Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chapter Five

Lexie looked at the hand, then the man. Slowly, what he said sunk in.

“I think you got this all wrong. I am not the cook.” She told him. “I am renting this place for the next three weeks.”

“So am I or so are we.” He looked her over once again this time closer. He had seen her somewhere. It was driving him crazy. She wasn’t a fan, but she knew who he was, he loved solving puzzles.

“There must be some mistake; my boss rented this cabin for me.” She told him still not taking the proffered hand. “You must have the wrong cabin.” She turned and walked back into the kitchen, leaving him standing there with his mouth open.

Jon shook his head and followed her into the kitchen.

“If I’m at the wrong cabin, then how did I park in the garage and open the back door?” He went and sat on the stool by his son.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s a fluke and your supposed to be at the next cabin.” She tried to rationalize the both of them being at the same cabin.

“Daddy, me hungry.” Romeo tugged on Jon’s shirt. Looking up at Lexie, he gave her a pout, “Lady, Me hungry.”

Lexie looked into the little boy’s eyes, the same blue as his fathers. One look and she was lost on the pout.

She smiled at him.

“Would you like some eggs and bacon?”

The pout was gone and his smile went right up to his sparkling eyes.

“Yes, please. Can you make messy eggs?” He cocked his head wondering if she could.

“He means scrambled.” Jon told her.

“I understood. One messy egg or two, sir?” She asked

“One, lady, can I have toast too?” He was so cute, she couldn’t bring her self to tell him no.


  1. I normally only read completed story because I read fast and am not very patient but I started this story and all too quickley caught up, please I need more. Love your writing and am a fellow cake decorator.

  2. Oh messy eggs sound good right now I haven't eaten yet today been cleaning all day :(