Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chapter 41

Jesse jumped up and looked around the food court, no Jake.

“Okay, Steph you take Romeo and go look toward the toy store and I'll go to the security office and see if they have surveillance cameras.” Jesse took charge of the situation.

“Come on Romey, show me where the toy store is.” Stephanie and Romeo left the food court.

“You missing your brother?” The little old lady asked that was sitting beside them.

“Yes Ma am, did you see which way he went?” Jesse asked her

“I would check the bathroom right outside the food court first, he was crying and it would give him privacy.” She told him and before he ran off to check the bathroom she touched his arm, “He doesn't like you and your sister fighting and I saw him go in,” She smiled.

“Thanks, I kinda figured he didn't like fighting. He's not been his self since, well it's been about two years.” Jesse sunk back in the seat, he was remembering how Jake was before mom and dad split and the kids were stuck in the middle. “I better go get him, talk to him, be the brother I should have been.” He got up and headed to the bathroom.

Jake sat on the toilet, just like Romeo, he liked the last stall. What he hated was all the fighting. First his mom and dad ending in a divorce and not being a family anymore. Then Stephie and Grammy had to fight and now they can't go to see Momma and Step-daddy. Now Stephie and Jess are fighting, I hate all this fighting, If Daddy and Lexie get married then we get a Step-momma. Daddy likes Lexie too much to fight with her, for now. He heard the door open to the bathroom, only one person came in. He started to pull his feet up to hide, but almost ended up in the water. His feet hit the floor.

“I know you're in here Jakey, that lady sitting beside us saw you come in here.” He prayed they were the only two in there. Tapping each door as he walked till he got to the last stall. “I should have known, why do you and Romey like the last stall?” Jesse chuckled.

“Are you and Sissy gonna fight anymore?” Came Jake's voice from the last stall.

“Jakey, you know the answer to that, think about, it's our sister.” He laughed.

“I don't like all the fighting, every time someone fights someone leaves. We can't see Momma because she lost us to daddy and you and sissy with Grammy, now, I'm tired of losing someone I love because of fighting. It's got to stop. Don't want to lose you too.”

The door to the stall slowly opened, Jake walked out and right into Jesse arms. Jesse just held his little brother, the sensitive one.

“I don't like the fighting either Jakey, but sometimes we have to disagree.” He rubbed his back as he spoke. He had done that when their parent separated and then divorced.

“But does it have to be so loud?” Jake sniffed and looked up at his brother.

“Jake, think about this, we are talking about our sister, when has she ever disagreed quietly?” He chuckled.
Jake looked up and slowly smiled.

“You got a point there.” he stepped back. “Can we eat now, no fighting.”

“You got it little dude.” He took Jake's hand and they headed out of the bathroom.

After collecting Romeo and Stephanie they got dinner and a trip back to the toy story for Mario Brothers. On the drive back to the cabin they calmly talked about what happened.

Jon oblivious to what was going on at the mall was chatting with the chat group.

SAM: oh Kidd I just got a text.

Kidd: I knew he would be texting, I guess all is good?

SAM: All is great.

Kidd: Good.

M2S: Well lets call it a night, my child needs to go for her last walk for the night.

SAM: Take care Kidd and Lexie be careful.

M2S I will Sam, have fun tomorrow night.

SAM: Will do.

Once the room had cleared out Jon was ready for little one on one.

Kidd: That's a load off my mind. Steph will be happy and Jesse just might forgive me for setting him up.

M2S: I still can't believe you set your son up. I really have to walk Snow Jon, can we talk while I take her out, before she puddles on the floor?

Kidd: Sure Lex. Hopefully I can keep a link.

They signed off and Lexie got Snow ready for her walk. She got out the door and hit the sidewalk, her phone rang.

“We just got down.” she said into her phone.

“Well that's good darlin, I was wondering if you needed an escort while Kidd's away.” Richie was walking up the street to where Jon told him Lexie lived.

“Thanks Rich, Jon's going to call while we are walking, but you're welcome to join us.” She looked up and saw his tall lanky form striding up the street. “Are you still working in the studio?”

“Yeah, I'm heading out tomorrow, Got to take my Daughter to the father daughter dance at school.” He walked beside her his hands in his pockets.

“You must miss her, all that traveling and recording?” They stopped while Snowball sniffed a stop of grass near a small park.

“Yeah, every time I see her she's grown up more.” He waited for Snowball to do her business and Lexie to bag it.

Her phone rang and he took the lead so she could talk

“Come on fluff ball” He spoke to Snowball who quickly caught up with him

“Well hello I see you got a connection.” She told spoke softly.

“Got a glass of wine and sitting out here on the deck, Snow done her business and you two heading back?” He sipped his wine and wished he had a cigarette, it was the only time he missed them.

“The three of us are heading back.” she watched the tall outline of Richie and the ball of fur waddle beside him.

Jon's feet slipped off the railing he had propped them on.

“Three of you, who joined you tonight, you didn't say you had company for your walk on line?” He tried not to sound jealous.

“Rich came and walked with us, I think he was lonely. He's heading home tomorrow.” They chatted a little bit longer.

Jon heard the garage door opening when he came in to put his glass in the sink.

“Kids are back, wonder how bad my black card got hit?” he joked,

“You gave your teenagers a black credit card with no limit, Brave man.” she laughed.

“I just hope that my princess grants you a pardon so you can join us, I'll take a big dent in the card.”

“Jon, I don't want to buy her trust, I want to earn her trust.” She stopped walking.

“I know you do, I want that too. I just miss you so much.” He ended the call with a promise to call back once the kids went to bed. The door to the garage opened and the kids stepped through. “Hey guys did you have fun at the mall?”

While the two younger Jovi's had eaten the older two talked about their disagreement and decided to not tell their dad.

“Had a great time, the mall not so bad” Stephanie said as she sat her bag on the bar.

“Look what we got daddy.” Romeo showed his dad the new game cartridge.

“Great Romey, did you get one too Jakey?” Jon asked as his middle son came in. Instead of talking he just held up a bag.

“So everybody got dinner and a treat.” Jon smiled “Romey and Jakey got a game, Stephie got her phone, so what did you get Jess?”

Jesse looked at his sister and brothers, he hadn't gotten anything for himself. He had the boys to take care of and then the argument with his sister and Jake's taking off, he hadn't had time to think of himself.

“I didn't see anything I needed.” He told his father.

“Okay, you two, upstairs and get ready for bed.” He said as they ran for the stairs, “Bath first, Jake you can use the one in my bedroom” He called as they bounded up the stairs.

“I'll go make sure they actually get in the tub.” Jesse told his father as he followed the boys up, leaving his sister with their father.

They sort of stood there in silence, Jon watching the boys go upstairs and Stephanie waiting for the other shoe to drop. Jon turned and looked at her.

“Whats up with Jess?” He pulled out a stool and sat down.

“What do you mean Dad, he said he didn't see anything he wanted.” Steph heard he phone beep for a message. Glancing at the screen it read Hi still loving the phone? It was Mark, a smile spread over her face.

“Okay, just not used to my card coming back only slightly dented.” He held out his hand for his card.

Stephanie fished out his card with the receipts, handing them to her father she headed upstairs to her room to answer her text from Mark.

Jon watched her rush upstairs to call back who ever sent the text. He got this feeling something wasn't right. He sat there a little longer trying to figure out who of his two younger boys would tell him what happened at the mall. Divide and conquer. Getting up he cleaned his wine glass and turned out the lights and went up stairs to check on the boys and go to bed, and a little late night call to Lexie. Smiling he took the stairs two at a time.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chapter 40

Mark took Stephanie over to the phones and they looked at the latest version.

“I guess all my information is toast on here.” She said as they walked over.

“I can see what we can do for you, I'll need your number.” he pulled the phone off his hip

“212-325-2825” She told him. **

“You pick out which one you want and I'll see what magic we can do.” Mark took the bag and walked behind the counter and then disappeared into the back.

Stephanie smiled and decided on the white one and then went and looked at the protection cases. She walked around and watched Mark when he came out of the back room. He was not the kind of guy you saw at Polly Prep, more blue collar than blue chip. You've been too long from school that you're jonesing over a mountain hick. She watched him come back with something in his hand.

“Oh my God, you got it back together, could you get anything off it?” She gushed. It would take her months to get all her numbers back and forget all the pictures on it.

“This is a backup, I worked some magic and will transfer it to your new phone.” He showed her to phone he used. “So what did you decided on?” He noticed the phone and case in her hand.

After all the paperwork was done and her phone was charged she looked up to see Jesse and her brothers standing in the doorway.

“So Stephanie, you and your family here for a vacation?” He asked as he handled the charge, the name on the card not ringing any bells.

“Yeah, my dad and brothers came up here for some family bonding. So is there much to do around here?” She tried to wave off her brothers.

“We got a decent club and some burger joints. Most you find in a college town. Not what you see in the big city, but its good.” He put the case on her phone.

“My Brothers friend told him about it, we might be going tomorrow night.” She looked up at him under her eyelashes as she signed the receipt and the contract forms.

Handing her the phone and the bag with all the the papers, accessories and the empty boxes for the case and phone.

“Maybe I'll see you there.” He said as his hand brushed hers.

“I hope so.” She said looking up at him

Her brothers had waited enough for her came into the store. Jesse watched his sister with the sales guy, And she strikes again. God why me, dad'll kill him then me for leaving her alone with the opposite sex.

“You done sissy?” Romeo asked from half way the middle of the store.

Stephanie rolled her eyes.

“Let me guess, your brother?” Mark laughed.

“One of three, the youngest.” She wanted the floor to open up and swallow her. “Romeo, inside voice.” She turned to her brothers.

Jesse took the card she had in her hand.

“You ready Steph?” Jesse asked

“Yeah, I just got finished.” She looked from Jesse to Mark. “Mark was able to get my phone moved to the new one.”

“Great, You got a good hard case?” He asked her.

“The best we have.” Mark answered.

Jesse looked the guy over, he seemed okay, at first glance, but so do most cereal killers.

“Good, you ready to feed the rats?” Jesse turned his attention back to his sister.

“Yeah,” She turned her attention back to Mark. “Thank you for your help, I thought I would lose everything.”

“No problem.” Mark smiled, “Have fun tomorrow night.”

“I hope so,” She started to walk past Jesse when he touched her arm.

Mark had gone to the next customer but he kept looking back at Stephanie.

“Why did you tell him about tomorrow night?” Jesse asked as they walked out in the mall.

“It just came up, I asked him about things to do here. Anyway, he was kind of cute and I might want to see him again.” Stephanie steer the boys toward the food court.

“Isn't he older than you, what would he want to be with you?” Jesse asked as he walked with Jake.

“Isn't Sally older than you?” She looked at all the food choices. “Romey what would you like for dinner?”

“She's just being nice because of Dad, she's in Lexie's chat.” Jesse looked at the choices too. “Jakey you see anything you want?”

“So it's okay for you to go out with someone who is older but not me?” Stephanie asked.

“Do you not want to go?” He looked down at his sister. “I can always call her and tell her its off.”

“No I don't want to cancel, it's the first time since with got here it'll be fun.” She sighed.

“Don't fight.”

It was so quiet they almost didn't hear it. They both looked around to see who said it. Seeing no one paying them any attention they went back to their conversation,

“If you would just grow up a little and quit being such a princess you wouldn't have so many problems and I wouldn't have a record.” Jesse told her.

“I am not being a princess, and I am older than you, you spoiled brat.” Stephanie all but sneered “I didn't ask you to step in you should have let the old bat hit me.”

“Oh sure, you think she wouldn't have beat you with her cane?” Jesse asked her.

“At least I wouldn't be stuck here in bum fuck Egypt.” Stephanie flopped down. “Momma would leave Graham and come back to daddy and we would be a family again.”
“Stephie?” Romeo asked

“Wake up Steph, mom and Dad aren't going to get back together, that's never going to happen.” Jesse sat down. “Dad likes Lexie, he likes her a lot. Mom loves Graham, just because you get Granny so mad she takes a swing at you isn't going to change that.”

“Jesse I got to tell you something.” Romeo tried with his brother since his sister isn't paying him any attention.

“In a second Romey.” Jesse was getting exasperated.

“But I don't want daddy to like Lexie, if he would just try he could get momma back.” Stephanie put her bag on the table and pulled out her new phone in the pink hard case.

“But Stephie you got to listen to me.” Romeo grabbed her phone, “Jesse I got to tell you something.”

“Romey that's my new phone don't break it.” Stephanie snatched it back. “Whats so important that you took my phone?”

Romeo looked at his two older siblings and sighed. “Jakey's gone.”

** Do not call number I made it up. The only number that is right is the area code for SoHo in New York.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Chapter 39

After lunch Jon and Jesse sat down and started to learn the new set up.

“I didn't want to make it ease for the hackers to get into it. So Dad, all in lower case your gonna type lexnkidd.” and so dad computer 101 began.

“It keeps booting me out.” Jon groaned

“No dad, all lower case no spaces lexnkidd.” he watched his dad repeatedly type the wrong thing in.

“What am I doing wrong?” He handed the laptop.

“Dad, its really easy,” He handed to laptop back to him “Lets try it one more time.”

“Why didn't you use something easy,” Jon took the laptop and waited.

“What like bonjovi, then any hacker could get on and use it. You need to learn it, just in case we come back,” Jesse spoke really slow, “Type the following letters, all lower class, l,e,x,n,k,i,d,d and it enter.”

Jon slowly typed the letters and finally he was in.

“Yes, don't tell your uncle Tony or Matty how hard it was for me to get in.” Jon started searching through different area's.

“Hey dad, can Steph and I go into town. She needs a phone and I'd like to check out whats there,” Jesse asked as he watched his dad log into the chat site “You know you can bookmark the site.” He showed his dad how and waited.

“You two be here for dinner?” Jon thought about making them take the boys.

“Not sure, don't know how long it takes Steph, you know how she is ones she gets into a mall.” Jess laughed a little.

“I'll treat dinner, if you take your brothers.” Jon peeked up at his son,

“Dad, they'll run crazy and want everything they see.” Jesse groused

“True, but it would give me and Lexie time to talk and it'll feed the two beast.” He hinted.

“I'll talk it over with Steph.” Jesse knew his sister would put a botch on bring the two ankle bitters.

Leaving the game room and headed to his sisters room, He found her in the window seat reading.

“You up for a trip to the mall?” Jesse stuck his head in.

“Are you shitting me?” She looked up from her book.

“Yeah dad said we could go,” He came into the room.

“Whats the hitch?” She marked her page and closed the book,

“We have to take the rats with us.” He learned on the door. “Feed em while we're out.”

She thought about it and shrugged. “We can handle them. You better call Sadie and let her know we plan on going out with her tomorrow.”

Jesse nearly fell in the floor.

“Okay, who are you and what have you done to my sister, and her name is Sally.” He pushed away from the door.

“I just did a lot of thinking since lunch, I owe daddy for all the mess I've caused. Jess I really messed up this time,” She watched him walk over to the other side of the window seat and sit down. “We can't go home to mommy, she can't even let us come and visit.”

“Steph, you know there was going to be fall out for what we did.” he reached over and put his hand on her knee.

“Yeah but not Romey and Jakey, they're the ones getting a raw deal. Jakey hardly talks, Romey was with daddy and now he can't even visit mommy.” She looked about ready to cry.

Jesse knew his sister was a good little actress, so he wasn't sure if she was acting or really feeling the results of her actions. He'd watch her to see how honest she was.

“I'll go get the rats, you get the keys from dad.” Jesse told her and got up to leave. “Steph, I hope you serious about all this.” He left without giving her time for rebuttal.

Stephanie stopped half way out of the window seat. I guess I deserve that. You can't turn back time.

She headed downstairs to get the keys, her dad was on the sofa typing away on the laptop.

“Hey daddy, Jess said we were going to replace my phone,” She walked over and sat beside him.

“Yeah, listen, keep an eye on your brothers, make them eat a good dinner.” He lowered the screen so she couldn't see what or who he was talking to.

“I will, Jess and I will take care of them. You can depend on me.” She told him.

“Keys are in the bowl on the table and” He stood up and for his wallet. “Here's for dinner,” He pulled out cash and then took his card out “For what ever the runts want and for to replace your phone.” He sat back down and picked up the laptop.

“Thanks daddy.” She took the card and the money and reached over and gave him a hug. “We'll be back around seven” She told him.

“Make it eight thirty. They boys bedtime is nine and they need to get a bath.” He winked.

“Okay Daddy.” She laughed “We will.”

She got up and got the keys and met Jesse and the boys.

“Okay, lets go.” The loaded up the Escalade and headed to town.

Kidd: hey Lex, the kids just left for town, Something happening with Steph.

M2S: Don't push her Jon, she'll talk when she's ready.

Kidd: I know she was talking to Dottie her phone took the blunt of the call.

M2S: Oh

She didn't know what to say, she never had children and she didn't want to tell him how to handle his, so she changed the subject.
M2S: How is she liking to books I sent her?

Kidd: She was excited when she saw them, she used to have a few of them.

She started to say something when she saw people coming into the Chat.

M2S: Welcome Sam. You're here early.

Just the three of them were in there.

Kidd: Hey Sam, how are you?

Sam: Good Kidd, waiting on a text.

Kidd: Should be getting one soon.

Sam: Good.

M2S: Well. Seems I'm out of the loop. Lol

Sam: I offered to take Kidds older two to a club in town.

Kidd: Sam works at the grocery store near the cabin.

M2S: Oh I see now

More people came in so talk changed to the new book release and other things.

Stephanie followed Jesse directions and they were soon at the mall. Pulling into a close space she turned to her younger brothers

“Rule one, you do not take off as soon as we get in the door. You will stick close to Jesse while I go to the Apple store.” She had her old phone in a bag, all four pieces.

“Dad gave me his card, so as soon as I am through getting my new phone will go where you two want to go.”

“Oh boy, Super Mario game.” Romeo yelled.

“Jake, you like Mario, is that what you want one also?” Jesse asked.

Jake just hunched his shoulders. Jesse looked over at his sister. That was so unlike his brother. If Romeo wanted Mario, Jake wanted something else.

“Okay, why don't you three go see whats available for dinner and I'll meet you at the food court,” Stephanie got out of the car and waited on her brothers to follow.

They separated at the door once they looked at the mall map. Stephanie headed to the Apple store while the boys about when in three directions.

Signing in she started looking around. Looking at the iPads and the iPhones and all the goodies that goes with them. Granted if she hadn't had a jeweled case and had a more sturdy one, she wouldn't have a bag of phone parts.

“Stephanie, Your Geek is ready.”came the call over the P.A. She headed to the front of the store. She pulled up when she saw the guy waiting to help her.

“I'm Stephanie,” She said softly,

A pair of golden brown eyes looked down in her blue ones and she held her breath.

“I'm glad, I mean I'm Mark, what can I help you with.” He smiled and in Stephanie's mind she heard birds sing.

“I broke my phone.” she held out the bag.

Mark took the bag and looked in, jiggling it to hear how much noise it made.

“Well, looks like time for an upgrade, hope he got what he deserved.” Mark said with a wink.

Stephanie giggled.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

chapter 38

Grocery shopping went off without a hitch, Stephanie took care of the boys while Jesse and Jon hit the store.

“Hey dad, I think I can boost up the WiFi at the cabin, can we maybe stop into this shop I googled on line?” Jesse was watching which way they went in case, he and Steph, got to go into town by then selves.

“Sure, I don't want to get knocked off line tonight.” He said without thinking.

“Oh yeah, this is chat night.” he grinned, “Don't want to get booted out, a dad?”

Jon thought about what he said and then Jesse reaction he had to laugh.

“You got it bad dad.” Jesse laughed too.

“Just for that I'm gonna set you up kiddo.” He teased his son.

“Now dad, don't set me up with one of your groupies.” Jesse laughed

“Not one of mine, she's too young to be one of my groupies. She's one of Lexie's” Jon laughed even stronger.

“Dad!” He choked on his laughter.

They pulled into the grocery store, Jon got out no hat no glasses and headed in. Jesse stopped and watched him for once not go in with disguise. Grabbing the cart he pushed it behind his dad.

They hit all the isles and even made it through the bakery section with only one pack of cookies and one cake. Better than when he came in with Romeo. As luck would have it Sally was on the register when they went to check out. Jon nudged Jesse and nodded his head toward Sally and wiggled his eyebrows at him. Jesse just rolled his eyes.

“Well well well look who is back for a visit.” She began ringing up their order.

“Hey Sally, you will be happy to know Alexis new book will be out on time.” Jon told her, watching her stop checking and looked up at him.

“No kidding, really, you know Alexis Madison, Oh my God, you're Kidd.” She gasped

“You got busted Dad,” Jesse laughed.

Sally gasped and looked at the young guy with Jon and blushed. He had to be one of Jon's sons.

“Don't rat me out Sally,” He started to say.

“Sam, I'm Sam.” Sally said. “I took it from one of Lexie's book.” If it was possible she blushed even more. “I promise not to rat you out.”

“Good, good this is my son Jesse. He and his sister are here with me and well. You met my youngest and I have one more, but the two older two are getting bored real easy. What do the young people do around here.” Jon asked as he put the groceries out on the belt.

“Well, a lot of us go to the local college or the high school bunch hang out at Banshee, its a dance club that allows kids from sixteen and up from the high school and well since it's the only club in town the we hang out there too.” Sally said as she rang up the groceries, kinda looking at Jesse under her lashes.

“So are you in college or high school?” Jesse asked and was worried his voice would crack.

“I graduated last year from high school, decided to take a year off before tackling college. Just glad to work for a while before digging into college.” she totaled the sale and took Jon's card. “How long are you here for?”

“Just got here yesterday, we plan on being here two weeks.” Jon said.

“Good, There is a bunch of us meeting tomorrow night, I can give you directions to the club or you can meet me here after 7pm. I get off at 6 gives me time to go home and change.” Sally offered. “Dress is really casual jeans and shirt.”

Jon looked at Jesse to take the lead. Was he going to have to nudge him to get him to talk?

“Ah, it would be my sister too. That is if she wants to go out.” Jesse sort of stumbled over his words.

“Look, here's my cell number.” she flipped up the register receipt and wrote her name and cell number on the back. “If you and your sister want to go, just give me a text message and we can go from there, hows that?” she finished the sale and handed Jon back his card and the receipt,''

“That's good.” Jesse took the receipt from his father,

“Good. Have a nice day.” She nodded at the two.

“Bye Sally.” Jon said as he pushed to cart out to the car and tried not to laugh at the two kids.

Jesse followed and helped load the car with the bags. Jon took him to the computer store and waited in the car.

Jesse got what he needed and hurried out to the car.

“So, what do you think about Sally?” Jon asked as they headed back to the cabin.

“She's nice dad, older, but nice.” Jesse said as they drove along.

“Good, older is good.” He smiled.

“Yeah it is.” Jesse said as he looked at the number on the receipt. Taking out his cell he added the name and number.

“So you think Steph would like to go out tomorrow night?” Jon asked at he turned to car toward the cabin.

“I think so,” He toyed with the cell. “I got the part and should have it up in about twenty minutes.”

“Good, you might want to join in the chat and I really don't want you knocking me out.” Jon laughed

They got unloaded and Jesse went to upgrade the WiFi.

“Hey Jesse, what are you working on?” She curled up on the sofa.

“Setting up the new WiFi.” he told her. “We have the option to go out tomorrow night.”

“Yeah, dad down with that?” she looked at all the wires and stuff Jesse was messing with.

“Down and set it or rather me up.” Jesse sat up and looked at his sister.

“Dad set you up?” She giggled.

“Yeah he sure did, and I just stood there and let him do it.” He sighed

“So is she a total dog?” She picked up the manual that came with the kit.

“Not really, she's rather cute, she's the checker and the grocery store. I would say maybe nineteen, might be twenty.” He stood up and leaned over to activate the router. “Lets check this out.

“So this girl she have a name?” She reached over for the laptop her father was using and powered it up.

“Sally, she was telling dad and I about a club that the locals go to. She's said we could go with her tomorrow night.” Jesse pulled out his cell. Going over to the sofa he sat down and took the laptop from his sister and went into set up the password. “What will dad remember for the password?”

“Bon Jovi?” Stephanie laughed.

“Too easy need something no one could break.” He tapped away on the laptop and had to wait.

“LexnKidd” he typed the words with a smile. “Locked in. So do you want to go or not? I have to let Sam I mean Sally know.” He loaded the password in on his cell. “Here go on Facebook and lets see if you get booted.” He handed it back to her. While she went to get on facebook, he was loading the chat room and picking out a screen name. “You in?”

“Yep, you on?” She asked.

“In, now hit your cell,” he said and didn't see the head slap coming “Oh yeah, I'll get dad to let me take you to the mall I saw today and get you a new phone.”

“Good, I'll think about the club and let you know.” She got up and headed to the kitchen where her dad was on his cell.

“Yeah babe.” He said almost in a whisper.

“Jon what did I tell you about the Babe handle.” She laughed.

“Sorry Lex, I won't call you babe anymore.” he sounded chastised.

“So, you tried to hook up Jesse with Sally, I hope it doesn't backfire on you.” Lexie cuddled with Snow on the sofa.

“Listen when she learned that I knew you, I am numero uno in that girls eyes.” he laughed

“Ah. So your just using me to hook up your son.” She laughed even harder.

“Naugh Lex, I would never use you.” He stopped laughing. “I like you too much of you to use you.”

Good he said like not love Stephanie thought as she came into the kitchen.

Jon saw Steph come into the room.

“Hey Sweetie,” Jon smiled. “Jess and I got a pizza for tonight, think you can pull together some sandwiches for lunch?” He went back to his call. “Listen Lex, I got to go.”

“Okay Jon, help Steph with lunch and I'll talk to you later after chat.” She Got ready to end the call.

“Okay, I will. Later if Jesse got the new router so I won't get knocked off line. I”ll talk to you late.” With Steph in the room he couldn't say what he wanted to, so he let it go for not.

Closing his phone he watched him daughter fixing lunch.

“So you and Jess going to hit that club Sally told him about?” he went over and got the plates out and glasses out.

“I guess so, what kind of curfew will we have?” she took the plates and started the sandwiches.

“I would say eleven.” Jon got the milk out and poured two glasses.

“Daddy, could we do midnight?” Steph countered the curfew time.

“Why midnight, if you go about seven that gives you three and a half hours and thirty minutes to come home.” he watched her take in what he said.

“What if there is a band and they don't go on till ten, then we'd only get an hour and a half to listen.” She put a sandwich together and started the next.

“Why don't we say eleven on nights with no band and eleven thirty when there is a band.” he could almost here the wheels turning from across the room.

“Well,” she could play dirty and and bring up Lexie, but it could backfire on me and be worse than it is.”can we come back and talk about it once we start going out?” She took the third sandwiches to the plate and started on the fourth.

“Sounds logical, okay” Jon was impressed with her negotiations and could use her at the board table for the Soul Foundation.

She quickly finished the sandwiches.

“I'll get the boys,” she started handing him the plates for the table. “Tell Jess to call Sally and oh yeah Daddy, I need to go into town.”

“Need club clothes?” he laughed

“No, but you never know,” She giggled, “No I sort of broke my phone.”

“Do you want to tell me how it happened?” He stopped laughing.

“Not really, just know your phone and the floor don't work.” She stopped as she headed out the door and looked back. “Thanks Daddy.”

Jon looked up puzzled.

“For what Princess.”

“Just thanks.” Stephanie ran out of the room.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chapter 37

Jon headed up the stairs counting each step taking him to his doom. Walking down the hall he got to her closed door. Taking a deep breath he raised his hand to knock, stopping when he heard her on her cell,

“But mommy there is nothing to do here.” She said.

“But can't you come and get me.” She pleaded

“What do you mean you can't,” She sniffed “He has full custody, you mean I can't come live with you.” She sniffed again

Jon really wished he could hear what his ex was telling her.

“Graham doesn't want me to live with you, Mommy are you going to let him do that?” Her voice raising. “What do you mean I did it to myself? You can't mean that, mommy, mommy”

He heard a loud crash and wondered what she threw and what it was going to cost him to fix.

He knocked on the door.

“Steph, can I come in?” he called through the closed the door.

“Go away” She called back to him.

Something heavy hit the door, a book perhaps.

“Okay, but I'm right down the hall if you need me.” he called back

Heading back downstairs to check on the boys. Jesse had the two playing on the Wii. He passed onto cleaning up the kitchen.

“She okay dad?” He looked over his shoulder at his oldest son.

“I don't know Jess, I really don't know.” he hung his head.

“Let me go talk to her, see what's going on.” Jess said not giving him a chance to say anything.

Jesse got to closed door, he could hear her crying through the closed door. He didn't knock just walked in. He noticed the books all over the floor and what looks like her cell phone in about four pieces. She was sitting in the window seat, curled into a ball, crying. Going over the nudged her over and pulled her into his arms.

He waited till the tears wound down before he spoke.

“You want to talk about it?” He asked when she finally stopped talking.

“Mommy said I can't live with her and Graham, that He won't let me.” She sniffed.

Jesse wasn't shocked when he heard that.
“I think you burned that bridge when you showed yourself while they were on their honeymoon.” Jesse told her.

“Hey I thought you were here to comfort me.” She sniffed loudly

“Steph, are you listen to yourself? Do you remember what you did to Grahams family, you really thinks he wants you anywhere near them.” He wasn't going to let her feel sorry for herself. “Dad has custody of us now, no visitation, full custody.”

“You mean Mommy has the visitation now, well, I want to go visit her,” She told him.

“If I head Dad and his lawyer right, she can visit us at our house, we can't go to her house. Grahams mom is living with them.” He told her as he watched her get up to pace the room. “We, you and me can't be around Grands.”

Stephanie sat on the bed and put her head in her hands. ''I'm screwed then”

“Well yeah I guess we all are. I don't see her leaving Graham anytime soon. I don't see Dad wanting her back. So time to be the oldest and buck up.” He nudged her shoulder.

“Been talking to Grandpa much?” she let him nudge her this time. “Buck up, Jesse.” She shook her head.

“Now that this has settled, lets talk about Lexie.” He waited for her to blow.

“Must we, you changed your tune really fast.” She made a face.

“Actually. I heard him talking on the phone with her several times, he's like one of us talking to a crush. It's funny.” he laughed. “I saw him going into that chat room and he didn't even know what l 8 ter meant.”

“What's that got to do with Lexie.” She ashed him.

“It was her chat room. He's been there before, they call him, Kidd. No one knows he's who he is or if they do, their keeping on the down low.” Jesse reached for her laptop and a few click's he was on line.

“You think we can catch them online together?” Steph looked over his shoulder.

“Doubt it, the wifi sucks would knock one of us off. Get dad to let us go into town with him while he shops, I'll see if I can tweek it.” He checked into shops in town for computer place.

“Someone will have to watch the runts, I doubt he'll take them to the store.” Steph sighed.

“Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. There it is, now I just need to get Dad to take me.” jesse power down the computer. “So game plan is to get into town tomorrow. He got up and headed to the door. “You okay with all this?”

Steph looked up and though about the phone call and how she felt now.
“Yeah, I think I am.”

“Good, now think hard till the end of the week and do what you think is best.” Jesse said as he headed to the door.

“Oh Lexie, I'll try.” She said as she cleared off the bed. Looking over at his look of question. “I really mean it, I'll try.”

“I'll hold you to that.” He said as he left the room.

Jon was bringing up the two youngest Jovi boys to bed.

“She going to be okay?” Jon whispered.

“I hope so, I really hope so Dad.” Jess headed down to his room.