail can wait until after dinner.”

“I got to proof my new book, thought I could use Stephanie’s help.”  She snatched up more cheese.

“She’ll like that.   You ready for tomorrow?”  He handed her a napkin.

“As I ever will.”  She took the napkin and smiled.

They were soon joined by the kids, dinner and a movie was on tap for the night.

They were put in the family waiting room while Lexie was prepped for the ultrasound.

“Are we going to be able to see the babies daddy?”  Romeo asked

“We should, now you know they won’t look like babies.”  Stephanie told him.

“Yeah, I read the book Lexie had.”  He beamed.

“Okay Bongiovi Family we are ready,” The Nurse came and got them, “We have Lexie all set and the machine is running.”

They were told where to stand as the doctor came in.

“Well, maybe I should have brought in some popcorn for the show.” Doctor Sally said as he took his position.

“They wanted to come,” Lexie told Dr. Sally.  “Stephanie is the keeper of the secret.  But Jon and I decided we want to know.”

“So we change your folder.”  Dr. Sally smiled at her and turned on the sound.

“Is that the babies heart beat” Romeo asked.

“That would be Lexie heart.”  Dr. Sally told him.

“Oh.”  Romeo sounded disappointed.

Dr. Sally slid the wand down Lexie tummy a faint heart beat got stronger. 

“That’s the baby’s heart beat.”  Dr. Sally told Romeo.

“Sounds like just one, I thought Lexie was gonna have two.”  Jesse said cocking his head like the other three Bongiovi males.

“Let’s make this one Baby Girl Bongiovi.”  The Doctor showed them that baby one was a little girl.

“Thank you for the sister, she’s all I wanted for Christmas.”  Stephanie went over and hugged Lexie.

“A sister.”  Jesse smiled “A little Sister.” 

Jacob and Romeo didn’t say a word, but you could tell they were happy.

“Okay come out come out where ever you are Baby two.”  Dr. Sally moved the wand around.  “Ah there you are.”  He locked in on baby number two.  “And you are also a little girl.”

“Double the Christmas presents.”  Stephanie giggled.

Jon puffed her chest out, two little girls, twice the love and twice the Oh My God factor.  He bent down from where he stood at her head and kissed her lips.

“Well, well what have we here?”  Doctor Sally asked.

The whole room got deathly quiet.