Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lucky Chapter Thirteen

Jon knew she was done. He watched her put the end on her story. Slowly he started the song over…sing just for her.

“Two souls lost on a path of destruction…meet and the world stops revolving…” he stopped playing and leaned down and gave her a soft kiss. Sliding down on the floor beside her, leaving the guitar on the sofa, he pulled her onto his lap, his lips still on hers. He didn’t want this week to end. He didn’t want to leave her.

Some how clothes were removed, arms and limbs were entwined right there on the floor. He couldn’t get enough of her. Her legs were wrapped around his hips and he was burying himself in her warm wet body. She was calling his name as her body came up to meet each thrust. Her eyes were so dark green; he was lost in her eyes.

She felt so right. Their bodies joined as if they were meant to be together. His mouth came down on her breast taking the nipple and drew it in deep. She heard her voice crying out his name, her fingers lost in his blond streaked hair. She felt stars bursting behind her tightly closed eyes as she felt him stiffen and release her nipple to throw back his head and cry out his own release.

Slowly moving onto his left side he pulled her to his chest. They lied there the only sounds in the room was the crackle of the fire and their heavy breathing. Slowly he felt himself slip from her body, he noticed her nuzzling his chest he smiled a satisfied and well sated smile. She looked up into his eyes with a smile like the cat that had licked up all the cream. He started to talk, but she laid her finger on his lips. Reaching behind her she pulled the soft cream throw off the sofa and covered them up. Sighing she cuddled to his chest and went to sleep.

Jon never felt this way before. With Dorothea, it had been different. Their first time had been in the back of his fathers Chevy. He didn’t mean for their first time to be on the hard floor, but it had been right. Bending his head down and kissed the top of her head, slowly his eyes closed and he slipped into a satisfied sleep for the first time since he had come to the cabin.

Lexie woke as the sun peeped over the mountain. Slowly she became aware that she was lying on the floor and her body was sore in places it hadn’t been in months. Listening to Jon sleeping beside her, she moved his arm from across her body. She heard him sigh and turn over on his other side. Careful not to wake him she covered him with the throw and went upstairs to pack.

She had to leave. She finished what she had come up here to do. Falling in love with Jon was not on her agenda. When did she fall in love? Was it when he gave her all the time to work on her book and not demand her attention, the time they were in the cabin? Or was it when he took her body and made it do things that no other man could have done? Feeling a tear slowly roll down her face she closed the suitcase and went into Romeos room. Looking down at his sleeping face she picked up Snowball and carried her down and put her in her little carrier. She had the jeep loaded in mere seconds. Stopping long enough to write two letters, she propped them on the counter and walked out of the cabin, but hopefully not out of their life.

Jon slowly started to wake. Something was different. He was lying on the floor. Slowly he started to smile. His mind going back to their passion. He could even remember the feel of his body joined with hers…he could smell her on his body. Stretching his arm reached out and came up with nothing but air. Sitting up he looked around the room, she wasn’t there. Getting up he went up to her room… nothing. The bed was made as if no one had slept there last night. He sniffed the air…nothing. He went into to check on Romeo… he was sleeping the sleep of the innocent.

Coming back downstairs he went into the kitchen…she wasn’t there. It was then he noticed the letters propped up on the counter. One was addressed to him. Going to sit on one of the stools he opened the envelope.

Jon, what can I say? Last night was magical. I knew it would be…so perfect it was scary. But we know it had to end sometime. I finished my book and you finished your song. So our time in our little heaven had to come to an end sometime…( it was here he noticed the wet mark of a tear)…I couldn’t stand to be the one left alone in the cabin. Cowardly of me…but I have been hurt before being the one left…I couldn’t go through with it again. I will think back on our time and remember only the happy times.

This isn’t goodbye but so long. Our paths are bound to cross again and when they do I want you to remember the good times we shared…because they will be in our souls forever.



P.S. the other letter is for Romeo. Please read it to him.

Folding the letter and putting it back into the envelope; he went back into the living room and dressed in his rumpled clothes from the day before. Taking the other letter he went up to Romeo’s room he sat down on the bed and lied his hand on his sons head.

“Ro?” he whispered to his son.

Slowly Romeo opened his eyes. Smiling up at his father, he reached down beside him…where was Snowball? She had been sleeping with him every night since the first night.

“Daddy where is Snowball?” He asked.

“She’s gone home with Lexie.” He said and he ran his fingers through his son’s hair.

“But daddy, she didn’t say goodbye!” Tears were forming in his eyes.

“Sure she did… its right here in this letter.” He wiped the tears off his cheeks.

“Read it to me daddy… please.” He cried.

Opening the envelope he skimmed the letter. Shocked the letter wasn’t from Lexie…it was from Snowball. Ever thinking of his son’s adoption of her dog she had written the letter as if it had come from Snowball.

Romeo, Me and Lexie had to leave this morning. See she came up here to finish her book and she did that last night.

I’m going to miss you very much. But you can come and visit us. We live on Mercer Street in SoHo. It’s near 166 or so the number says in the building. Lexie has loads of cookies and gallons of milk. So come and visit us when you can.

Love ya,


P.S. you can bring your daddy too… if he wants to see Lexie.

“Can we daddy? Can we go see Lexie and Snowball?” He sat up and took the letter from his hand, even though he couldn’t read it.

Jon smiled, reading the letter again over his sons shoulder. Remembering what she had said in his letter their paths would cross.

“Sure Ro, we can go visit them when we get home.” He smiled for the first time since he had read his letter.

They packed the jeep and headed home. Romeo kept opening his envelope and taking the letter out. Jon pulled out his cell and called Hugh.

“Hey Jon, you sound better than the last time we spoke.” Hugh answered the phone.

“Yeah I guess I do. I called to tell you thank you for the loan of the cabin.” Jon pulled on the highway that would take him from the cabin to Lexie.

Hugh listened to the lightness in Jon’s voice that hadn’t been there in two years

“Listen I’m sorry that you didn’t have the cabin alone. Kelly just got off the phone with her uncle. Seems he also loaned out the cabin to a friend of his that is a publicist for some writer.” Hugh told him.

“It’s okay…I got the song done.” He smiled even though Hugh couldn’t see him.

“Where are you?” Hugh asked.

“On the way home.” And he meant it… he was going home to Lexie.

~ ~ ~ ~

this is where my temptation ends...but not on here. I am leaving on Saturday for New Jersey. I doubt I will be able to finish my next chapter. If you are going to be there...I'll see you there. If not...I'll talk to you after the concert of my life.

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  1. A beautifully done chapter Alfiepooh!
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