Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chapter 53

Jon and all the kids gathered close to her. Lexie looked from one face to the other, she picked up her suitcase and walked over and put it on the cart with all their luggage.

Alright Lexie” Stephanie went over and gave her a hug.

Jon looked at Lexie and then at Stephanie, he had a puzzled look on his face.

Dad,” Jesse went over and put his hand on her suitcase.

It was like a light bulb went off over his head. He walked over and pulled Lexie in his arms and gave her a toe curling kiss.

I wanted to tell you back at the cabin but you didn't want to hear my answer.” She whispered when they broke apart.

Jon felt a tap on his hip. He looked down at Romeo looking up at him.

What you need Roe,” Jon bent down to Romeos level, “Lexie is gonna live with us now.”

Does that mean Snowball can stay in my room?” Romeo looked promising to Lexie and his dad.

Roe, you mean you aren't happy Lexie is coming to live with us?” Jon leaned closer to ask.

Yeah Daddy, I'm happy,” Romeo looked up at his daddy, “If I don't ask now Jakey will ask.”

Lexie tried hard not to snicker at his response.

Why don't we let Snow decided where she wants to sleep, is that okay boys.” Lexie said as she looked between Jake and Romeo. They both nodded and that one hurdle was accomplished,

They let the doorman lug the luggage cart across the street and into the lobby and into the elevator for them. Jon tipped the doorman and rode up with the kids and Lexie. The door opened into the hallway Jon handed her the key.

I need to get you a key made.” He told her when he handed her his key.

Lexie took the key to open the door when it opened.

Bought time you all got back, hey Lexie good to see you with the crew.” Richie moved back so they could enter the townhouse. The kids gave him a hug and Lexie gave him a hug too. Jon gave that little show of affection his famous stink eye.

What are you doing here Dean?” Jon pulled Lexie close.

Laid down some tracks and was heading to Mom's for dinner with her and Ava.” He noticed the way Jon held Lexie close. He looked at Stephanie and nodded his head toward Jon then Lexie.

Stephanie smiled and nodded her head, at her uncle Mookie's questioned nod.

Richie smiled and went and clamped his hand to Jon's back.

Bout time there Frank” Richie whispered into Jon's ear.

I'll give you time to get settled, call me when your ready to work,” He headed out the door.

Jon smiled as he watched Richie leave.

Ok, lets get settled and get some dinner.” Jon said as he took Lexie's hand and headed toward the stairs to the bedrooms. “Don't take long.”


In the next few weeks the kids got settled Lexie got her own key and getting things ready for school.

Hey Lexie can you take me school shopping?” Stephanie came into the kitchen where Lexie was working on dinner.

I thought your Grandmother Bongiovi was taking you and Jesse?” Lexie asked her as she tore the last bit of lettuce into the salad bowl.

She is, but you have better taste in clothes than she does.” Stephanie said as she sat on the counter. “Anyway my Grandmother asked me to ask you to come, I told her you had a busy schedule with the book you are working on.”

Steph,” Lexie wasn't sure she was ready to meet Jon mom. “I'll take to your Dad first, okay?”

What do you want to ask me about?” Jon came in and snitched a cherry tomato out of the bowl.

Lexie smacked his hand and laughed.

Daddy, Grandmother wants me to ask Lexie to join us when we go shopping.” Stephanie rushed to tell him, “She wants to meet Lexie, and I told her about Lexie schedule.”

Well Lex, you have to meet her one day, why not shopping?” He said as he grabbed a plate of steaks to take out and grill.

Jon, you really think this want be a 'grill the new girlfriend day' I don't know if I'm ready for meet the momma time alone.” She placed the bowl on the counter and started on the potatos.

You'll have Stephanie and Jesse with you, they'll protect you.” He headed out on the patio and opened the grill he started before his run.

Lexie came out with the wrapped potatoes to put on the grill to cook.

Why don't you go with us?” Lexie asked him.

Because I'll have the little dudes with my Dad shopping for the boys” He added the steaks and closed to lid. “I bet my mom set this up so dad could grill me.”

Then why don't you go with your mom and I'll go with your dad.” they went and sat in chairs by the grill.

Why don't we all go together, I'll call for a driver and a limo to take us all shopping.” He patted her hand that set on his thigh.

I knew I loved for some reason.” She laughed, “You won't serve me up to your mom.”

Yep, I'll be your Superman.” He leaned over and gave her a kiss.