Friday, February 13, 2009

Chapter Twelve

“You don’t mind do you?” He asked holding up the black and white guitar.

“No, got ahead. I usually have the stereo on when I work.” She watched him sit on the sofa the guitar in his lap and then notebook on the sofa. Putting the pen in his mouth he started to strum. She sat there for a few minutes her fingers poised over the keyboard. The music flowed from his fingers, a song that she had never heard before. Soon the music touched her soul and her fingers flew again over the keyboard.

This set the stage for the next two and a half weeks went. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were together. He would keep his active son busy while she sat at the computer. She would listen to his song and tell him when the words just weren’t right, and when they were very right.

Tonight he came down after putting Romeo to bed, guitar in hand, he looked over to where she was working. His thoughts went back to that bar, which now seemed like light years away, he could have called Richie to fly in from LA to be with him on, what he thought then, was the worst day of his life. Instead he called Hugh. Hugh had been through the same thing, and he had been Hugh’s support. Returning the favor, Hugh had shown up at the bar, being Jon’s support. If Richie had been there, he never would have met Lexie, or gotten closer to his younger son. He would have to call Hugh when he got home and thank him for everything.

“How’s it going?” He asked as he walked over to the sofa near the desk.

Lexie held up her hand to stop him for a second.

“Good…really good.” She said as she read over the last chapter she had written.

Jon sat the guitar on his lap and smiled.

“When are you gona let me read it?” He asked a he slowly started strumming the new ballad.

“No one reads it before my publicist. Sorry you don’t let anyone hear your cd’s before they hit the store.” She told him. Looking up finally she noticed his smile. “You knew I wouldn’t let you read it, didn’t you?”

“Yep, but I had to try.” He laughed.

Lexie smiled and laughed with him.

Her three weeks were almost over. The thoughts of finishing her book and leaving the cabin made her stop typing. No more Cabin…no more Romeo and worst of all no Jon. These past few weeks had been heaven, she had fallen in love with Romeo, and he had fallen in love with Snowball. It was going to break his little heart when they had to leave and Snowball wasn’t going to their house.

Looking back at the flashing cursor she began to type again. Her thoughts running to all the little stolen moments… the sexual frustration… he hadn’t been ready for a relationship, he had been burned by Dorothea, and she hadn’t been ready either. Randy had really done a number on her. He had a song to write and she had a novel to write.

Typing as she was thinking she suddenly stopped as Jon began to sing. She smiled and started to type again. He had taken her suggestions and changed the lyrics.

They sat like this for another hour when she stopped…it was done…all but the period at the end. Placing the last period she backed up her work and closed the laptop. Getting up she went and sat on the floor by his legs and leaned her head back on the sofa listening to what she wanted to call their song.


  1. Oh, methinks that just because the time at the cabin is done, doesn't mean that you have to be stop being friends -- or stop moving towards more...

    ~ Hath

  2. Yeah I think you're right Hath.

    And I've a feeling Jon wouldn't let this fledgling relationship slip through his fingers.

    Nice one Hughie my man!

  3. I agree with Hath and Gail...Besides, Romeo will be heartbroken without Snowball... So, if only for the child's sake these two must go on...LOL!

  4. I'm so sad....

    I don't want to this end either...Hopefully Jon and Lexie will realize what they have and come together.

    What will Romeo do without Snowball? I'm w/Bay...Romeo and Snowball are enough to keep this story going!!!


  5. sorry guys went away for the weekend to get my taxes done and now working my butt off at work. Not off till Friday. Promise more soon