Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lucky Chapter Thirteen

Jon knew she was done. He watched her put the end on her story. Slowly he started the song over…sing just for her.

“Two souls lost on a path of destruction…meet and the world stops revolving…” he stopped playing and leaned down and gave her a soft kiss. Sliding down on the floor beside her, leaving the guitar on the sofa, he pulled her onto his lap, his lips still on hers. He didn’t want this week to end. He didn’t want to leave her.

Some how clothes were removed, arms and limbs were entwined right there on the floor. He couldn’t get enough of her. Her legs were wrapped around his hips and he was burying himself in her warm wet body. She was calling his name as her body came up to meet each thrust. Her eyes were so dark green; he was lost in her eyes.

She felt so right. Their bodies joined as if they were meant to be together. His mouth came down on her breast taking the nipple and drew it in deep. She heard her voice crying out his name, her fingers lost in his blond streaked hair. She felt stars bursting behind her tightly closed eyes as she felt him stiffen and release her nipple to throw back his head and cry out his own release.

Slowly moving onto his left side he pulled her to his chest. They lied there the only sounds in the room was the crackle of the fire and their heavy breathing. Slowly he felt himself slip from her body, he noticed her nuzzling his chest he smiled a satisfied and well sated smile. She looked up into his eyes with a smile like the cat that had licked up all the cream. He started to talk, but she laid her finger on his lips. Reaching behind her she pulled the soft cream throw off the sofa and covered them up. Sighing she cuddled to his chest and went to sleep.

Jon never felt this way before. With Dorothea, it had been different. Their first time had been in the back of his fathers Chevy. He didn’t mean for their first time to be on the hard floor, but it had been right. Bending his head down and kissed the top of her head, slowly his eyes closed and he slipped into a satisfied sleep for the first time since he had come to the cabin.

Lexie woke as the sun peeped over the mountain. Slowly she became aware that she was lying on the floor and her body was sore in places it hadn’t been in months. Listening to Jon sleeping beside her, she moved his arm from across her body. She heard him sigh and turn over on his other side. Careful not to wake him she covered him with the throw and went upstairs to pack.

She had to leave. She finished what she had come up here to do. Falling in love with Jon was not on her agenda. When did she fall in love? Was it when he gave her all the time to work on her book and not demand her attention, the time they were in the cabin? Or was it when he took her body and made it do things that no other man could have done? Feeling a tear slowly roll down her face she closed the suitcase and went into Romeos room. Looking down at his sleeping face she picked up Snowball and carried her down and put her in her little carrier. She had the jeep loaded in mere seconds. Stopping long enough to write two letters, she propped them on the counter and walked out of the cabin, but hopefully not out of their life.

Jon slowly started to wake. Something was different. He was lying on the floor. Slowly he started to smile. His mind going back to their passion. He could even remember the feel of his body joined with hers…he could smell her on his body. Stretching his arm reached out and came up with nothing but air. Sitting up he looked around the room, she wasn’t there. Getting up he went up to her room… nothing. The bed was made as if no one had slept there last night. He sniffed the air…nothing. He went into to check on Romeo… he was sleeping the sleep of the innocent.

Coming back downstairs he went into the kitchen…she wasn’t there. It was then he noticed the letters propped up on the counter. One was addressed to him. Going to sit on one of the stools he opened the envelope.

Jon, what can I say? Last night was magical. I knew it would be…so perfect it was scary. But we know it had to end sometime. I finished my book and you finished your song. So our time in our little heaven had to come to an end sometime…( it was here he noticed the wet mark of a tear)…I couldn’t stand to be the one left alone in the cabin. Cowardly of me…but I have been hurt before being the one left…I couldn’t go through with it again. I will think back on our time and remember only the happy times.

This isn’t goodbye but so long. Our paths are bound to cross again and when they do I want you to remember the good times we shared…because they will be in our souls forever.



P.S. the other letter is for Romeo. Please read it to him.

Folding the letter and putting it back into the envelope; he went back into the living room and dressed in his rumpled clothes from the day before. Taking the other letter he went up to Romeo’s room he sat down on the bed and lied his hand on his sons head.

“Ro?” he whispered to his son.

Slowly Romeo opened his eyes. Smiling up at his father, he reached down beside him…where was Snowball? She had been sleeping with him every night since the first night.

“Daddy where is Snowball?” He asked.

“She’s gone home with Lexie.” He said and he ran his fingers through his son’s hair.

“But daddy, she didn’t say goodbye!” Tears were forming in his eyes.

“Sure she did… its right here in this letter.” He wiped the tears off his cheeks.

“Read it to me daddy… please.” He cried.

Opening the envelope he skimmed the letter. Shocked the letter wasn’t from Lexie…it was from Snowball. Ever thinking of his son’s adoption of her dog she had written the letter as if it had come from Snowball.

Romeo, Me and Lexie had to leave this morning. See she came up here to finish her book and she did that last night.

I’m going to miss you very much. But you can come and visit us. We live on Mercer Street in SoHo. It’s near 166 or so the number says in the building. Lexie has loads of cookies and gallons of milk. So come and visit us when you can.

Love ya,


P.S. you can bring your daddy too… if he wants to see Lexie.

“Can we daddy? Can we go see Lexie and Snowball?” He sat up and took the letter from his hand, even though he couldn’t read it.

Jon smiled, reading the letter again over his sons shoulder. Remembering what she had said in his letter their paths would cross.

“Sure Ro, we can go visit them when we get home.” He smiled for the first time since he had read his letter.

They packed the jeep and headed home. Romeo kept opening his envelope and taking the letter out. Jon pulled out his cell and called Hugh.

“Hey Jon, you sound better than the last time we spoke.” Hugh answered the phone.

“Yeah I guess I do. I called to tell you thank you for the loan of the cabin.” Jon pulled on the highway that would take him from the cabin to Lexie.

Hugh listened to the lightness in Jon’s voice that hadn’t been there in two years

“Listen I’m sorry that you didn’t have the cabin alone. Kelly just got off the phone with her uncle. Seems he also loaned out the cabin to a friend of his that is a publicist for some writer.” Hugh told him.

“It’s okay…I got the song done.” He smiled even though Hugh couldn’t see him.

“Where are you?” Hugh asked.

“On the way home.” And he meant it… he was going home to Lexie.

~ ~ ~ ~

this is where my temptation ends...but not on here. I am leaving on Saturday for New Jersey. I doubt I will be able to finish my next chapter. If you are going to be there...I'll see you there. If not...I'll talk to you after the concert of my life.

Alice Faye

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chapter Twelve

“You don’t mind do you?” He asked holding up the black and white guitar.

“No, got ahead. I usually have the stereo on when I work.” She watched him sit on the sofa the guitar in his lap and then notebook on the sofa. Putting the pen in his mouth he started to strum. She sat there for a few minutes her fingers poised over the keyboard. The music flowed from his fingers, a song that she had never heard before. Soon the music touched her soul and her fingers flew again over the keyboard.

This set the stage for the next two and a half weeks went. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were together. He would keep his active son busy while she sat at the computer. She would listen to his song and tell him when the words just weren’t right, and when they were very right.

Tonight he came down after putting Romeo to bed, guitar in hand, he looked over to where she was working. His thoughts went back to that bar, which now seemed like light years away, he could have called Richie to fly in from LA to be with him on, what he thought then, was the worst day of his life. Instead he called Hugh. Hugh had been through the same thing, and he had been Hugh’s support. Returning the favor, Hugh had shown up at the bar, being Jon’s support. If Richie had been there, he never would have met Lexie, or gotten closer to his younger son. He would have to call Hugh when he got home and thank him for everything.

“How’s it going?” He asked as he walked over to the sofa near the desk.

Lexie held up her hand to stop him for a second.

“Good…really good.” She said as she read over the last chapter she had written.

Jon sat the guitar on his lap and smiled.

“When are you gona let me read it?” He asked a he slowly started strumming the new ballad.

“No one reads it before my publicist. Sorry you don’t let anyone hear your cd’s before they hit the store.” She told him. Looking up finally she noticed his smile. “You knew I wouldn’t let you read it, didn’t you?”

“Yep, but I had to try.” He laughed.

Lexie smiled and laughed with him.

Her three weeks were almost over. The thoughts of finishing her book and leaving the cabin made her stop typing. No more Cabin…no more Romeo and worst of all no Jon. These past few weeks had been heaven, she had fallen in love with Romeo, and he had fallen in love with Snowball. It was going to break his little heart when they had to leave and Snowball wasn’t going to their house.

Looking back at the flashing cursor she began to type again. Her thoughts running to all the little stolen moments… the sexual frustration… he hadn’t been ready for a relationship, he had been burned by Dorothea, and she hadn’t been ready either. Randy had really done a number on her. He had a song to write and she had a novel to write.

Typing as she was thinking she suddenly stopped as Jon began to sing. She smiled and started to type again. He had taken her suggestions and changed the lyrics.

They sat like this for another hour when she stopped…it was done…all but the period at the end. Placing the last period she backed up her work and closed the laptop. Getting up she went and sat on the floor by his legs and leaned her head back on the sofa listening to what she wanted to call their song.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chapter Eleven

Splat, the snowball connected with her back and Lexie gasped. Turning she saw him making another snowball.

“Do it and you will be very sorry.” She told him.

“What ya gona do?” he tossed the ball in the air and catching in.

Looking down at her sweats and slippers she rushed to the door only barely making it as the ball hit the door. Putting down Snowball she ran to the back door and pulled on her boots and coat. It didn’t take long till she had three really big snowballs and making her way around the cabin she snuck up behind him. The first one caught him in the back of the head. Turning he caught the next two in the chest and the crotch in succession.

“What the hel…” He called out as he noticed she was standing there with a shocked oh oh on her face. “You know this means war?” He asked as he saw her bending down and making another snowball.

“No that’s what’s called payback.” She started backing up. “I didn’t have boots or a coat on and there is a huge wet mark on the back of my sweatshirt.” Bending over she made a snowball.

“Oh poor baby. I’ve got two younger brothers and they will tell you there is no fair in a snowball fight.” He said as he tossed the snowball at her.

Hitting on the top of her head and sliding down the back of her coat. No he didn’t play fair, she thought. The war was on; even Romeo was in on it. First one time on Lexie’s side and the next on his father’s side. The wind was starting to whip the snow around them and you could hardly see.

“Time out. Lexie it’s really getting bad out here. We better call a truce and go inside.” He called to her.

Lexie agreed and the three of them rushed to the garage. Shaking off the snow and stomping it off their boots, they went inside where it was warm.

They went up to change out of their wet clothes. Jon got them both changed and by the time they both got down Lexie had milk on for the hot chocolate and was opening a can of tomato soup. Normally it took Dorothea hours to get changed. She would have had to take a hot shower and then dried her hair before coming down to ask the maid to cook them some lunch. Lexie stood there in dry sweats and her slippers with her hair up in a towel.

“Can I help?” He said walking into the kitchen.

“Yeah get the butter and the cheese out of the fridge for me.” She turned as he spoke. He did as she asked and they worked together making lunch for the three of them.

Setting down at the bar again, she listened to him talk about the new album he and Richie were working on. He was working on a new song when… and them he stopped. He didn’t want to get into why he wasn’t able to write the only ballad that he wanted on every record. It was too fresh, the divorce and the wedding being on the same day.

Lexie noticed the cloud cover his normally bright blue eyes. Feeling him slowly pull away, she tired to change the subject, telling him she loved the Lost Highway Cd. But his only answers were yes and no. She let the subject die and they finish their lunch in silence.

Jon was so lost in thought that he missed Romeo slowly lowering his head to the table.

“I think someone needs a nap.” Lexie told him as she went around and picked him up.

Jon shook off his thoughts and went to take Romeo out of her arms.

“I’ll be back and help you clean up.” He said as he walked out of the room.

After cleaning up the lunch dishes, he still hadn’t come back. Moving into the living room she went back to the computer. Slowly this time the words came. She heard him coming downstairs, she stopped typing. He held his acoustic guitar in one hand and a notebook in the other.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chapter Ten

Lexie shook her head at him. He has three more at home? She thought with a shock.

“I don’t have any cookies Romeo.” She slowly let her arms drop from his waist.

“Yeah we do, I forgot kids in a bakery is not a good thing.” He pointed to the bag on the breakfast bar. Walking over to the bag he pulled out the four dozen cookies and the lemon cream pie.

“I guess we do have cookies.” She laughed. “Would you like milk with that cookie?”

“Yes please.” Romeo smiled up at her.

Jon helped him up on the stool and handed him a chocolate chip cookie on a napkin, as Lexie got him a cup of milk.

“Two daddy, one for me and, one for Snowball.” He pointed to his little fuzzy friend.

“Oh, no Romeo, she can’t have people cookies.” Lexie went to the bag of dog treat sitting by the fridge and got out one of Snowballs doggy cookies. “She has her own cookies.”

Romeo watched in fascination as the little dog begged for her treat and barked on command, when Lexie held the cookie up over her head.

Once the cookies and treats were gone, Lexie finished with the groceries. Listening to Jon and Romeo talking she had a thought come to her. This was perfect; she had her next chapter forming in her mind. Turning to look at father and son having a cookie dunking contest, she had to get them out of the cabin to work.

“Romeo, why don’t you and your dad go out and build me a snowman?” She went back to the fridge and pulled on a long carrot. “No one has ever built me a snowman before. The snow gets so dirty in New York City, I never see snowmen being built.”

Romeo scrambled down off the stool and snatched the carrot.

“Come on daddy, we build a big snowman for Lexie!” He grabbed Jon’s hand and pulled him to the garage.

“Let me get my coat on son.” Jon laughed as he grabbed his navy blue pea coat off the hook by the door. Pulling on his blue cap he fished in his pocket for his gloves. Then it hit him, they were being conned out of the house. She must have an idea for her story. There were times when he needed quiet to work on a song or lyrics, so he understood her wanting peace and quiet while she worked.

“Hang on son, let me get my gloves, I must have dropped them in the kitchen.” He turned back to the kitchen where Lexie stood waiting on them to leave.

“When you get done, knock on the window. I’ll keep him out as long as you need.” He smiled and gave her a quick kiss and then he was gone.

Raising her hand to her lips she sighed. The things he did to her.

Rushing to the computer, before she forgot the thoughts running through her head. Letting the thoughts run from her mind to her fingers to the computer keys. She typed until there were no more thoughts to type. Going back and reading what she had typed she smiled. This was good, better than good this was no re-write good.

Looking down at the time on her monitor she gasped. They had been out there over an hour. Getting up she went to the window and peeked out. The snowman was very tall and they were putting the nose on. Quickly going to the door she opened it and walked out on the porch to admire it up close.

“Wow! I have never seen a more well built snowman in my whole life. Thank you Romeo.” She called out to them.

“We’re almost done Lexie.” Romeo called to her. His nose was so red he could pass for Rudolph’s brother.

“Hurry up; I’ll make us Hot Chocolate and some sandwiches. You two look very hungry.” She rubbed her arms trying to get warm. The snow was starting to fall faster and the sky looked very dark. “When did it start snowing so hard?”

“About a few minutes ago. Looks like we are going to get a few feet tonight.” Jon told her. His cheeks and nose were very red and he had a fuzzy white head peeking out of his jacket.

“Want me to bring her in with me? You must be freezing.” She walked down the stairs to wait for him to hand her Snowball.

Jon took the little dog out from his coat and handed her to Lexie. Watching her turn to go back inside he got an evil thought. Collecting some of the snow off the rail he made a perfect snowball and tossed it at her back.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chapter Nine and yes they finally kiss! LOL

Lexie had gotten about six chapters typed when she saw the Jeep come into the drive. Quickly saving her manuscript she logged off and shut down the computer. Putting the disk into the desk drawer for safe keeping, she rushed out to meet them in the garage.

Looking at the bags in the back she laughed.

“Did you buy them out?” She asked Jon as he got out of the jeep.

“Not much, it was a little bigger than it looks on the outside.” He laughed in return.

Romeo knocked on the window on his side of the car. Lexie went over and helped him out of the car.

“Lexie…we saw you at the store.” He told her as he ran after Snowball who flew out the door and out the garage.

“What? Romeo, keep and eye on her…don’t let her out of the gate.” She called as boy and dog ran around to the front.

Jon didn’t have to worry the whole way back to the cabin…Romeo took care of it for him.

Lexie looked puzzled at Jon.

“What did he mean about seeing me at the store?” She asked him.

“They have a book stand at the store.” He told her.

“Oh!” she let what he told her sink in. Well now he knew.

“Your number three on the New York Times Best Seller.” He handed her the copy of the book he bought.

“Wow, number three hum?” She looked at the copy of The Case of the Missing Singer.

“Yeah, Shelly said she has your next book on pre-order at Amazon.” He walked past her carrying one of the bags.

Lexie went to the back of the Jeep and tossed the book in one of the bags and carried it into the kitchen. Neither of them spoke as they carried in the remaining bags. The silence was deafening through the unpacking and putting away the groceries.

“Look, I wasn’t expecting to share these three weeks…Have you ever had writers block?” She finally broke the silence. “I don’t go around introducing myself as Alexis Maddison…Mystery writer.”

Jon didn’t say anything…why was she so mad? Didn’t she know who he was when she said Oh God this morning?

“My editor suggested I come up here, rest, read a good book, get over my writes block.” She tossed him the lettuce for the fridge. “So this Shelly won’t have to ask for her money back, when it doesn’t get done.”

Catching the lettuce missile she had launched at him, putting it in the fridge and grabbing the bag of tomatoes before she could throw each of them at him. He listened to her rant about not being able to write, breakup of her romance with some dude that didn’t appreciate her working long hours on the next book till he couldn’t listen to it anymore. Noticing her standing there putting the toilet tissue roll in a headlock he went over and quietly took the roll from her hands. Putting one hand on each side of her face he pulled her in for a hard kiss.

Lexie gasped as he pulled her face to his, not really prepared for the hot kiss she was receiving. On their own accord her arms came up to circle his neck. Tongues battling for the correct position, they were both lost in the kiss.

When he finally broke the kiss they were both breathing heavy. Looking at her closed eyes, slightly swollen lips he registered his own hard beat of his heart.

Slowly she opened her eyes.

“Wow.” She breathed. “What was that for?”

Jon got lost in the emerald green of her eyes.

“Don’t you know, your not suppose to squeeze the Charmin?” He told her and watched her eyes grow puzzled. “You just looked like you needed being kissed silly.”

She thought about what he said. Kissed Silly, so that’s what it means. She took a step back and then remembered her arms were still wrapped around his neck. When he came with her when she backed up he smiled. Blushing she removed her hands. Stepping back again, Jon followed her. Reaching back she grasped the handle of one of the kitchen drawers for support.

“We better finish putting this stuff away.” She whispered, as he boxed her in to the cabinet.

“Later.” Was all he said as her brought his lips back to hers.

Jon placed his hands on her hips and pulled her up against his body. She was the perfect height; he didn’t need to bend down to kiss her. Letting go of her death grip on the drawer handle she slipped her arms around his waist holding on for dear life. Their body’s moving against each other, as if trying to get as close as possible with their clothes still on. All Jon could think about, was how he could easily carry her upstairs to his room and dispense with all these clothes. Neither of them heard the kitchen door open.

“Daddy, can me and Snowball have a cookie?” Romeo asked tugging on Jon’s belt loop of his jeans

Lexie couldn’t move. Jon slowly counted to ten then and smiled at Lexie. “And, I have three more at home.”

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chapter Eight *some adult situations*

Oh, oh, that was it. Picking up a dozen of each he added them to the flowing cart. Followed by cupcakes, that looked like her fuzzy dog and a huge lemon cream pie. Then he noticed a display of paperback books, he needed one. He pulled the cart into the area and handed Romeo a kids book as he looked over the titles. He was drawn to the new top ten on the best sellers list. Patterson…no….Gerrutsen….no….There it was the number three on the list…Max Conners Private Eye…Book two. He had read book one while on the Lost Highway tour. Handing the book to Romeo, so it didn’t get it messed up, They headed to the register when Romeo called out to him.


Stopping the cart he looked around the store for her.

“Where do you see her Ro?” He asked his son still looking around the area. Maybe she forgot to add something to the list and came herself.

“Here daddy…on here!” He handed the book to Jon.

Jon looked puzzled at the book in his hand. Turning it over he saw the picture. It wasn’t a new shot, but the lady Lexie in the chalet was the same Lexie on the back cover of the book he was holding. Alexis Maddison… Now he placed the face with a name he knew.

“So it is Ro…wonder why she never told us?” He laughed as he pushed the cart into the first open register. As the bag boy unloaded the cart he read the bio in the back of the book.

Alexis Maddison…new writer, who wrote children’s books for two years, before turning her head to murder mysteries. Receiver of several children’s awards, Miss Maddison will soon take her Max Conners books to the silver screen. Miss Maddison lives in the SoHo district of New York and you can contact her at

The cashier held her hand out for the book.

“Sorry.” He said as he handed her the book.

“Lexie!” Romeo called out as she slid the book over the scanner.

“Yeah, I love her books too. Just wish she would get the next one out. I have it on pre-order at Amazon.” The cashier told them. “You know, if there really was a Max Conners, you two would be twins.”

Jon laughed but blushed; Dorothea had told him the same thing after she read his copy.

“My ex said the same thing.” He told her as he pulled out his debit card.

Once the transaction was completed the cashier handed him the receipt and smiled.

“Come back anytime, Mr. Bon Jovi. It’s been a long time since we had any celebrities in here.” She gave him her special smile.

Reading the nametag she wore he smiled back.

“Thanks Shelly. We will.” He pushed the cart full of grocery bags to the jeep.

Once loaded he got Romeo in his seat and jogged to his side of the car and climbed in.

The whole way back to the chalet, he thought about confronting Lexie with the evidence that she was a best selling author. Should he or shouldn’t he… he was not sure what would happen if she knew he knew who she was. He still wasn’t sure when he pulled into the garage.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chapter Seven

“Puppy wanted to come with us.” He said as he unzipped his jacket and a small white head peeped out.

“Oh, Son,” He shook his head. “I don’t think Lexie wanted her dog to come to the store with us.”

“But Daddy, she wanted to come with us.” He told him with a pout.

Not to have his mind changed by his son’s pout, Jon shook his head. He put the jeep in reverse and backed up the drive to the sidewalk.

Lexie walked over to the desk in the living room and brought her laptop out from under it. Booting up the computer she brought up the chapters she had written before she arrived at the cabin. In her honest opinion it sucked. Highlighting the text she deleted what she had written. Staring at the blank screen with the blinking cursor she sighed. Then her fingers began to fly over the keys.

She had typed six pages when she noticed out the window Jon’s jeep backing up the drive. Rushing to the door, she opened the door before he could knock. It was then she noticed Snowball in his arms.

“How did she…” She started.

“Romeo, he loves your dog. Said she wanted to go to the store with us.” Jon handed the dog over to her.

Lexie laughed and hugged the dog to her.

“I think the feelings are mutual.” She told him.

“Well…” he started.

“Be careful…” She said looking at the gray sky….”Looks like more snow.”

Jon looked up at the sky.

“We should be back before it snows.” He said as he jogged back to the jeep, throwing up a hand to wave goodbye.

Lexie stood there until she saw the jeep pull though the gate. Shaking her head she looked down at her little dog.

“This is going to be a long three weeks, Snowball.” She closed the door and put the dog down. Going back to the laptop she read over what she had written. Better, much better. Of course it was easy to write when her hero Max Conners was on the way to the store this very minute. Jon…Max…why hadn’t she seen this before?

~ ~ ~
Jon parked the jeep. He got Romeo out of the seat; they headed into the small country grocery store. Grabbing the closest cart he placed Romeo into the seat. Noticing, soon he would be too big to ride in the little seat. Pulling out the list he started in the produce department. He was in the middle of choosing potatoes, when he felt he was being watched. Damn, he had forgotten the sunglasses and ball cap. Snatching a five pound bag he tossed it in the cart. Moving to the next item on the list he tried to stay calm. Maybe he was imagining someone watching him, who would know he was even here? He next saw the wine, but there wasn’t any on the list. Picking up two bottles of Pinot Grigio and one of Zin he added them to the cart. Moving along filling the cart with items on the list and some that weren’t, after all he was paying wasn’t he? He was just about through with the list when he headed into the bakery department. What was it Dorothea had told him about the bakery department?

“Daddy…cookies!” Romeo called out.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chapter Six

“You sure can, and my name is Lexie.” She told him.

Looking over at Jon she waited on him to tell her how he wanted his eggs.

“My name is Romeo.” He told her.

“Well Romeo, you think we can get your dad to fix the toast?” They both turned to Jon in unison.

“Toast I can do.” He got off the stool and went to the toaster. So her name was Lexie…that still didn’t ring a bell.

Lexie scrambled him the one egg and put it on a plate with two strips of bacon. Grabbing one slightly over done piece of toast, she cut it in half and handed him the plate. Adding a glass of milk to his plate,.

“Thank you Lexie.” Romeo said as he dove into his breakfast.

“You’re very welcome.” She turned back to the bowl and broke four eggs in it. By the time she had them cooked she split them between two plates. Giving him the once over she added four strips of bacon to his plate and three on hers. Well there went her lunch; she would have to do with peanut butter and jelly. Looking over at the stack of bread she scratched the sandwich.

Jon took the plate from her and sat beside his son.

“Thanks, I really appreciate this.” He watched her pour them both a cup of coffee and waved off the milk and sugar.

After handing him the cup she sat beside him on the remaining stool. They ate in silence for a while until Romeo had finished his plate.

“Go play in the snow now Daddy?” He wiped the milk mustache off with is sleeve. Jon winced and handed him one of the napkins on the bar.

“In a minute son, let me finish my coffee. Why don’t you go get on your boots and bring down your coat?” He helped him off the stool and watched him run out of the room, followed by Snowball.

Once he was out of the room he turned to Lexie.

“Listen, thanks for breakfast. I know this wasn’t planned, but why don’t we work this out. I had planned on hitting the store for provisions, we ate your food, you make a list of what we need for the three weeks, I’ll pay.” He watched her face for a reaction.

Lexie thought it over and shrugged her shoulders. Why not since they had ate not only her breakfast but her lunch too. So it looked like the three of them were going to be here for three weeks.

“Look I can grill a mean steak and make an omelet, and you can see I can’t make toast…I know you aren’t the cook, but take pity on my son. If it wasn’t for you he would have lived off grilled cheese and soup for three weeks.” He turned on the famous Bongiovi charm.

Lexie rolled her eyes, but he was winning her over. How hard can it be, cook three meals a day and write her book? She was crazy, but how could she let that precious little boy eat nothing but grilled cheese and soup.

“Okay, I give up.” She figured while they were gone she could write, and while he is out side with Romeo she could squeeze in a few chapters. This just might work.

“Great, you make a list and we’ll hit the store.” He grabbed his and Romeo’s plates and put them in the sink, and he was out of the kitchen as Romeo came down the stairs.

He had on his coat and the two of them were heading out the door when Romeo turned to her…

“You come with us Lexie?” He waited for her answer.

“No, you and your Dad go; I’ve got some things to do here.” She said thinking about the sink of dishes waiting to be cleaned. She then handed him the grocery list of food that they would need.

“What have you got to do, the place is clean.” Jon added as he waited on her to join them.

“Well, I have this book…” She told him as she shooed them out of the cabin.

“Okay, I understand…little quiet and a good book…We’ll be out of your hair for a while.” He let her usher them to the garage.

“Take your time, the list is long.” She said as she closed the door between them.

Jon laughed and rolled his eyes.

“You think she wanted us gone, Ro?” He helped Romeo into the jeep. Getting in he, started the Jeep after opening the garage as they backed out. They were just about to the gate when he heard a whimper. Stopping he looked over at Romeo and noticed his coat had a bulge that moved.