Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chapter 66

Jon’s mind was spinning in counter clockwise spins, a baby or not.  His first thoughts were panic, they weren’t even married.  But, they were going to get married.  Were they, they had yet set a date, or a place or hell everything that went into getting married. They would have to sit down and seriously talk about setting a date and a place.

Why am I here in Boston and her in Chicago he couldn’t ask her to give up her conference, just like she wouldn’t ask me not to tour.  Of course Dot had, and when I chose the band over staying home.  I went stir crazy, climb the wall crazy.  I know what I have to do.

Jon quickly called his dad.

“Hey, how would you like to see the Patriots play tomorrow night from the fifty yard line?”  Jon asked his father,

“What’s going on? You giving up fifty yard line tickets, has to be something really important.” His father got quiet for a second. “Everything okay with you and Lexie?”

“Yeah dad, everything is great.  She’s up for three awards and I want to be there for her.” Jon went back in the room.

“Didn’t you know before she left that she would be up for awards?”  His father asked pulling out his suitcase and started to pack.

“She told me tonight, I don’t think she said anything before she got out there.” He watched his three son’s watching a movie. Had she told me and I just pushed it off, like I did her idea to get married in the backyard. Would it be so bad to have it at the house, I could get Matt to control security.  It would be small, just family and friends.  Why did I shit on her idea? Because you were a controlling asshole.

“You taking care of the flights?”  John Sr. closed the case, “Or do I need to gas up the car?”

“I’ll have a car there and flight taken care of.  Just decided to go about fifteen minutes ago.  I’ll call you back with the plans.”  Jon took the remote to pause the movie.

“I’ll be waiting on the call.” John Sr. rang off the call and went to tell Carol the change in plans.

The boys ragged on their dad for pausing the movie. After much discussion, he then called his pilot and then got his dad a private flight.  Then he called Steph.

“Daddy, we still don’t know anything,” She answered the phone. “Thanks, this is for you, we hope to see you tonight.” Stephanie said to the woman as she handed her a bag.

“Have to ask, are you Stephanie Bongiovi?” The lady asked taking out her phone.

“You don’t know how many times this weekend someone asked me, I’m Rose Madison.”  She told the lady, who seemed upset.

“Oh. Okay.” She said as she took the bag and put her phone up.

Stephanie got back to the call.

“Sorry daddy, I’m kind of busy.” She smiled and handed out another bag.

“I need you to get me a ticket to tonight’s dinner.”  Jon told her as he pulled out his laptop and shot off a text to Kenneth to overnight him a suit and shoes.  In return he got an instant replay for the address.  “You two are at the Ritz right?”

“Yeah they put us in a two bedroom suite” She told him as she handed out another bag.
“That’s great, I’ll text you when I land. Grandpa is coming to handle the boys. Just get me a ticket or a seat at Lex’s table.”  Jon tossed some things in an overnight bag and headed to get his shave kit.

“I’ll try,” She noticed Lexie watching her. “Got to go dad, before Momma Lexie catches us.”

“Ok sweetie see you tomorrow.” He rang off the call and texted the hotel address to Kenneth and them sent the arraignments to his dad.  He went back into the living room of the suite and grabbed a slice and settled in to watch the end of the movie.

They headed up to the room before meeting Robbie for dinner.
“I guess no news is good news” Lexie tossed her nametag on the entry table along with the room key.

“Yeah,” Steph followed her into the room. Kicking off her shoes she headed to the sofa.  “If one more lady asked if I was Stephanie Bongiovi I was going to scream. I need a new nametag that says Rose Madison, then they won’t ask.”

“You think not hum?”  Lexie collapsed on the sofa, kicking her shoes off she propped her feet on the table.  “Guess I’ll call your dad.”  She looked over at Steph and watched the girl smile.

“I’ll go down to Robbie’s room while you two talk.” She made the quote signs with her hands and giggled.  Getting up she held up her room key, “You got thirty minutes.” She giggled as she went out the room.

Going to Robbie’s room, passing a group of ladies that held bags from the conference.  Smiling as she passed, she noticed two ladies out their heads together.

“She said she was Rose Madison, but I swear she looks just like Stephanie Bongiovi.”  The lady who asked her what her name was told her friend.

“Who?” Her friend asked.

“Stephanie Bongiovi, Jon Bon Jovi’s only daughter.”  The lady said

“What would a rock stars daughter doing at a mystery conference for writers and fans?” She asked her friend.

The two ladies turned the corner and Stephanie couldn’t hear anything else they said.  It was a good thing her dad wouldn’t get here until the dinner or her cover would be blown.  Knocking on Robbie’s door she waited.

“Hey Steph, whatcha need?”  Robbie asked as he let her into the room.

“I need Daddy a seat at Lexie table for tomorrow night.”  She told him as she passed into the room.

“Steph I don’t think there are any tickets left, I’ll call down and see.”  He pulled out one of the many notebooks that sat open on the desk.  Pulling out his cell he called the manager of the conference and within a few seconds he had a seat.  “It’s not at Lexie table, but I can give my seat to your father and I’ll take the other seat.  It’ll cost him next tour.” Robbie laughed.

“Pit ticket with backstage tour?”  Stephanie asked the assistant.

“Two, I’m sure my partner would love to go.”  Robbie laughed.

“Two and an invite to the wedding, whenever that is.” Stephanie laughed. “Oh yeah I need a new nametag that says Rose Madison, if I get asked on more time I might go postal.”  She laughed as she sat down.  “Lexie is calling daddy, said I would give her thirty minutes, then we can do dinner.”

“You got it Miss Madison.”  Robbie offered her a soda as they waited they allotted minutes.

Back in the room, Lexie pulled out her cell and noticed a message.  It was from the doctor.  Sighing she loaded the message.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Did The Rabbit Die?

Lexie waited until she had a lunch break to call the doctor that was suggested by Dr. Sally.  She made an appointment for one, she would take a cab over and be back at three.  Stephanie decided that she should come along. 

“Steph, all they’re going to do is draw blood.” Lexie told her as the traveled through Chicago.

“No ultrasound?”  Stephanie asked.

“Honey, it’s too soon for anything like that.  We don’t even know if I am or not.” Lexie crossed her fingers.

They rushed in and signed in, she was taken back and true to her word, they drew blood and peed in a cup. They would contact her with the results. 

The rest of the day she was a bundle of nerves, she was going to have to call Jon.  And tell him what, she thought she might be pregnant, that she missed a few pills?  Would he be mad, would he even want more kids? Did she want a baby, what would it do to her career? 
She checked her phone, no messages.  Taking her dinner break she went into the room and shut the door and locked it.  Stephanie and Robbie were going to get dinner and she would meet them in Robbie’s room after her call.

One ring, two rings Jon looked at the caller ID and answered the call.

“Hey babe.”  He tried to make his voice calm.

“Hey, how’s Boston and the boys?”  She tried to put off the reason for the call as long as she could.

“Great, Bill can’t wait to meet you, Jess fielded a few catches today and the terrible two tormented the 
Photographers.  Other than that, pretty boring.  How’s the conference?”  Jon moved out of the balcony looking out over the city of Boston

“Great, Steph is such a big help, handing out bags and giving bookmarks out to the ones in line.  I’m so proud of her.”  Lexie sat on the end of one of the beds.  She had told him the truth, Stephanie was a big help.

“Great,” Jon sat on one of the chairs and propped his boots up on the railing of the balcony.  Who was going to bring up the Doctor appointment, him or her?  “Anything exciting happen?” He opened the door for her.

“I found out I’m up for three awards.” She told him as she toyed with her nametag. 

“That’s great, will they be awarded at the dinner tomorrow night?”  He sipped the beer he had brought out with him.  “Anything else happen today?”

“Jon is this your way of asking about Dr. Sally’s call?” She couldn’t take it anymore.

“Yeah, I guess it is.” He laughed “Are you alright?”  He sobered p

“Yeah, I guess so.  I haven’t heard from the test they did.”  She wish she had something more to tell him, but no news is good news, she guessed.

“What kind of test did they do?”  He dropped his boots from the rail.

“Blood work up and a urine test.”  She noticed her voice dropped. 
He wasn’t quick with the next question.

“Jon?”  She asked him after a few seconds of dead air.

“When will you know?”  He asked.  He knew the only reason they would do blood and urine tests was to determine pregnancy.  “Why would you need these test?”

“I haven’t heard, they said they would contact me tonight.” She felt the tears building.  “I might have missed a few pills?

“It’s okay honey, how many did you miss?”  He could hear her about to break out in tears.  “Didn’t they tell you when you started you could miss one or two and not get pregnant? You might be getting upset over nothing.”

“You’re not mad?”  She asked.

He had to think about that, sure he wanted a child with her, they were both still healthy and she was younger then him, he just thought they would be married, before they became parents

“You are mad, I knew you would.  To miss four pills, I was so worried about meeting your family and your friends.”  She let the tears come, she was tired of being brave and strong.

“You missed four?” He sat up straighter.  “Honey that was almost two months ago.”

“I know.” She sniffed.

“Honey, we’ll get through this.” He thought back over the last two months. The night before she let she told him she was cramping, they just cuddled.  “I that why you just wanted to cuddle last night?”

“I was packing my bag and noticed I had more pills than I should.  I didn’t want to chance it.” She sniffed again.

“Honey, don’t cry, I’m not mad.”  Jon tried to reassure her, he just wished he was in Chicago instead of Boston. “I love you, we’ll make great parents for this little one.”

“If I am pregnant.” She sniffed and tried to smile.

“If you’re pregnant.” Jon had to smile.

“I got to go eat, if I can get anything past the butterflies in there.” She tried to laugh.

“Feed them and yourself.  I love you Lex.” Jon made a big decision that he hoped the boys would understand.

“I love you too Jonny.”  She rang off the call and checked her messages, still nothing.
Jon looked at his phone and shook his head, now to break the news to the boys.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chapter 64

Lexie turned at the sound of a gasp, staring into the shocked sapphire eyes of her soon to get StepDaughter.

I'll come in when I can.” Lexie told the doctor and held up her finger to Stephanie to hang on a second.

I have a former colleague there, I'll call her and you can stop in there and get checked. I'll call you back with the appointment.” Dr Sally informed Lexie.

Okay, thanks Doc.” She disconnected the call.

Oh my God, can this get anymore screwed up.” Lexie looked up toward the ceiling for divine intervention.

Are you?” Stephanie whispered, like they were in a room full of people.

Am I what Steph?” She tried to pull it off, but she could tell by the look in her eyes, Steph was no dumb blonde. “I don't know.” Lexie sank down on the small sofa in the suite.

Does daddy know?” Stephanie came over asking the million dollar question.

No, and until I am for sure, we aren't going to tell him.” She watched the young girl sink to her knees in front of her. “Steph no one is to know, I may have my period next week and there is no reason to get anyone upset if or if not I am pregnant,”

Do you think Daddy will be upset if you are?” Stephanie asked as she reached out to touch Lexie tummy.

I don't know Steph, I really don't know.” Lexie told her.

Well if you are, I'm putting in my order for a sister.” She laughed

Lexie laughed and pulled Stephanie up into a hug.

Lets go get some lunch and see if Robbie needs help.” They got up and headed down to the venue floor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Jon herded his three sons out on the practice field of the New England Patriots. Romeo and Jakey were fooling around when he heard someone call his name. Turning he reached up to grab and spinning football.

Nice catch Bongiovi, you here just to watch or to be the new tackling dummy?” His friend and football buddy Bill Belichick called out, walking up to Jon and Jesse with is outstretched hand.

Brought the boys early to check out the new team.” Jon shook his hand and smiled.

If the news can be trusted to be truthful, I hear congratulations are in order. The new bride to be not into football?” Bill slapped Jon on the back.

Oh she loves football but she has her choice of teams.” Jon grinned at the idea of a die hard Forty Niners fan on the field of the Patriots. “I guess you heard all about my Lexie?”

Hell I read some of her books, She's got you down to a t.” He teased Jon.

Yeah, there's talk of a movie deal.” He said as his phone went off in his pocket. “I need to take this.” He told Bill when he noticed the name on the caller ID was Dr Sally's office.

Hey Jess, want to go field a few?” Bill took Jesse over to where the Quarterback was throwing long passes to players down field.

Once they were out of earshot he moved to the sidelines out of the way for the photographers on the field. Quickly hitting redial he got the receptionist.

Doctors Sally, Horton and Easley, would you like to make an appointment?” Came the bubbly voice of the receptionist.

This is Jon Bongiovi, you called my cell?” He knew that this was Lexie's Gynecologist , she had been talking about making an appointment. She had added his contact numbers when she changed doctors.

Yes, I have a note here for Alexis and we haven't been able to get in touch with her.” The receptionist in formed him.

She's in Chicago this weekend for a book conference, she must be on the venue floor and has no reception.” Jon told the lady.

Well, that is why we are trying to get in touch with her. Dr Sally has the number of an Gynecologist  there, for her to see.” She told Jon.

Give me the name and number and I'll,” Jon started to say but the receptionist stopped him.

We texted her and she just responded.” The young lady told Jon.

Jon was just about to tell her to still give him the number, she disconnected the call. Standing there he stared at the screen, if there hadn't been a field full of photographers he would have gladly spiked his phone in the ground.

He call Lexie cell and waited until it went to voice mail.

'You have reached the phone of Alexis Madison, No name no call back so you know the drill” BEEP.

Jon didn't know what to say so he went with the obvious. “Hey Lex, when you get a chance call me. I got a call from Dr Sally. Is everything alright? Call me please.” he sent the call and waited.

Lexie was talking with fans when Stephanie noticed her miss call on her cell lite up. Picking up the phone she listened to the call.

Oh Jeeze” She returned the call.

Hey babe, how is the conference going?” Jon asked as he was shocked she returned the call so fast.

It's going great daddy, Lexie's talking to another group of fans.” Stephanie told him. “Robbie has me handing out swag bags. No one has recognized me yet.”

That's great sweetie, can I speak to Lexie?” He smiled that she was helping Lexie and Robbie.

Daddy there's a line almost out the door. Can she call you back tonight or on dinner break.” She handed out another bag, this one had a book in it, she knew the lady would like it.

Yeah, I guess it could wait. Have fun.” He knew he wouldn't get to get to talk to Lexie until much later.

I'll tell Lexie to call you when she gets a break. Have fun at the practice field.” She disconnected the call and sighed a sigh of relief. She bought Lexie time to come up with an answer why Dr Sally was giving her the name of another gynecologist while she was here this weekend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chapter 63

Jon didn't get a chance to bring it back up for several weeks, they were sitting at Jesse's game. She was leaving the next day to head out toward Cleveland. Stephanie was going with her since her report card showed she was still on the A/B honor roll.

Dinner after the game, wasn't giving them the time for a one on one. It would have to wait, till they got home.

Steph, get your suitcase packed, have it down here in an hour.” Lexie told her as they went in the door.

Okay Lex.” Stephanie said as she ran to her room.

Why does she need to have her suitcase in an hour?” Jon said as he followed her into their room. “You two don't leave until tomorrow.”

Robbie's coming by tonight to pick up the suitcases, so I need to get packed.” She pulled her rolling Louie Vuitton out and put it on the chair. Going back into the closet starting to load clothes in her bag.

I thought we could share a little time together before you leave.” Jon said as he sat on the slipper chair at the end of the bed.

Jon, you can have your wicked way with me after I pack and you check to make sure you have your tickets for the football game and the time for the flight. Check to make sure the boys are packed.” She went to her lingerie drawer pulling out frilly undies and put them in her bag. Going into the on suite she came out with her travel bag.

I'll check on the boys, you finish up here.” Standing up he pulled out his wallet, opening it he showed her the tickets. Stashing his wallet in his pocket he left the room.

Lexie laughed and went back into the bathroom. Opening her side of the medicine chest she got out her prescription. Looking at the round disk she got a puzzled look on her face. Shaking her head the added it to her bag. Then got it out again and looked at the tiny pills in the plastic ring, flipping it over and noting the date it was filled counting the days. How did she miss four pills? Should I tell Jon, he's gonna be pissed. She tossed the pills into her case, fingers crossed she was safe, her period wasn't due for a week. Counting backwards she knew she might have missed one or two when they had the family spaghetti Sunday. She might have missed one when she had to go to Milwaukee for the day, those spur of the moment signings were so fast, fly out fly in the same day. Where did she miss the last one?

Walking back to the bedroom just as Jon came back in.

Boys are packed the plane is booked and waiting, wish you two were using it and not flying commercial.” He came in and flopped on the bed. “You about done?”

There was the opening she needed, why couldn't she tell him.

We need to put off the wicked ways.” She put her jeweler bag in her suitcase.

Not your period?” Jon actually looked sad.

How hard can it be, just tell him you missed four little pills, she just couldn't, not until she talked to Dr Sally. He could tell her if she was in trouble. She would call him tomorrow, tonight they better not chance it.

Cramps are starting, sorry babe.” She lied.

We can still cuddle.” He smiled.

I'd like that.” She said as she zipped her bag and sat it on the floor.
I'm going to check on Steph will you take my bag down?” She telescoped the handle and rolled it to the door.

Jon got off the bed and grabbed the handle. Leaning close he kissed her quickly on the lips. “It's gonna be a long weekend.” Jon whispered.

It's only three days, you'll be in football heaven, you won't even remember my name.” She teased.

Who were you again?” he teased back. “Oh yeah, my soon to be wife.” He leaned her on the door and teased her lips with his.

She was slowly starting to melt into him when the door buzzer went off and Stephanie yelled “That's Robbie, I'll buzz him up Lex.”

Jon groaned.

Stephanie was down helping Robbie set up the table and put all the swag bags behind the table and covered them up. Lexie knew it was now or never to call doctor Sally.

So Alexis, you say you skipped a few of your birth control pills?” Dr Sally asked her. “How many are we talking about one or two or more?”

I know of three, I might have missed four.” Lexie walked around the suite and looked down on the pool area.

Have you missed any periods since you forgot your pills?” You could hear the doctor taking notes.

Well, you know I'm not ever regular, you can't set your clock by me.”Lexie watched a mother chasing after a little white blonde haired little boy. She smiled at the thought of carrying Jon's child. Boy, no a girl with Jon's hair but her green eyes.

Well, do you feel pregnant?” the doctor asked.

Lexie had to laugh at that.

I've never been pregnant so I don't know how it feels.” She turned from the window and looked right into the wide eyed shocked look in Stephanie's eyes.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chapter 62

By the time the champagne flowed with the repeat proposal, all the well wishes to the newly engaged couple. Seeing his mother happy that he was marring Lexie sort of shocked Jon. He knew it had taken his mother years to get comfortable with Dorothea, he had himself to blame. It had been a spur of the moment thing, he learned from his mistakes. The talk of the night was about when and where. Lexie held her hands up and took control of the talk.

Wait a second, whoa, Jon and I have just gotten engaged. I have a book that is at the publisher and that means promoting said book.” Lexie looked at Jon for support.

The guys and I are working on an album and we have tour coming up. Let us be engaged for a while okay?” He asked.

We aren't pushing you Jonny, we just want to be a part of it.” John Sr said.

I promise you, we won't pop off the Vegas to get married.” Jon said in a joking manner.

I hate Vegas and only go there when I absolutely have too for work.” Lexie held up her hands.

Good,” Carol said giving Jon a dirty look.

A few weeks later it was late at night, they had headed back to the city, the kids were finally in bed. They were holed up in Jon's office and looking at their schedules.

I have to be in Chicago and Cleveland for a book promo the first of November.” Lexie sat on his lap with her iPad. “I thought I would take Stephanie with me, since you and the boys will be a Pats game.”

Jon opened his calender for November. “I booked the cabin for Thanksgiving, but the band has to play in the Today show that week.”

Why don't we move the cabin for Christmas and go to the river house for Thanksgiving?” She pulled up December schedule.

We usually go to St Bart for Christmas, sun, sand and ocean.” He paged over to December. “We need to start classes with Father Bob, if we want to have that church wedding.” Jon rubbed her leg, looking deep in her eyes.

You want a church wedding?” She asked, looking into his eyes. She could get lost in his eyes, the hand rubbing her leg and hip didn't hurt in the least.

Isn't that what every woman dream, pouffe wedding dress, her girlfriends as bridesmaids, big church?” Jon smiled, in his minds eye he could see her all beautiful in a flowing white dress.

Jon, were you married in a church? I haven't had anything to do with my family in years, not since my parents died, who would give the bride away? Most of my friends are on the computer in my chat group.” She explained. Just getting engaged, she hadn't even though about the when and the where.

You know I didn't, we had a reception at the house on Somerset.” Jon got a little uncomfortable taking about his failed marriage. The hell he went through to get custody, she was getting a damaged family. But then again, she is the reason they are once again a happy family.

Thinking back to the week after he had gone to Philly to get Jesse out of Jail, Jakey hardly spoke, it took a special woman and a white ball of fur, to draw him out of his shell. Stephanie hadn't tried them as a couple since the family vacation at the cabin. He had a thought, he'd have to contact his lawyer to see what steps he had to go to make his thought a reality.

You know, we haven't talked about.” She hated to broach the subject, she knew her lawyer and her editor would pitch a fit.

Do you think we need one?” Jon hadn't thought about a per-nup After all the hell he went through with Dorothea should have been him that thought about it, not her.

We can let our lawyers hash it out, if you want too.” She got off his lap. Putting her iPad on the desk she started to pace.

Jon got up and went and took her into his arms.

We'll talk to our lawyers together,” He kissed her lightly on her forehead.

Okay,” She looked up in his eyes. “Sort of killed the mood didn't it?”

What made you think about it now? Was it the thoughts of classes with Father Bob?” Jon asked as her put his arms around her waist. He smiled when she put hers around his.

It was something your mom said, I don't think she knew I was in hearing rang.” She told him with a sigh.

Jon had some inkling it had to be his mother.

She was telling Kelly and Desi how Dorothea took you to the cleaners since there was no per-nup” she tried to step out of the circle of his arms. He held on, not letting her go. “Stephanie must have heard her too, she pulled me into the hall and told me I was no where near her mother, kinda took some of the sting out.”

We don't need one right away, we haven't even set the date.” He put his chin on her shoulder and knew tomorrow he would have a talk with his mother. It would be hard, but knowing his mother, she would tell him she was only looking out for him.

About that, you know, I don't need a big fancy wedding.” She slipped her hands in his back pockets of his jeans.

Well, Vegas is out.” He laughed.

But the back yard of the river house isn't.” She looks down, trying to hide her smile.

You want to get married in the backyard?” He thought at first she was joking.

Whats wrong with having an outdoor wedding?” She looked up at him. Was he teasing her?

Outdoor, nothing wrong with outdoors, but the backyard?” He felt her pull away from him. “We could go and get married on the beach in St Bart, or Hawaii.”

Never mind, we need to get back to the calenders.” She went over to the desk and picked up her iPad and tried not to let Jon know how bad he hurt her.

Okay,” He was at a loss for words. The sudden change sort of threw him. Going and picking up his tablet.

I'm going to be out on the road most of December on the west coast. I know Stephanie wants to come out with me on the weekends, but I think she needs to stay in class.” Her voice had gone all business on him.

I agree, we'll ask the kids how they feel about going to the cabin for the holidays, is that okay?” He asked her.

They're your kids Jon,” She clicked her calender over to January. “Now January I will be in Atlanta for a conference, if you aren't busy, I'd like you to come. That is if you want to?” She could kick the needy sound in her voice. Opening her heart again to get it stomped on.

Jon caught her voice and wasn't sure what was going on. “Of course I want to come, We'll make it a family affair.” He smiled an added the date to his schedule. Looking at the clock it was almost two, “It's late, I have to get the kids out to the bus, lets take this back up tomorrow night.”

I think I'll go into my office for a while, check on my editor, see if I have a meeting that isn't on my calender. I'm not sleepy anyway.” She waited for Jon to leave the office, she follows him to their bedroom. She went into her closet and changed into her sleep shorts and tank. By the time she came out Jon was sitting up in bed reading. He looked so sexy in his readers, she almost gave in and got into bed. But it still hurt that he laughed at her idea to get married at the river house. Before she gave into the draw of him in bed, she turned to her office door. “Night,” she said as she closed the door.

Jon watched her leave, he couldn't put his finger on it, but somewhere in the past two hours he had hurt her. They had been all snuggled up in his office, then boom. He didn't see it at the time, but in hindsight, the fire went out of her. Was it the per-nup, no, they were cuddling so that wasn't it. He shifted in the bed and took off his readers and marked the book. Was it the cabin? He should have talked to her instead of charging on. This was the way it had been and because she was added to the mix her ideas were important. No it wasn't the cabin. He reached up and clicked off the light on his side of the bed. Laying there in the dark, looking at the light that was coming out from under her office door. Closing his eyes he sighed, then his mind whirled, suddenly the words backyard kept flashing in his mind. He turned away from the light and let sleep take him under. Sometime later he sat bolt upright in bed.

Jon, you are such an asshole.” He mumbled and look at her side of the bed. She was sleeping on her side, her back to him. “You have to make it right.” He laid back down and moved to spoon her back. Kissing her shoulder he let sleep pull him back under.