Monday, June 1, 2009

Chapter 16

“Would you like something to drink?” Jon asked as they walked down.

“A glass of wine would be nice.” She said softly. The view from the windows, once again, taking her breath away. It seemed to draw her across the room. She didn’t know how long she stood there, lost in the lights and the darkness of the night.

Jon watched her from the bar as he selected a bottle of Wine. Damn I haven’t taken her coat…maybe Dot is right…I just don’t think sometimes. He snagged two glasses and the opener and brought them along with the bottle over to the window.

Placing the bottle, opener and glasses on the piano by the windows he went over and put his hands on her shoulders. Lexie leaned back to his chest. He moved a lock of hair away from her neck and slowly put his lips to her neck….she sighed.

He turned her around and unbuttoned her coat and removed it from her body. Letting it fall down her arms to the floor he stepped closer, Lexie’s arms now free from her coat wound up around his neck.

“Did you miss me?” Jon asked her as his lips claimed hers.

The feel of his lips on hers had her melting in his arms. It seemed time stood still… the only sound in the room was their mingled breaths and sound of lips on lips. As they slowly broke away Lexie looked into his passion filled midnight blue eyes she just smiled.

“After a kiss like that you have to ask?” Her fingers were lost in the hair at the nape if his neck. “Yes I missed you. I was really surprised when the Kidd showed up in my chat.”

He laughed a little and looked like a little boy who got his hand caught in the cookie jar.

“Its amazing what you find while surfing Google.” He laughed as he let her move out of his arms.

“I was shocked when one of my regulars asked me why Jon Bon Jovi was in my chatroom…thought you could slip in unnoticed.” She went over and looked at the label on the bottle. She had remembered what type of wine he liked…you learn a lot about a person in three weeks. “You think she would have been upset that we spent three weeks in a cabin in the mountains?” She handed him the bottle and the corkscrew.

He took the bottle and the opener and set to opening the wine.

“Do you tell them everything?” He cocked his head waiting on her answer.

“NO of course not…you don’t tell your fans everything…why should I?” She sat on the sofa and waited on him to join her with their glasses.

Filling both glasses he went and handed her one of the them. Sitting beside her, he thought back to the last night in the cabin…little wine…little music…then?

Taking a sip she looked at him waiting for an answer.

“Jon, you’re stalling…” She sat her glass down on the coaster on the coffee table.

“Your right I don’t…and you shouldn’t.” he said trying to figure out when the tables turned.

“Good answer.” She laughed. She turned on the sofa to look at him. “How did they like the song?” She asked then reached to retrieve her glass; taking a sip she let the taste of the exceptional wine flow across her tongue.

He loved watching her enjoy a glass of wine. It made him tighten in areas that hadn’t tightened since he left the cabin. He almost forgot the question she asked. Taking a drink of his wine he turned to speak.

“Hugh thought it was nice…his way of saying he liked it…Rich on the other hand asked who inspired me. He knew I wasn’t alone at the cabin…but he knew Romeo was not the inspiring love song type.” He chuckled.

I don’t know about that Jon…he had my dog moping the whole way home…if that isn’t love inspiring I don’t know what is.” She laughed. The wine making her more relaxed she slipped off her shoes and curled her legs under her.

Jon leaned forward and took the glass from her hand. Leaning closer he ran his tongue along the corner of her mouth. Sitting back he licked his lips.

“You had a little bit of wine there.” He smiled. Her cologne made him want to pull her down to his chest….slowly they shifted on the sofa until she lay at his side…her arm across his chest…her fingers lost in the hair at the nape of his neck.

“Why don’t you wear your hoops anymore…I used to see you as a pirate…trolling the seas for buried treasure.” She whispered as she touched her tongue to the indention where he had pierced his ears in the early 80’s. “I had a thing for pirates back then.”

“There I thought it did it to piss off my dad.” He chuckled…loving the way her eyes began to change from sea green to emerald as her breath became more shallow.

Reaching up her pulled her head down so he could put her lips to his. They shifted more until she was under him and he had one of his legs between her’s.

“It’s getting a little warm in here…” she moaned.

“Let me help you get cooler.” He smiled as he reached for the hem of her sweater. Slowly pulling it up and as she lifted her head… he pulled it up and over her head dropping it on the floor…”Better?”

“Oh Much…” she sighed. Bringing her hands up to unbutton his shirt helping him shrug it off his shoulders she dropped it with her sweater. “See”

“Oh yeah…” he moaned.

It didn’t take long till they shifted enough to remove all their clothes…their lips hardly parting. Hands rediscovering bodies…bodies shifting to align…minds thinking of only this moment in time…

Somewhere a cell phone rang…

“It’ll go to voice mail…” They both said breathlessly. Then both laughed… real life had a way of breaking the mood… almost…