Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chapter Ten

Lexie shook her head at him. He has three more at home? She thought with a shock.

“I don’t have any cookies Romeo.” She slowly let her arms drop from his waist.

“Yeah we do, I forgot kids in a bakery is not a good thing.” He pointed to the bag on the breakfast bar. Walking over to the bag he pulled out the four dozen cookies and the lemon cream pie.

“I guess we do have cookies.” She laughed. “Would you like milk with that cookie?”

“Yes please.” Romeo smiled up at her.

Jon helped him up on the stool and handed him a chocolate chip cookie on a napkin, as Lexie got him a cup of milk.

“Two daddy, one for me and, one for Snowball.” He pointed to his little fuzzy friend.

“Oh, no Romeo, she can’t have people cookies.” Lexie went to the bag of dog treat sitting by the fridge and got out one of Snowballs doggy cookies. “She has her own cookies.”

Romeo watched in fascination as the little dog begged for her treat and barked on command, when Lexie held the cookie up over her head.

Once the cookies and treats were gone, Lexie finished with the groceries. Listening to Jon and Romeo talking she had a thought come to her. This was perfect; she had her next chapter forming in her mind. Turning to look at father and son having a cookie dunking contest, she had to get them out of the cabin to work.

“Romeo, why don’t you and your dad go out and build me a snowman?” She went back to the fridge and pulled on a long carrot. “No one has ever built me a snowman before. The snow gets so dirty in New York City, I never see snowmen being built.”

Romeo scrambled down off the stool and snatched the carrot.

“Come on daddy, we build a big snowman for Lexie!” He grabbed Jon’s hand and pulled him to the garage.

“Let me get my coat on son.” Jon laughed as he grabbed his navy blue pea coat off the hook by the door. Pulling on his blue cap he fished in his pocket for his gloves. Then it hit him, they were being conned out of the house. She must have an idea for her story. There were times when he needed quiet to work on a song or lyrics, so he understood her wanting peace and quiet while she worked.

“Hang on son, let me get my gloves, I must have dropped them in the kitchen.” He turned back to the kitchen where Lexie stood waiting on them to leave.

“When you get done, knock on the window. I’ll keep him out as long as you need.” He smiled and gave her a quick kiss and then he was gone.

Raising her hand to her lips she sighed. The things he did to her.

Rushing to the computer, before she forgot the thoughts running through her head. Letting the thoughts run from her mind to her fingers to the computer keys. She typed until there were no more thoughts to type. Going back and reading what she had typed she smiled. This was good, better than good this was no re-write good.

Looking down at the time on her monitor she gasped. They had been out there over an hour. Getting up she went to the window and peeked out. The snowman was very tall and they were putting the nose on. Quickly going to the door she opened it and walked out on the porch to admire it up close.

“Wow! I have never seen a more well built snowman in my whole life. Thank you Romeo.” She called out to them.

“We’re almost done Lexie.” Romeo called to her. His nose was so red he could pass for Rudolph’s brother.

“Hurry up; I’ll make us Hot Chocolate and some sandwiches. You two look very hungry.” She rubbed her arms trying to get warm. The snow was starting to fall faster and the sky looked very dark. “When did it start snowing so hard?”

“About a few minutes ago. Looks like we are going to get a few feet tonight.” Jon told her. His cheeks and nose were very red and he had a fuzzy white head peeking out of his jacket.

“Want me to bring her in with me? You must be freezing.” She walked down the stairs to wait for him to hand her Snowball.

Jon took the little dog out from his coat and handed her to Lexie. Watching her turn to go back inside he got an evil thought. Collecting some of the snow off the rail he made a perfect snowball and tossed it at her back.


  1. Aw, I can totally picture Jon with that little doggy in his coat. :)

    ~ Hath

  2. *raises her hand* Can I please be Snowball...I want to be wrapped in Jon's coat too! Or be under that coat with Jon, or under... *blush*

  3. Hmmmm nice idea there Bay*drooool*

    That was sweet but me thinks she's gonna kill Jon for that kinda snowball lmao.

    Lovin it honey :)