Monday, December 7, 2009

New Chapter finally

The phone stopped ringing but the mood was broken.

Jon looked down in her flushed face. He had to ask…

“Why did you leave without saying goodbye?” he asked softly.

“I didn’t want to say goodbye. So I wrote the notes and left. If I had waited till you got up, I never would have left.” She told him reaching up to trace his lips with her fingertip.

“So that would be a bad thing?” he kissed her fingertip them licked it.

“I had a deadline…you know what those are like.” She shivered at the touch of his tongue. “I came up there to get rid of my writers block and I got unblocked and it was time to leave.” Watching his head lower till his lips were inches from hers.

“So you left.” He whispered then lowering his lips those few inches and brushed his lips to hers.

“I had too.” She moaned as his lips brushed hers again before moving to her neck. “But not wanted too…I wanted to stay in our little cocoon and never come out till spring thaw.”

“We could have.” He said as he looked up at her hooded eyes.

“No we couldn’t, we both had agendas that were important and needed to be handled and then we had to get back to our normal lives.”

It was like a light came on in her eyes. He knew that light, he had the same light when he talked about recording. From the first idea until it was on paper, recorded and produced. Until that was accomplished life was on hold. That’s why his ex-wife had married one of her staff at the Dojo. By following his dreams he lost a part of that dream that didn’t want to go along for the ride anymore.

“You got your song and I got my book. We were great, but if we were to make it away from there, one of us had to leave.” She watched him get up and move so she could sit up.

“So you left.” He said softly watching her face.

“I left…If it was reversed and I was still there when we woke up, you would have left.” She told him.

Knowing she was right didn’t sit well with him.

“But I would have said goodbye and not left a note.” He mumbled. Closing his eyes he saw what it would have been like. Romeo would have pitched a fit leaving Snowball at the cabin and the drive home would have been ten times worse than it had been. Damn she was right.

“Maybe I was afraid…” She said softly. “Afraid that once real life stepped in things would be so different.” She lowered her head and he could hear the tears in her voice.

“I was afraid too. You awakened things in me that I thought had been asleep for the past year.” He went back over and sat beside her, lifting her chin he looked into her tear washed eyes. “I believe again. Believed that I was Superman and it wasn’t just this old faded tattoo.” Slowly he lowered his head and touched his lips to hers.

Her hands came up for frame his face. Just touching him and the warmth of his face, the texture of his six o’clock shadow that prickled her finger was pure tactile feelings. She got damp just from touching. Slipping her fingers down his neck to his shoulder, she couldn’t get enough of just touching him.

The moved in unison and the pieces seemed to fall into place, they were meant to be right here right now. His hands knew what to touch and her lips knew where to kiss. She watched as he began to roll the condom on, reaching up to assist only to get her hands moved.

“I want this to last darlin, touch me now and it will be all over.” He sifted between her waiting warmth.

This time it wasn’t a cell phone that rang it was the house phone. Jon groaned knowing that…

“Daddy…” came the sleepy voice from upstairs. “Daddy, Snowball’s in my bed!” His five year old son squealed.


That killed any mood that was left from the first time the cell phone rang. Jon was up condom being rolled down and grabbing his jeans and pulling them on, which took some doing on his fading erection. Alex slowly sat up, looking around to cover her body, spotted his shirt and put it on. Her heart was still racing when she heard Romeo and Snowball bounding down the stairs. Now she wishes they had never left the cabin, where there were no phones and little boys slept through the night.