Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chapter Nine and yes they finally kiss! LOL

Lexie had gotten about six chapters typed when she saw the Jeep come into the drive. Quickly saving her manuscript she logged off and shut down the computer. Putting the disk into the desk drawer for safe keeping, she rushed out to meet them in the garage.

Looking at the bags in the back she laughed.

“Did you buy them out?” She asked Jon as he got out of the jeep.

“Not much, it was a little bigger than it looks on the outside.” He laughed in return.

Romeo knocked on the window on his side of the car. Lexie went over and helped him out of the car.

“Lexie…we saw you at the store.” He told her as he ran after Snowball who flew out the door and out the garage.

“What? Romeo, keep and eye on her…don’t let her out of the gate.” She called as boy and dog ran around to the front.

Jon didn’t have to worry the whole way back to the cabin…Romeo took care of it for him.

Lexie looked puzzled at Jon.

“What did he mean about seeing me at the store?” She asked him.

“They have a book stand at the store.” He told her.

“Oh!” she let what he told her sink in. Well now he knew.

“Your number three on the New York Times Best Seller.” He handed her the copy of the book he bought.

“Wow, number three hum?” She looked at the copy of The Case of the Missing Singer.

“Yeah, Shelly said she has your next book on pre-order at Amazon.” He walked past her carrying one of the bags.

Lexie went to the back of the Jeep and tossed the book in one of the bags and carried it into the kitchen. Neither of them spoke as they carried in the remaining bags. The silence was deafening through the unpacking and putting away the groceries.

“Look, I wasn’t expecting to share these three weeks…Have you ever had writers block?” She finally broke the silence. “I don’t go around introducing myself as Alexis Maddison…Mystery writer.”

Jon didn’t say anything…why was she so mad? Didn’t she know who he was when she said Oh God this morning?

“My editor suggested I come up here, rest, read a good book, get over my writes block.” She tossed him the lettuce for the fridge. “So this Shelly won’t have to ask for her money back, when it doesn’t get done.”

Catching the lettuce missile she had launched at him, putting it in the fridge and grabbing the bag of tomatoes before she could throw each of them at him. He listened to her rant about not being able to write, breakup of her romance with some dude that didn’t appreciate her working long hours on the next book till he couldn’t listen to it anymore. Noticing her standing there putting the toilet tissue roll in a headlock he went over and quietly took the roll from her hands. Putting one hand on each side of her face he pulled her in for a hard kiss.

Lexie gasped as he pulled her face to his, not really prepared for the hot kiss she was receiving. On their own accord her arms came up to circle his neck. Tongues battling for the correct position, they were both lost in the kiss.

When he finally broke the kiss they were both breathing heavy. Looking at her closed eyes, slightly swollen lips he registered his own hard beat of his heart.

Slowly she opened her eyes.

“Wow.” She breathed. “What was that for?”

Jon got lost in the emerald green of her eyes.

“Don’t you know, your not suppose to squeeze the Charmin?” He told her and watched her eyes grow puzzled. “You just looked like you needed being kissed silly.”

She thought about what he said. Kissed Silly, so that’s what it means. She took a step back and then remembered her arms were still wrapped around his neck. When he came with her when she backed up he smiled. Blushing she removed her hands. Stepping back again, Jon followed her. Reaching back she grasped the handle of one of the kitchen drawers for support.

“We better finish putting this stuff away.” She whispered, as he boxed her in to the cabinet.

“Later.” Was all he said as her brought his lips back to hers.

Jon placed his hands on her hips and pulled her up against his body. She was the perfect height; he didn’t need to bend down to kiss her. Letting go of her death grip on the drawer handle she slipped her arms around his waist holding on for dear life. Their body’s moving against each other, as if trying to get as close as possible with their clothes still on. All Jon could think about, was how he could easily carry her upstairs to his room and dispense with all these clothes. Neither of them heard the kitchen door open.

“Daddy, can me and Snowball have a cookie?” Romeo asked tugging on Jon’s belt loop of his jeans

Lexie couldn’t move. Jon slowly counted to ten then and smiled at Lexie. “And, I have three more at home.”


  1. Very nice Alfiepooh!
    That's right Lexi...don't squeeze the Charmine...squeeze the assets instead! LOL!
    More please!

  2. Yeah...

    What Bay says!!!!

    There's more right?

  3. "Jon slowly counted to ten then and smiled at Lexie. “And, I have three more at home.” "

    LOL, I can just *hear* him saying this!

    Just found this story & am enjoying it!