Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chapter 78

“Where is Jon?  Where is your dad?”  Lexie was sitting up and holding her belly.

“He’s in the air, he’ll be here as soon as he gets to the airport and on the chopper.” Stephanie told her as she dressed in the hair cover and mask. They waited on the nurse to come back, they were setting up for the c section.  Time was going in slow motion.

“He didn’t want to go and I made him.”  Lexie moaned as they finally came and got Lexie and then it felt like everything was going fast when they hit the delivery room door. 

They had given her something to make her comfortable, Doctor Sally said there was just no more room for the trio. 

“Can we wait for my dad?”  She sat beside Lexie at the head of the table, the Doctors were putting the drapes up.

“I don’t think the trio wants to wait Stephanie.”  Lexie was starting to calm down.

Doctor Sally looked up at Lexie and over Stephanie and shook his head no.  One of the delivery nurses came in to let Stephanie know her brothers and grandparents were there.

“Okay, I have to start now.”  Just as Doctor Sally was getting ready to do the first incision, and the door burst open and Jon ran in followed by three nurses who were trying to get him dressed.  “I’d almost given up hope.”  Doctor Sally informed him.

“I haven’t missed one yet.”  He said as he leaned over and kissed Lexie.  He settled on the stool and took her other hand.

They had been told what would happen, they had even taken a tour of the area.  Lexie had made a set of songs she wanted played in the room.  Jon smiled when he heard born to be my babies come over the speakers. 

“Okay, here we go.  Have you picked out names?” The nurse with the clipboard asked.

“We wanted to see who our mystery passenger is.”  Lexie told the nurse.

It got really quiet, all of a sudden small cry was heard.

“Okay we have baby girl A.”  Doctor Sally said holding the tiny baby is his hands.

Jon quickly snapped a picture of his new daughter.  The baby was passed over to the neonatal nurse and she was placed in the weighted and measured. 

“Four pounds and nineteen inches.”  The nurse called out.

“She’s okay?”  Lexie asked looking up at Jon.

“Ten fingers and toes, she’s perfect.”  Jon said softly.

“Okay let’s find baby B.” Doctor Sally said.

Soon they heard the second tiny cry

“There you are, Baby B is also a girl.”  Doctor Sally told the nurse and she was passed to the second neonatal nurse.

“Look at all that dark hair.”  Stephanie smiled down at Lexie.

“Same as her sister, four pounds and nineteen inches.”  The nurse reported.

“Ten toes and fingers?”  Lexie asked.  Jon snapped another picture as he watched her being weighed

“Same as her sister.”  Jon told her.

“Now let’s see who has been hiding, being born in to the family and not liking its picture taken.”  Doctor Sally joked.

The room went quiet once again.  There was no tiny cry. 

“What’s wrong?  Jon what’s going on?”  Lexie was getting upset.  Stephanie felt her tightening her grip on her hand.

Then finally they heard a tiny mewing sound.

“Well, well hello.”  Doctor Sally said.  “You have been paying hide and seek up to the very end.”  He passed the baby over to the nurse after Jon snapped yet another picture, wiping away at his eyes.

“Three and three quarters of a pound, seventeen inches.”  The nurse reported.  “So Bongiovi baby c is a boy.  Two girls and one boy.”

“Romey got his wish.”  Stephanie whispered.

Doctor Sally finished up with Lexie.  Stephanie went and looked at the babies, they were so tiny.  Being a little over a month premature, they were being taken to the neonatal unit.  Lexie looked over at her babies. 

“They’re so small.”  Lexie felt tears roll down her cheeks.

“Yes they are, but they are breathing on their own.  They’ll be here until they put on a little weight.”  Doctor Sally told them as the babies were moved and Lexie was moving back to recovering room.
They were back to her room about an hour later, the families were there.  The room was full of people, balloons and flowers.  Romeo was passing out bubblegum cigars to everyone.  He was so proud to finally be a big brother.  Lexie put on her smile face, but she wished everyone would leave so she could rest.

Jon was kept busy with Matt and Tony on the phone, all the morning shows got wind the babies were born and wanted a scoop.  Security had been tightened in the Neonatal wing.

Finally the charge nurse ran everyone out of the room, because the new momma needed her rest.

“I’m a mother, mommy.”  She whispered. 

Jon was allowed back in the room, Lexie had slipped off to sleep.  The nurse said she would be in some pain, when all the medication wore off.  He had slipped down to the NCIU to see the trio.  Baby a and c had dirty blond hair under their warming caps and baby b was going to have dark hair like her momma.  Sitting in the dreaded recliner he pulled up Lexie’s iPad.  Being nosey he read what she had been writing and then came across a link to My Baby Names. 

Today I started a list of names for my babies.  They have been listed A,B and C.  I know A and B are girls, Romeo wants C to be a boy, so do I.  A I thought I would name Maddison Arianna, and B, I have always loved the name Olivia, Olivia Bianca.  Now if my C is a boy then he is Calen, I always loved the name Calen. 

“Calen, you know Lexie, he looks like a Calen with all that blonde hair.”  He whispered.  But he noticed Calen didn’t have a middle name. He got an idea and got out of the recliner and went into the bathroom and called Romeo.

“Hey daddy, when are you coming home?”  Romeo asked.

“In a little bit, Lexie had the names of your new brother and sisters.”  He told his not so youngest son.  “Yep, Maddison, Olivia and Calen.”

“Maddy, Livie and Calen.”  Romeo whispered.

“Yep, But Calen doesn’t have a middle name, what should his middle name be?”  Jon asked his son.

“It’s got to be a J name, why not give him John, like you spell it, not like I spell it.”  Romeo told him.  “C a l e n J o h n.”  He spelled it.

“That sounds great.  I’ll tell Lexie we gave Calen a middle name.”  Jon told Romeo with a smile.

He hung up with Romeo and headed to the nurses station to give them the names of the trio.  Walking into the Neonatal unit he looked at the new signs on the incubators, Maddison, Olivia and Calen.  He snapped pictures with his cell for Lexie.  Going back into the room he left Lexie a note then headed to his mom’s house.  He would get in a couple of hours of sleep and then head back to Mohegan for the concert.  Then he’d be home for three weeks.

He walked into his mom’s house in Summerset.

“Hey, I got baby pictures.”  He yelled out and soon heard the thunder of feet coming from all over the house.  “Maddison, Olivia and Calen’s first pictures.”  Sitting down on the steps, he held out his cell to his mom.

“Oh Jonny they’re beautiful.”  His mother said.

“You make great kids son.”  His father looked over his wife’s shoulder.

“I think Lexie and I do.”  Jon had that shit eating grin on his face.  He gave his parents the full names and then told them Romeo gave Calen his middle name.

Jon finally went upstairs and got some rest.  He woke up to the message sound on his phone.  Picking it he read the message from Lexie.

Thank you for the pictures of our babies.  Someone’s been messing with my iPad.  Thank you for giving our babies their names.  I love you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Chapter 77

Everybody loved their birthday, everybody but Jon.  Lexie not being there just made it harder to be excited.  They would hit the stage right on time, no running late, he had to be on that chopper right after the show. 

Tony was following him around the stage with his camera. 

“Hey Birthday boy say hi to your wife.”  Tony said as he whipped in front of Jon.

“Hey Lex, hey mom, dad and the kids.”  He smiled at the camera.

“He’s not happy.”  Lexie told her Mother in Law.  “Something about making a show of him getting older.”  She laughed as she watched Romeo hang another streamer.

His cell rang, hoping it was Lexie and praying it was not his mom.

“Hey birthday boy, funny you don’t look any older than you did yesterday.”  Lexie giggled in his ear.

His prayers were answered.

“Hey Inkie,” He laughed.  Every time she gets depressed she isn’t with him, she calls herself the Incubator.

“Ha ha,” she laughed.  “I got an idea, you come sit in the bed day in and day out and I’ll go prance on stage and shake my ass.”  She teased back.

“I’m glad you called.  I’ll be there as soon as I can.”  Jon went over and sat on a travel speaker case.  Matt said I need to make an appearance at the after party.”

“You should, all those people came to wish you a happy birthday.” She shifted in the bed, the trio made sure she got very little rest these days.

“I hope you all aren’t making a big fuss about today.”  He heard the kids in the background.

“Now why would you say that?”  She giggled again.  She knew he loved it, but would never say anything.  But the grin on his face would last for days.

“Hey daddy.”  Stephanie called out as she tied balloons to the fetal monitors for the babies.  They were part of this celebration too.

“Hey baby Girl.”  Jon laughed. 

 “Have a good show, we’ll be watching.  I promise this time to stay awake.”  She told him.

“Okay Lex, Tony has to get in the pit, see you on stage.”  He made a kiss sound when he about to hang up the phone.

“Oh God I’m going to be sick.”  Tony lowered the camera and faked a gag.

“Fuck you little brother.”  Jon gave him the jersey salute. “Got to go, Paul is coming to get me, see you as soon and I can get there.”  Jon said as he closed off the call.  “Love you”

“Love you too.”  Lexie said as she ended the call.

The family left when the concert ended.  John Senior had to pull Carol out of the room, she wanted to wish her son a happy birthday. 

Jon finally got there, he pushed the door open to Lexie room and smiled, it was just them.  He looked at all the birthday stuff in the room.  He put the cake box down and took his go bag into the bathroom, changing out of his jeans, shirt and boots, which smelled like a backstage party of smoking drunken sots.  Pulling on his sweats and tee shirt and scuffs.  Turning off the light before opening the door, to try not to wake Lexie.  He came into the room and noticed the light over her bed was on.

“Happy birthday Hotness.”  She giggled.  She found a whole new world out there, fan fiction.

“Where did that come from?”  He laughed as he crawled into the bed with her.

“Oh, I was bored and went on line, found this whole new world out there.”  Lexie said as she cuddled her husband, as close as she could.

“Ut Oh, you and the World Wide Web could be very dangerous.”  He wrapped his arm around her.  “Your mom is going crazy.”  He spoke to her bulging belly. 

Lexie was rewarded with several kicks to her belly

“They agreed with you.”  She took his other hand and placed it were she was getting kicked.

Jon eyes went wide, sure he had felt all four of his kid’s kick, when Dorothea had been pregnant, this time it felt different.  It was more of a kick kick kick, not kick wait a while and kick.  It was like a machine gun fire.

“Wow, this going on a lot?” he asked her.

“Yeah, I rest when they rest, nights are rough.  I’m stuck in this bed and I can’t go to the concerts, yes I want healthy babies.”  She was starting to cry.  She was so frustrated, she couldn’t help Stephanie with her modeling assignments, even the boys, se missed going to their games.  She felt so useless. 
There was a tap on the door, it slowly opened and Stephanie poked her head around the edge of the door.

“Hey, ready for some fun?”  She asked, she could tell Lexie had a sad look in her eyes.

“Come on in.”  Jon said.   He watched his four kids come into the room with packages.

“Happy Birthday Daddy.”  Romeo said as he came over to the bed.  He leaned over toward Lexie tummy, “hey baby brother.”  He whispered.

Lexie reached for a tissue, trying not to let the kids see her tears.  Hearing Romeo whisper to her tummy almost did her in, she hoped the Mystery Passenger was a brother for him.

“Baby girl you know we’re always ready for fun.”  He got off the bed to put his arms around Stephanie.

Stephanie hugged her dad and whispered in his ear.

“Mom is crying.”

Jon looked over at Lexie and put his arm around her.

“Hey, you okay” He asked as he hugged her close.

“I’m fine, really.  Is that cake I smell?”  She sniffed and nudged Jon.

He would get it out of her once the kids left.

They had cake and Jon opened the gifts.  The usual shirt and tie, Stephanie and Jesse got him his seats for the Patriots, it was Lexie gift that got him.  He had been looking at another antique car, similar to his Chevelle.  Inside the small box was a set of keys, with a familiar Chevrolet logo.

“How?”  He held the keys up and looked at Lexie, who had a big grin on her face.

“All I do all day long is sleep, eat, write and incubate.  I have a laptop and a huge bank account.”  Lexie said, “I have ordered cribs, cradles, clothes, and all this baby stuff.  I had to get you a birthday present.”

“It’s this the Corvair?”  Jon asked her still holding the keys, like they will disappear if he put them down.

“Your dad has been a huge help, he picked it up for me and parked it in the garage at home, with a huge bow on top.”  She told him with a giggle.  “You did pick out the blue one?”

“Yes, Aqua, you got me the Aqua one?”  He was holding his breath waiting on her to answer him.

Reaching over she grabbed her cell, pulling up the picture icon she handed him the phone.

Jon looked at the car, yep it was Aqua, and it was the one they had talked about.  The dealer had told him it was sold, but wouldn’t give him the name of the buyer.  It was Lexie.

“I don’t know what to say?”  He handed her the phone.

“How about two little words,” she told him, “Thank you.”

“Thank you, Lex.” He leaned over and gave her a kiss.

“You’re welcome.” She whispered to her lips.

March was coming to an end, Lexie had been in bed for almost two months, and it was getting harder and harder.  She had shifted in the bed all night long.  Stephanie came that morning, she knew something was up.  Lexie was cranky, more so than usual.  They had a fight the night before, it was all Stephanie’s fault, she was complaining about missing a possible modeling job.  She had taken it out on Lexie, not being able to watch the three musketeers so she could go to Los Angeles.  Her dad was doing a double show at Mohegan Sun. 

She walked into the room and saw Lexie rubbing her belly struggling in the bed.

“If you three will stop poking me, augh my back is killing me.”  She groaned and flipped the covers off the bed.

“Lexie, Mom do you want me to get the nurse?”  Stephanie asked as she dropped her school books in the chair.

“Can you?  I lost the call button and I started to get up and they said Hell no, Stephanie please get the nurse.”  Lexie was half up, half down in the bed and rubbing her belly, her voice coming out as a plea.

“Be right back, breathe.”  Stephanie rushed out the door to the nurse desk.  “I think my mom is in labor.”  Stephanie leaned over the desk and used her Bongiovi voice to get their attention.

“Why didn’t she call us, we have a call into the doctor from the monitors.”  The nurse rushed down the hall ahead of Stephanie. 

Stephanie placed a call to her dad.  The doctor had given him a daddy cell, so he would know when it was time. 

Jon was sitting in a group interview when the phone went off.  Everything came to a stop.  They all had their jobs to do when the call came, Richie was to call the diver, David the pilot and Paul was to rush Jon out and end the interview.

“Daddy, it’s time” Stephanie said.

“On the way.” Jon had a feeling after talking to Lexie last night.  His hospital go bag was already on the plane. 

“Good, I think they are prepping her for a C section, Doctor Sally just went into the room.”  She leaned on the door outside the room, it was too busy in the room to be in there.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”  Jon said as he ran out of the room.

Doctor Sally came out to talk to Stephanie.

“Where is your dad?”  Doctor Sally asked Stephanie.

“On the way to the airport and with luck be here in an hour and a half, plane to airport, helicopter to the roof and from the roof to the elevator here.”  Stephanie said, they had tested it last week.

“Well, I’m going to have you get dressed, just in case.”  Doctor Sally patted her on the shoulder as he passed.

“Dressed?”  Stephanie questioned as the doctor rushed down the hallway.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chapter 76 (Blame this chapter on the heat here in NC and not wanting to be out in it!)

Doctor Sally came in to check on Lexie, he found Jon was still sitting there.

“I see you made it in.”  Doctor Sally came in with the clipboard in his hand.

“Yeah, it was touch and go.” He said as he got up to shake the doctor’s hand. 

Dr. Sally explained in Medical terms what happened with Lexie, it was the best for her and her babies, which she was why she was off her feet until she delivered.

“If that is what has to happen.”  Jon said.  “Could she come home if she has twenty four hour nursing help?” He asked.

“Mr. Bongiovi, I have been her doctor for over six years, staying off her feet is not in her vocabulary.  Right now there are monitors on the babies, if we want all three babies to have a chance, this is the best place for Lexie and her babies.”

“Call me Jon, I’ll be here a lot.”  Jon took in all the doctor was saying.

“You won’t be here a lot, you’re on tour,” came Lexie sleepy voice from the bed.

“I can reschedule the tour, you’re the most important thing, you and our babies.”  Jon walked over to the bed and took her hand.

“Jon, it could be two months, you can’t reschedule all those shows.”  She used the controls to raise the head of the bed some. 

“We can shift some of them,” he started to say.  Lexie jumped on that.

“Jon, all those fans would be upset, we don’t want to upset them.”  Lexie told him.  “You go do your shows and you’ll be here when you can.  Your mom and dad will have the kids, I’ll be a good girl I’ll incubate the trio and write.  That’s what we’ll do.”

Jon could hear that there was no arguing with her.

“I’ll be here when there are no shows, is that okay?”  He went back and sat beside the bed and took her hand.

“Okay.”  She finally smiled.  “Oh your birthday, you’ll be in Philly, can I go to the concert?” She looked up at the doctor, who didn’t look happy.

“When is your birthday, Jon?”  Doctor Sally asked flipping to his calendar.

“March second.” They both said.

“That’s only a few weeks away, I don’t think it would be good for your trio.”  Doctor Sally said.

They had even gotten Doctor Sally to call the triplets the Trio.

“I’ll talk to Obie, to see if he can’t set something up, and maybe we can get you a live feed or something.”  Jon looked from Lexie to Doctor Sally.

Doctor Sally nodded in agreement. Lexie pouted a little but gave in.

Obie spent his time off setting up her link for the concerts.  Jon spent most of his down time taking the kids to see Lexie, they ate dinner with her and stayed most of the evening.

He was due on stage, her room slowly got to be the room to hang out in.  Even her day nurse stayed over.  Popcorn, from the nurse’s break room microwave and the Jon did make sure the fridge in her room was stocked every other day.

Doctor Sally even stuck around for the first show.

The screen came on and Obie’s voice came over the speaker of the laptop.

“Jon’s heading to the stage, I’ll cue the camera as soon as the lights go down.  Lexie if you are getting a blank screen call my cell.”  Obie laughed “Jon said to put in my pocket on vibrate.”

A couple of the nurses laughed.

“I’d rather be there.”  Lexie’s eyes misted with tears. 

The door opened, Stephanie and Jesse brought in more chairs.

“The waiting room is getting low on chairs.”  Jesse teased as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Stephanie sat on the other side of the bed.

Lexie’s cell phone rang.  Looking at the caller id she smiled.

“Aren’t you supposed to be heading to the stage?”  Lexie asked him.

“On the way, you didn’t tell me what song you want to hear.”  Jon had the set list in his hand.  “I have three songs on the audible list.”

“You know my favorite song,” She giggled.  One of the songs he sang to the trio is a new version of Born to be my baby. He would sang to the trio, you were born to be my babies and babies I was made to be your dad.

“I think the fans would get the word change.”  He laughed.

“Then never say goodbye, that’s my other favorite.”  She watched the screen brighten and the lights came on the stage.

“I got to go work, call you today, and look for your song.”  He yelled over the music.

More nurses joined them, her room because the new pit. 

Jon saw Tony down there with the camera that was set up with Lexie feed, he gave it a wink and the concert was on.

Lexie almost made it to the end of the concert, she never heard her song.

“Maybe daddy should have played it sooner.”  Stephanie whispered at his brother.

“Yeah, she almost made it.” Jesse said.

The charge nurse cleared the room, leaving Stephanie and Jesse there to get their fathers call. 

As soon as he got off stage he called Lexie on her cell.  He wiped the towel across his face with one hand.

“Hey daddy.”  Stephanie whispered in the phone.

Jon pulled the phone away from his ear and looked to make sure he called the right number.  Yep it was Lexie’s number.

“Hey baby girl, where’s your mom?”  Jon asked.  Lexie and all the lawyers sat down and papers signed, they had their own Mother’s Day for Lexie.

“Mom fell asleep before the last encore.” She whispered.  “Jesse and I are heading home in a few.  We need to take the chairs back to the waiting room.”

“Okay,” Jon walked into his dressing room and stopped. “Why are you moving chairs back to the waiting room?”

“Well, you’re a big hit with the nursing staff.  Even Doctor Sally was in here until his beeper went off.” Stephanie spoke in a normal voice as they had the chairs stacked and moved back to the waiting room.

“So the live feed came in okay.”  Jon asked as he put the phone on speaker so he could peel off the sweaty clothes and head to the shower.  He pulled a clean towel off the stack and pulled out a vitamin water out of the fridge, another thing he picked up since Lexie got pregnant. 

There was a knock on the door.  Checking the peephole for lost fan looking for a chance to meet the band, he saw Matt and Tony on the other side. Opening the door he let them in.

“Listen Daddy, Jesse has practice in the morning and we still have to get home.”  Stephanie said as she headed back into Lexie’s room.  “She’s still asleep, I’ll leave her a note you called or you can call her back and leave a message.”

“Okay baby girl, thank you for being there for us.”  Jon said as he motioned Tony and Matt to sit down.  He rang off with Stephanie.  “From all accounts, tonight was a success at the hospital.”

“Great, I may never hear again.”  Tony laughed.

“You had your pugs in.”  Jon laughed

Jon headed to the shower.

“What are we doing for your birthday Jonny?”  Matt grabbed a soda from the fridge and tossed one to Tony.

“After the show, I’m taking the chopper to the hospital.” Jon said as he soaped his head.

“So chopper on the ready,” Matt pulled out his blackberry and made a note.  “So cake for stage.”

“Do I have to have a cake?”  Jon rinsed the soap out of his hair. 

“Yes you have to have a cake, the fans expect it.”  Tony said as he sipped his soda.

“Okay, make sure I have some to take to the hospital.”  Jon finally finished his shower, and came out to get dressed.

“I’ll have cake at the hospital just for you two.”  Matt tapped on his cell.

“Kids and the parents will be here or at the hospital?”  Tony asked.

“Better there than here, or mom won’t let him leave.”  Matt added.

Jon’s cell rang and he grabbed it, noticing it was Lexie.

“Hey sleepy head, did you like the show.”  Jon put it on speaker.

“Tell Tony that my room is now party central, we had popcorn, candy and sodas. Even my Doctor stayed until his beeper went off.”  Lexie said with a yawn.

“Glad you liked it Lexie, were the angles alright?”  Tony asked.

“Angles were great.”  She yawned.

“Lex honey, why don’t you go back to sleep, we can talk tomorrow, we’re flying out at noon.”  Jon turned his back as he dressed.

“Okay, the nurse came in for blood pressure check for the last time tonight.”  Lexie held out her arm.

“Be a good girl, tell the trio I love them and I’ll see you in two days.”  Jon had finished dressing, “Me and the terrible two are gonna get a bite to eat then hit the hotel.”

“Night guys, don’t get into trouble.”  Lexie told her brother in laws.

“Ah Lex take all the fun out of it.”  Tony called out.

“Yeah Lex, all the fun.”  Matt added with a laugh.

“Night babe, talk to you tomorrow.”  Jon signed off the call and pocketed the phone.  “This is gonna be a long tour.”

“Yep” they both agreed.

Lexie was allowed out of bed, only to change the sheets.  Carol and Stephanie were sitting with her.  Jon was due home for a quick two nights.  He was planning to stay one night with her and one with kids.  Carol was knitting booties and Stephanie was struggling with a baby blanket.

“The mystery passinger hid behind its sister again.”  Lexie said looking at the new 3D ultrasound.

“Romeo asked if his brother was in there.”  Stephanie told her.

“If he is, he doesn’t like his picture taken.”  Lexie sighed and rubbed her belly.

“Rumbling around again?”  Carol Bongiovi asked as she trimmed a pink bootie.

“Yeah, Doctor Sally said if I’m really good I might make it to May, but I think I’ll run out of room by then.”  Lexie lowered the head if the bed some, seems like one of them had a foot under her ribs.

“You better be good.”  Jon said as he walked into the room with flowers and balloons.

“Can a Godfather get any love around here?”  David’s fuzzy head popped around the door holding two teddy bears.

“Co-Godfather.” Richie followed with the other teddy bear.

“Uncle Lemma, Uncle Mookie.”  Stephanie jumped up and ran to hug her honorary uncles.

“Hey Steph girl.”  David gave her a hug as he headed to the hospital bed.  “Did Tony get my good side the other night?”  He asked Lexie handing her the bears, while Jon took the wilted flowers out of the vase and added the new ones.

They had decided to send only a few shows, just a shout out before the show in the dressing room.

Jon gave his mom a hug and his daughter, with a promise to see them tomorrow night.  Carol and Stephanie left Lexie, with some time to spend with Jon, David and Richie.

“Do you have a bad side Lemma?”  Lexie asked with a laugh.

David came over and placed his hands on either side of Lexie belly.

“I hear one of them asking for piano lessons when they get old enough to reach the pedals.”  David closed his eyes. “Yep, that’s what I hear.”  He leaned over and gave Lexie a kiss.

Richie followed and placed his hands on her belly.

“Nope they actually said, teach us guitar Uncle Mookie.”  Richie said as he bent forward and gave Lexie a kiss.

“Hey you two, get your hands off my woman.”  Jon said as he sat beside her in the extra-large bed.  He had ordered it special since his back went out sleeping in the recliner.

“Hey,” He kissed Lexie.  “How are my little trio doing?”  He placed his hands over belly, and was rewarded with a kick on his hand.

“Kicking their momma all day.”  Lexie informed Jon.

“Any new pictures of the mystery passenger?”  Jon asked her.

“Mystery passenger?”  David asked them with a puzzled look on his face.

“One of the trio doesn’t like their picture taken.”  Lexie told David.

“Yeah, we can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl.”  Jon said as he sat up and toed his shoes off.

The nurse came in for more blood work, David and Richie flirted with the nurse.  Soon Lexie was getting sleepy, which usually happened after they took blood, Richie and David took this time to leave.  Soon it was just the two of them.

“Close your eyes, I’ll be here when you wake up.  I ordered us dinner.”  Jon told her as she cuddled as close as the babies would let her.

“Okay,” Lexie yawned and slipped off to sleep.

 Jon sang softly to her and the babies until he could tell she was asleep.