Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Chapter 109

The whole family wanted to go to the vet for the weigh in.  The boys were in charge of the crate.

“Inky got sick in the car, Mom.” Jesse said as he held the pup. “So I held him up to the crack in the window to calm his stomach.”

“That’s good Jess” Lexie said as she herded them toward the office. It was going to be hard for the kids to let the puppies go. But the “Don’t name the puppies, strategy didn’t work. The black one has already been called Inky, Charcoal and Smudge.

Jake and Romeo carried the crate in with Snowball and the puppies into the vet’s office, the rest of the family followed.  Jon told the driver they would call when they were done and brought up the rear.

The whole clinic fell in love with the puppies.  They were weighed and their dewclaw clipped, which Romeo had a hard time understanding why it had to be done.  The vet told him, “Puppies don’t need it and it makes their paws not hurt when they walk once it’s gone.”  He still winced when the puppies yelped.

Jon was on his phone to his parents who said they would come and check out the new additions.  Matt was worried about the puppy and the bull dog, so he nixed the idea of a small puppy with Duke. So that meant they had four puppies that needed homes.  He just about went through his phone when he hit on Richie, he knew Richie wanted one for Ava.  Lorenza said she might want one, when she met Snowball.  What is it with women in his life and small white balls of fur?  The boys were getting attached to Inky, if truth be told so was he. He tugged at his heart strings just the way that Snowball did.  So that brought them down to one puppy.  Jon sent a picture of their new arrivals to the band and puppy number four had a home out in Utah,

Huge McD: “You’re a dead man Kidd, Kelli fell in love and        when it’s ready to weaned, it’ll come to Utah.”

Kidd:”What is it about white fluffy dogs and our women?”

Hugh McD: “Don’t know man, but it was instant love.”

Jon laughed as he pocketed his phone.  Soon they were paying the vet and the car was called.  It was decided that the boys would be dropped off at school, with Lexie taking them in and explaining why they were late.

All too soon Jon and the boys were heading back to Europe.  Lexie went with the driver to take him to the airport. They would be gone for two weeks, one in France and one in England. Sally told her to go with Mr. Jon, but she had a meeting with her new editor and one with the illustrator for her new kid’s book.
“I got everything packed,” Jon told her. He had packed himself, as she had been in the nursery.  The trio had been to the doctor, they didn’t like the medication, and it seemed as one got close to being well the other two got it. But each one was cutting a tooth, at seven months old they were right on target. Cullen being smaller than his sisters, was right with them.

“Good, so I don’t need to check your bag?”  She Gave him an under the lashes look.

“You know I went by the list you put on my phone.”  Jon laughed at the look on her face.

“I didn’t know you looked at that message.” Lexie joined in the laughter.

“I always read your text.” He told her as they pulled off the Parkway.  “I got a text from Stephanie, she’s dating some new guy, I got a bad feeling about this guy.” He told her. Lexie didn’t want to tell him that she felt the same way too.

Soon they were pulling into the private airfield, where the Jovi jet was waiting. They sat there waiting for the band.  Just as they were just starting to say their goodbyes there was a tap on the glass.

“Jonny boy, say goodbye to the Mrs., and let’s go get this plane in the air.” David kept tapping on the window of the car.

Lexie rolled down the glass and gave David a dirty look.
“Lemma, do you plan on being a pain in the ass the rest of your life?”

“Whoa momma bongie has teeth!  I’ll be on the plane.”  David backed away from the car.

“I guess I got to get on the plane.” He gave her a kiss on her pouty lips.

“It seems like you just got home, and you’re leaving me again.” Lexie pouted.

“Cancel your meetings and come with me.” Jon gave her a little longer kiss, drawing it out till there was another knock on the window.  “Okay Lemma, I’m coming.”

“TMI Bro, TMI.” Matt said with a snicker.  He had to back up fast as the door came open.

“Just remember who writes the checks.”  Jon said as he climbed out of the back.  Lexie followed him out of the car. “I’ll see you in two weeks, Lex. Keep me posted on the trio.”

“I will, text me when you land.”  She followed him to the steps to the plane.

“I will, I’ll call you before the show.” He passed his go bag to Matt who took it on the plane.  “Next month, you and me, second honeymoon.” He turned to face her.

“London and free range on the black card at Harrods.” She gave him a watery smile.

“Hey no tears,” He pulled her into a bear hug, “I’ll be home before you know it.”

“I know, know, but I’ll still miss you.”  Lexie sniffed.

“I’ll miss you too.”  He gave her a kiss and stepped back.  “Two weeks.”  He starts to go up the steps.

“Two weeks.” Lexie whispered as she watched him board the plane.  When the door shut on the plane she headed toward the car, and just like last time, she watched until it was a speck in the sky.

On the drive home she called Stephanie, she was supposed to be home for the weekend and Lexie was planning a long of Girls day out for the two of them. The call went right to voice mail. It seemed like every time they called, it went right to voice mail. Even Dorothea hadn’t heard from here lately.

The driver dropped her off at the front door of the building. She knew she had to take Snowball out for a little bit, before the boys got home. Checking the mail, she tossed the stuff that were advertisements and tucked the fan mail and bills into her message bag. The bills would go to the accountant and fan mail divided between hers and Jon’s clubs. She let herself into the apartment, walking in on Jesse and Sally kissing on the sofa. They jumped apart when she came in.