Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chapter Seven

“Puppy wanted to come with us.” He said as he unzipped his jacket and a small white head peeped out.

“Oh, Son,” He shook his head. “I don’t think Lexie wanted her dog to come to the store with us.”

“But Daddy, she wanted to come with us.” He told him with a pout.

Not to have his mind changed by his son’s pout, Jon shook his head. He put the jeep in reverse and backed up the drive to the sidewalk.

Lexie walked over to the desk in the living room and brought her laptop out from under it. Booting up the computer she brought up the chapters she had written before she arrived at the cabin. In her honest opinion it sucked. Highlighting the text she deleted what she had written. Staring at the blank screen with the blinking cursor she sighed. Then her fingers began to fly over the keys.

She had typed six pages when she noticed out the window Jon’s jeep backing up the drive. Rushing to the door, she opened the door before he could knock. It was then she noticed Snowball in his arms.

“How did she…” She started.

“Romeo, he loves your dog. Said she wanted to go to the store with us.” Jon handed the dog over to her.

Lexie laughed and hugged the dog to her.

“I think the feelings are mutual.” She told him.

“Well…” he started.

“Be careful…” She said looking at the gray sky….”Looks like more snow.”

Jon looked up at the sky.

“We should be back before it snows.” He said as he jogged back to the jeep, throwing up a hand to wave goodbye.

Lexie stood there until she saw the jeep pull though the gate. Shaking her head she looked down at her little dog.

“This is going to be a long three weeks, Snowball.” She closed the door and put the dog down. Going back to the laptop she read over what she had written. Better, much better. Of course it was easy to write when her hero Max Conners was on the way to the store this very minute. Jon…Max…why hadn’t she seen this before?

~ ~ ~
Jon parked the jeep. He got Romeo out of the seat; they headed into the small country grocery store. Grabbing the closest cart he placed Romeo into the seat. Noticing, soon he would be too big to ride in the little seat. Pulling out the list he started in the produce department. He was in the middle of choosing potatoes, when he felt he was being watched. Damn, he had forgotten the sunglasses and ball cap. Snatching a five pound bag he tossed it in the cart. Moving to the next item on the list he tried to stay calm. Maybe he was imagining someone watching him, who would know he was even here? He next saw the wine, but there wasn’t any on the list. Picking up two bottles of Pinot Grigio and one of Zin he added them to the cart. Moving along filling the cart with items on the list and some that weren’t, after all he was paying wasn’t he? He was just about through with the list when he headed into the bakery department. What was it Dorothea had told him about the bakery department?

“Daddy…cookies!” Romeo called out.


  1. "Daddy ... cookies!"
    Like father, like son. :-)

  2. Loving it honey!

    Gorgeous Romeo, hot daddy, dog nappin, and now cookies lmao who could not love it!

    And who do we thinks watching? Is it a set up??? Hmmmmm.......

    Can't wait for more ;)

  3. Cookies!!! Puppy.....Romeo...

    So cute!!!

    Loving this honey!!!!!

    Oh yeah....the father's not too bad either.