Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chapter 52

Jon held her hand as the headed down the drive to the street below the gate.

Are they still watching from the kitchen window?” Lexie asked as they stopped at the end of the drive.

Yep, but they're good kids.” He took her other hand in his.

There isn't anything to see is there?” Lexie started to get worried.

No there isn't I want to ask you something and I didn't need an audience.” He got quiet for a second. “This past week has been so, damn I am write a love song but I can't tell you how this week as made me feel.”

I feel the same way, and I write books for a living.” she gave his hand a squeeze of encouragement.

I, don't want you to go home, I want you,” he paused a second “and my kids want you to move in with us, I want to wake up beside you every morning, and sleep with you in my arms every night.”Jon pulled her close in his arms.

The kids? They want me to move in?” she fell into his arms, “Even Stephanie?”

Jon chuckled a little.

Yes even Steph wants you to move in.” He gave her a little kiss.

A car driving by honked the horn and they jumped apart laughing.

I don't know what to say,” She took a breath.

Don't answer me now, think about it, you can answer me when we get back to the city.” He was afraid she was gonna say no.

You don't want to know now?” She asked, puzzled that she had to wait to say yes.

I don't want to rush you, this is an important step, think about it first.” he told her.

Okay, I'll think about it.” she smiled as he took her hand and they walked back up the drive to the house.
She already knew her answer, but if he wanted to wait then she would wait. As they walked into the house she was met by Stephanie.

I'll help you pack, Lexie.” Stephanie headed up the stairs and Lexie followed her. “If you and Dad are left alone we will not leave before dark.” Stephanie laughed so Lexie took it as a joke. This was a big change in a week.

Jon watched to two women in his life go up stairs laughing. Jesse watched his dad watching his sister and his girlfriend,

Do you think she'll say yes?” Jesse asked his dad.

I'm praying Jesse, I'm praying.” Jon turned to speak to his oldest son.

So am I dad, so am I.” Jesse turned to go back into the kitchen.

Lexie pulled her rolling bag out of the closet.

Steph, I guess you know what your dad asked me.” She pulled the drawer open from the chest she shared with Jon,

Yeah, if you'll move in with us.” She went into the bathroom and brought her makeup bag out and handed it to her.

I have to ask,” She turned and took the bag from the girl and took her hand to stop her from going back to the bathroom, “Do you really want me to move in?”

They stood staring at each other. Stephanie looked her dead in the eye and spoke.

Yes I want you to move in.” She reached out and touched her arm. “I know you might not trust me much, but I really want you to move in with us,”

Lexie reached out and placed her hand on Stephanie's.

Okay, I'll do it,” Stephanie started to get excited but Lexie emphasized her voice
Do not tell your dad, for some reason, he wanted me to wait to tell him when we got back to the city.”

Okay, but I think he was afraid you would say no.” Stephanie giggled “Can I tell Jesse? I'll tell him not to tell Daddy.”

Lexie giggled herself, “Sure, can't see for the life of me why he doesn't want to know now.”

Well, would you want to drive home, knowing the woman you just spent two weeks with, won't move in. Lexie would you really want to do that?”

Oh, I see your point.”

They finished packing and took the case down to the hallway by the backdoor.

I'll get Snows stuff packed up. Jesse did you call and tell someone goodbye?” Lexie said as she came into the kitchen where the men waited for them.

I packed it Lexie,” Jesse told her, “I called last night and we said goodbye.”

Are you two keeping touch?” She fixed up her travel cup.

Yes, we are.” Jesse ducked his head hiding his warm cheeks.

I think that's great. Did you guys call for the food pick up?” She sipped her coffee and leaned on the counter,

They just left, we got a card to call them if we come back.” Jon said as he pulled her into the circle of his arms.

Can we come back daddy?” Jakey asked, as he looked up at his father.

Sure we can buddy,” Jon looked down in his deep blue eyes. “I'm sure we can.”

For Christmas?” Jake looked up at his dad beseechingly.

Okay buddy I'll ask uncle Huge if its booked.” Jon ruffled Jake's head. “let's load up and hit the road, so we don't get home in the dark.”

The younger Jovi's rushed to Lexie's car with their suitcases, followed by Snowball.

Lexie got her car loaded and waited on Jon to lead the way toward home, she loved thinking of Jon's place as hers.

The sun was setting as they pulled into the garage. Jon was glad that he kept the two slots assigned to his penthouse. It took over an hours to get the luggage ready to go across the street.

Jon was doing everything not to hear Lexie's answer to his question. The doorman saw them heading pulling luggage and met them on the corner with the cart. Jon watched as all but Lexie's was put on to the cart.

Well I guess its time for the answer to my question Lex.” Jon walked around the cart and took her hand.

The kids all looked up at Lexie, even the doorman waited on her.

Well,” Lexie started to answer.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Chapter 51

Jon rolled over and looked at the woman in bed beside him. Today they would be leaving and heading back to the city. He hadn't talked to Lexie about moving in with him. Sure she'd only be two blocks away, but that was two blocks too many. The kids seemed to think she was something special, even Stephanie has jumped on the Lexie band wagon. She filled the empty spot in his heart.

Lexie knew Jon was watching her, she was just laying there listening to the change in his breathing. She wasn't happy with the thought of going back to the city. Going back meant she wouldn't see Jon every day. She knew how she felt for him, being here with him she loved him more than the first time she saw him standing in the kitchen.

The door slowly opened and Snowball came in and hopped on the bed. Walking up from the foot of the bed and walked up to Jon and put her cold nose on his.

I think she wants you to take her out this morning.” Lexie giggled.

Snow girl there are four other people that can take you out you know” Jon groaned as he finally gave in and sat up. “Okay girl, let me get some shorts on, and I'll take you out, so your momma can sleep more.” He sat the squirming dog on the floor.

Thanks Daddy for taking the littlest one out.” Lexie snuggled under the covers.

Jon walked out of the room with a big smile on his face.

As Jon walked downstairs he heard Jesse and Steph talking in the kitchen.

You ready to go back to school?” Jesse asked his sister. “Senior year, rulers of the school.”

Yeah, I guess.” She reached for the coffee to make her father a pot of coffee.

Why do you say that?” Jesse loaded the canned stuff into the box to go to the food bank. “You'll be back with your friends and whats his name, Conner”

Yes that's his name. I'm a senior, things are gonna be harder and well, its kinda scary.
Steph sat at the counter and waited on the pot to finish. “You think Lexie is gonna move in when we get back?”

I don't know, I hope so.” Jesse shut the fridge door and went to join his sister at the counter. “Do you want her to move in?”

You know at first I didn't trust her, but after this last week, she's okay.” Steph picked up a napkin off the bar and started to fold it. “I want daddy to be happy and I really do.”

Then you won't be upset if she moves in?” Jesse asked.

She stood there for a second and Jon held his breath on the steps. Snowball began to whimper.

Nope, I wouldn't be upset if she moves in.” Stephanie said as tossed a swan that she made out of the napkin onto the counter.

Jon still standing on the stairs smiled and sat Snowball down and let her run into the kitchen ahead of him.

Hey, someone put her harness on so I can take her for a walk” Jon followed her into the kitchen and headed to get him a mug of coffee. “You two ready to head home?”

Jesse was taking care of Snowball and scrunched up his shoulders. Stephanie smiled and handed him a cup of coffee.

Yeah I'm ready, are you?” she asked her dad.

To be honest with you, I'm not.” He said as he sipped his coffee.

Dad, why don't you ask Lexie to move in with us?” Jesse asked as he handed his dad the leash.

Yeah dad, why don't you?” Stephanie asked.

Jon about choked on a sip of hot coffee.

You,” Cough “Want me,” Cough “To ask Lexie to move it” Jon gasped

Yeah, we talked about it and well” Jesse started.

We want you to be happy. The way this past week has gone, well, we see the two together and it's great.” Stephanie told him. “I know I wasn't happy with this at the first, but I can see how happy you are with her in your life.”

Jon was quiet for a little bit. Do I trust her and ask Lexie to move in with us?” he thought.

Jon took the leash from Jesse, “Go make sure your brothers have packed an their bags by the backdoor.” Jon felt the tug on the leash.

I better go help him, you know how do those three are when they get together.” she started to follow Jesse.

Why don't you come with me and Snow here,” He noticed her hesitate, “Just for a little bit.”

She nodded and followed him out. They walked along in companion silence. Jon was the one to break the silence.

What do you think about me asking Lexie it move in?” He stopped when Snowball stopped to sniff.

Stephanie was quiet at first.

Dad,I know you don't trust me, and I haven't given you much to trust, but I want you to ask Lexie it move in with us.” She looked everywhere but at him.

Well, you didn't make it easy to trust you. What with the hoodlum here and what you did at your Moms In-laws. Kinda makes it hard. That and the fact you won't look me in the eye when you say you want Lexie to move in.”

Stephanie dropped her head.

I'm gonna ask her before we leave.” Jon told her as Snowball began to walk again.
I'm gonna put you and Romeo in the car with her, and I take the double J's with me.”

You want me to work on her to get her to say Yes?” Stephanie reached for the next baggie and picked up after Snow.

Well not work on her per say, I'm gonna ask her to think about it until we get back to the city.” Jon followed behind Snowball as she headed back toward the cabin. He stopped and turned to Stephanie. “What do you think about moving back to Redbank?”

Stephanie almost ran into his back, he had stopped so fast.

Move back home? What do I think?” She thought about home, “We'd still go to Polly Prep?”

Sure, Senior year and all, Jesse with Lacrosse and football. The second set are just getting the feel. I can arrange it, so, what do you think about moving back to the big house?” He watched her mull over the idea.

Well, Dad, I think it would be great.” She said with a smile that lit up her whole face.

I'll talk it over with Double J's in the way back to the city. Call Uncle Ob to get it open and aired out.” They headed back to the house only to find Lexie in the kitchen cooking breakfast and drinking a mug of coffee.

I'm cooking up a batch of messy eggs and the rest of the bacon, so someone set the table and Feed the beast so I can finish packing.” She called out at the sound of the front door closing.

Jon let Snow off the leash and watched Stephanie go grab the plates to set the table.
Jesse and the younger boys were in the family room straightening up, so he grabbed the bread and started to make toast.

You Mind taking Ro and Steph back with you, Lex?” Jon popped toast up perfect on one side burnt on the other. “This thing hates me.” he grumbled.

Lexie looked at the poor toast and rolled her eyes. “Sure if they want too, my car isn't as smooth a ride as the Escalade you have.”

Daddy, I want to ride with Lexie and snowball.” Jake asked

Jon looked dumbfounded, that would ruin his plans but he couldn't think of a reason so say no.

Sure buddy if you want too.” he said as he popped more bread into the toaster.

I'm ridding with Snowball and Lexie.” Jake ran into the family room to tell Jesse and Romeo.

Stephanie looked at her dad, who just shrugged his shoulders.

Okay lets eat.” Lexie called out as she carried a platter of eggs and bacon into the dining room.

They were just about done Lexie was thinking about packing and heading back to her lonely apartment.

Hey Lexie, dad wanted you to see something he found when we took Snow out for her morning walk.” Stephanie thought she would help her dad out.

Jon looked up puzzle then caught on to what she was doing.

Yeah, I never noticed it before.” IF it sounded as lame to his ear its amazing she agreed to take a walk with him.

Okay, then I have to get back an pack, the suitcase just don't pack it self.” Lexie picked up her empty plate and headed to the kitchen, picking up Romeo, Jake and Jesse's empty plates.

We'll wash the dishes while you two take a walk.” Jesse told her as he got up an took the plates from her.

Yeah, I'll even start your packing for you.” Stephanie told her.

I guess we're going for a walk.” Lexie laughed and looked down at Jon.

Jon smiled up at her, “I guess we are.”

Jon wiped his mouth and got up and reached for her hand. Laughing they headed for the front door.

Jesse and Stephanie headed to the kitchen window and watched them head down the walk an into the street.

Think she'll say yes or will she make him wait till we get back?” Jesse asked as he filled the sink with water and suds.

I hope it's right away, he's taking about moving back to the River house.” Stephanie told him as she cleaned to leftovers into the trash and handed him the dish.

We're going back to Jersey? What about school and football?” He asked her.

We take the train into school or he”ll takes us. We'll still be at Polly Prep.” Stephanie finished cleaning the plates and took a sponge to wipe off the table and got out the sweeper to finish cleaning.

Seniors can drive, you can take us.” Jesse told her as he washed and rinsed the plates, glasses and silverware. “I just to thinking, what if Lexie doesn't want to move to the River house? Here we are planning on making it to school and she might say no.”

Stephanie stood in the doorway stunned. “I never thought of that. What woman wants to move into a house the ex wife decorated?”

Lets just hope dad thinks of that before he brings it up.” Jesse let the water out of the sink and turned to look at his sister. “Hope he's thinking with his head not with other part of his anatomy.”

Yeah me too.” Stephanie picked up the towel and started to dry the dishes.