Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chapter 66

Jon’s mind was spinning in counter clockwise spins, a baby or not.  His first thoughts were panic, they weren’t even married.  But, they were going to get married.  Were they, they had yet set a date, or a place or hell everything that went into getting married. They would have to sit down and seriously talk about setting a date and a place.

Why am I here in Boston and her in Chicago he couldn’t ask her to give up her conference, just like she wouldn’t ask me not to tour.  Of course Dot had, and when I chose the band over staying home.  I went stir crazy, climb the wall crazy.  I know what I have to do.

Jon quickly called his dad.

“Hey, how would you like to see the Patriots play tomorrow night from the fifty yard line?”  Jon asked his father,

“What’s going on? You giving up fifty yard line tickets, has to be something really important.” His father got quiet for a second. “Everything okay with you and Lexie?”

“Yeah dad, everything is great.  She’s up for three awards and I want to be there for her.” Jon went back in the room.

“Didn’t you know before she left that she would be up for awards?”  His father asked pulling out his suitcase and started to pack.

“She told me tonight, I don’t think she said anything before she got out there.” He watched his three son’s watching a movie. Had she told me and I just pushed it off, like I did her idea to get married in the backyard. Would it be so bad to have it at the house, I could get Matt to control security.  It would be small, just family and friends.  Why did I shit on her idea? Because you were a controlling asshole.

“You taking care of the flights?”  John Sr. closed the case, “Or do I need to gas up the car?”

“I’ll have a car there and flight taken care of.  Just decided to go about fifteen minutes ago.  I’ll call you back with the plans.”  Jon took the remote to pause the movie.

“I’ll be waiting on the call.” John Sr. rang off the call and went to tell Carol the change in plans.

The boys ragged on their dad for pausing the movie. After much discussion, he then called his pilot and then got his dad a private flight.  Then he called Steph.

“Daddy, we still don’t know anything,” She answered the phone. “Thanks, this is for you, we hope to see you tonight.” Stephanie said to the woman as she handed her a bag.

“Have to ask, are you Stephanie Bongiovi?” The lady asked taking out her phone.

“You don’t know how many times this weekend someone asked me, I’m Rose Madison.”  She told the lady, who seemed upset.

“Oh. Okay.” She said as she took the bag and put her phone up.

Stephanie got back to the call.

“Sorry daddy, I’m kind of busy.” She smiled and handed out another bag.

“I need you to get me a ticket to tonight’s dinner.”  Jon told her as he pulled out his laptop and shot off a text to Kenneth to overnight him a suit and shoes.  In return he got an instant replay for the address.  “You two are at the Ritz right?”

“Yeah they put us in a two bedroom suite” She told him as she handed out another bag.
“That’s great, I’ll text you when I land. Grandpa is coming to handle the boys. Just get me a ticket or a seat at Lex’s table.”  Jon tossed some things in an overnight bag and headed to get his shave kit.

“I’ll try,” She noticed Lexie watching her. “Got to go dad, before Momma Lexie catches us.”

“Ok sweetie see you tomorrow.” He rang off the call and texted the hotel address to Kenneth and them sent the arraignments to his dad.  He went back into the living room of the suite and grabbed a slice and settled in to watch the end of the movie.

They headed up to the room before meeting Robbie for dinner.
“I guess no news is good news” Lexie tossed her nametag on the entry table along with the room key.

“Yeah,” Steph followed her into the room. Kicking off her shoes she headed to the sofa.  “If one more lady asked if I was Stephanie Bongiovi I was going to scream. I need a new nametag that says Rose Madison, then they won’t ask.”

“You think not hum?”  Lexie collapsed on the sofa, kicking her shoes off she propped her feet on the table.  “Guess I’ll call your dad.”  She looked over at Steph and watched the girl smile.

“I’ll go down to Robbie’s room while you two talk.” She made the quote signs with her hands and giggled.  Getting up she held up her room key, “You got thirty minutes.” She giggled as she went out the room.

Going to Robbie’s room, passing a group of ladies that held bags from the conference.  Smiling as she passed, she noticed two ladies out their heads together.

“She said she was Rose Madison, but I swear she looks just like Stephanie Bongiovi.”  The lady who asked her what her name was told her friend.

“Who?” Her friend asked.

“Stephanie Bongiovi, Jon Bon Jovi’s only daughter.”  The lady said

“What would a rock stars daughter doing at a mystery conference for writers and fans?” She asked her friend.

The two ladies turned the corner and Stephanie couldn’t hear anything else they said.  It was a good thing her dad wouldn’t get here until the dinner or her cover would be blown.  Knocking on Robbie’s door she waited.

“Hey Steph, whatcha need?”  Robbie asked as he let her into the room.

“I need Daddy a seat at Lexie table for tomorrow night.”  She told him as she passed into the room.

“Steph I don’t think there are any tickets left, I’ll call down and see.”  He pulled out one of the many notebooks that sat open on the desk.  Pulling out his cell he called the manager of the conference and within a few seconds he had a seat.  “It’s not at Lexie table, but I can give my seat to your father and I’ll take the other seat.  It’ll cost him next tour.” Robbie laughed.

“Pit ticket with backstage tour?”  Stephanie asked the assistant.

“Two, I’m sure my partner would love to go.”  Robbie laughed.

“Two and an invite to the wedding, whenever that is.” Stephanie laughed. “Oh yeah I need a new nametag that says Rose Madison, if I get asked on more time I might go postal.”  She laughed as she sat down.  “Lexie is calling daddy, said I would give her thirty minutes, then we can do dinner.”

“You got it Miss Madison.”  Robbie offered her a soda as they waited they allotted minutes.

Back in the room, Lexie pulled out her cell and noticed a message.  It was from the doctor.  Sighing she loaded the message.


  1. Of course you left us there!!!
    Great chapter.
    I was interested in what she would say to Jon but NOW... I need to know what the Dr. said!!!
    Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks.

  2. *stomps her feet and throws a tamper tantrum worthy of a 2 year old*
    Come on Alfiepooh! Write faster!

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  5. Love it, I love the detail of what's going on in Jon's head. Its nice to see his growth from controlling everything to thinking of someone else. Great job -- now write more I have needs :)