Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chapter Eight *some adult situations*

Oh, oh, that was it. Picking up a dozen of each he added them to the flowing cart. Followed by cupcakes, that looked like her fuzzy dog and a huge lemon cream pie. Then he noticed a display of paperback books, he needed one. He pulled the cart into the area and handed Romeo a kids book as he looked over the titles. He was drawn to the new top ten on the best sellers list. Patterson…no….Gerrutsen….no….There it was the number three on the list…Max Conners Private Eye…Book two. He had read book one while on the Lost Highway tour. Handing the book to Romeo, so it didn’t get it messed up, They headed to the register when Romeo called out to him.


Stopping the cart he looked around the store for her.

“Where do you see her Ro?” He asked his son still looking around the area. Maybe she forgot to add something to the list and came herself.

“Here daddy…on here!” He handed the book to Jon.

Jon looked puzzled at the book in his hand. Turning it over he saw the picture. It wasn’t a new shot, but the lady Lexie in the chalet was the same Lexie on the back cover of the book he was holding. Alexis Maddison… Now he placed the face with a name he knew.

“So it is Ro…wonder why she never told us?” He laughed as he pushed the cart into the first open register. As the bag boy unloaded the cart he read the bio in the back of the book.

Alexis Maddison…new writer, who wrote children’s books for two years, before turning her head to murder mysteries. Receiver of several children’s awards, Miss Maddison will soon take her Max Conners books to the silver screen. Miss Maddison lives in the SoHo district of New York and you can contact her at

The cashier held her hand out for the book.

“Sorry.” He said as he handed her the book.

“Lexie!” Romeo called out as she slid the book over the scanner.

“Yeah, I love her books too. Just wish she would get the next one out. I have it on pre-order at Amazon.” The cashier told them. “You know, if there really was a Max Conners, you two would be twins.”

Jon laughed but blushed; Dorothea had told him the same thing after she read his copy.

“My ex said the same thing.” He told her as he pulled out his debit card.

Once the transaction was completed the cashier handed him the receipt and smiled.

“Come back anytime, Mr. Bon Jovi. It’s been a long time since we had any celebrities in here.” She gave him her special smile.

Reading the nametag she wore he smiled back.

“Thanks Shelly. We will.” He pushed the cart full of grocery bags to the jeep.

Once loaded he got Romeo in his seat and jogged to his side of the car and climbed in.

The whole way back to the chalet, he thought about confronting Lexie with the evidence that she was a best selling author. Should he or shouldn’t he… he was not sure what would happen if she knew he knew who she was. He still wasn’t sure when he pulled into the garage.


  1. Forgot to add...Link doesn't work...that is unless I screwed up and actually used a real private investigators name in a book!

  2. Go for it, Jon!

    And, uh, you tease with the "adult situations" tagline lol

    ~ Hath

  3. I ah...stopped too soon. I split my chapter in half and post half at a time. The Adult situatuion comes in the next part. Sorry.

  4. that's okay we forgive you....

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