Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chapter Eleven

Splat, the snowball connected with her back and Lexie gasped. Turning she saw him making another snowball.

“Do it and you will be very sorry.” She told him.

“What ya gona do?” he tossed the ball in the air and catching in.

Looking down at her sweats and slippers she rushed to the door only barely making it as the ball hit the door. Putting down Snowball she ran to the back door and pulled on her boots and coat. It didn’t take long till she had three really big snowballs and making her way around the cabin she snuck up behind him. The first one caught him in the back of the head. Turning he caught the next two in the chest and the crotch in succession.

“What the hel…” He called out as he noticed she was standing there with a shocked oh oh on her face. “You know this means war?” He asked as he saw her bending down and making another snowball.

“No that’s what’s called payback.” She started backing up. “I didn’t have boots or a coat on and there is a huge wet mark on the back of my sweatshirt.” Bending over she made a snowball.

“Oh poor baby. I’ve got two younger brothers and they will tell you there is no fair in a snowball fight.” He said as he tossed the snowball at her.

Hitting on the top of her head and sliding down the back of her coat. No he didn’t play fair, she thought. The war was on; even Romeo was in on it. First one time on Lexie’s side and the next on his father’s side. The wind was starting to whip the snow around them and you could hardly see.

“Time out. Lexie it’s really getting bad out here. We better call a truce and go inside.” He called to her.

Lexie agreed and the three of them rushed to the garage. Shaking off the snow and stomping it off their boots, they went inside where it was warm.

They went up to change out of their wet clothes. Jon got them both changed and by the time they both got down Lexie had milk on for the hot chocolate and was opening a can of tomato soup. Normally it took Dorothea hours to get changed. She would have had to take a hot shower and then dried her hair before coming down to ask the maid to cook them some lunch. Lexie stood there in dry sweats and her slippers with her hair up in a towel.

“Can I help?” He said walking into the kitchen.

“Yeah get the butter and the cheese out of the fridge for me.” She turned as he spoke. He did as she asked and they worked together making lunch for the three of them.

Setting down at the bar again, she listened to him talk about the new album he and Richie were working on. He was working on a new song when… and them he stopped. He didn’t want to get into why he wasn’t able to write the only ballad that he wanted on every record. It was too fresh, the divorce and the wedding being on the same day.

Lexie noticed the cloud cover his normally bright blue eyes. Feeling him slowly pull away, she tired to change the subject, telling him she loved the Lost Highway Cd. But his only answers were yes and no. She let the subject die and they finish their lunch in silence.

Jon was so lost in thought that he missed Romeo slowly lowering his head to the table.

“I think someone needs a nap.” Lexie told him as she went around and picked him up.

Jon shook off his thoughts and went to take Romeo out of her arms.

“I’ll be back and help you clean up.” He said as he walked out of the room.

After cleaning up the lunch dishes, he still hadn’t come back. Moving into the living room she went back to the computer. Slowly this time the words came. She heard him coming downstairs, she stopped typing. He held his acoustic guitar in one hand and a notebook in the other.


  1. Turning he caught the next two in the chest and the crotch in succession

    Watch the "Family Jewels" Lexie LOL!
    Very cute chapter Alfiepooh! Would love to play with them! And to watch Jon working on a song...Ah..Talk about a fan's dream!

  2. I thought that was a fun chapter. Awww, Romeo falling asleep at the table. Seen that happen with my own; very cute indeed.

    And now they're going to work together in the same room? I wouldn't be able to concentrate.

    And more please, on the divorce and wedding in the same day...

    ~ Hath

  3. I'm with Bay, loved that she hit him in the chest and crotch, nice shot honey lol.

    And yeah I don't think I'd be able to consentrate with him in the same room as I'd be ogling him all the time ;)

    More please :)