Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chapter 67

“Miss Madison, all the test have come back. We have sent the results to your Doctor. We are proud you chose Miller OBGYN for your test procedure with us.”
Lexie drew a deep sigh, she was happy right?
She must have sat in that one spot for thirty minutes, because that is where Stephanie found her, when she came back from Robbie’s room.
“Lexie, you ready to go eat? Robbie found this great little place close to the hotel, just a short….” She stopped when she saw Lexie sitting by the window, tears rolling down her face, the phone still in her hands.  “Oh Lex, you got the call.
“Text.” Lexie whispered, as she wiped the tears from her cheeks.
“They sent you a text?” Stephanie was shocked. 
“They tried to call, but got no answer, so the nurse Betty sent me a text.”  Lexie got up and moved zombie like to the bathroom to wash the raccoon eyes off her face.
Stephanie picked up the phone off the bed and read the message.  Giving a silent fist punch, she hid her excitement off her face.
“Are you going to call daddy?”  She tried to keep her voice controlled.
“I told him I would, when I got the call.”  She came out with a cool cloth on her face.  She had her hand out for the phone.
Handing her the cell she headed to the door.
“I’ll go meet Robbie in the lobby, you can meet us after your call.” She had her hand on the door knob.  “Unless you need me for moral support.”
Lexie looked up at the beaming face of her soon to be step daughter.
“You read the text,” She noticed Stephanie blushed.  “You might as well be here for the fall out.” 
Lexie watched Stephanie rush across the room to sit on the edge of the sofa.  Lexie sat beside her and let Steph pat her on the knee as she dialed the number.
What am I going to say, hey Jon the rabbit died?  Hey Jon, we need to get a bigger town home? Are you ready to be a daddy?  Oh my God, I’m pregnant!
The call went to voice mail.
“Jon, this is Lex, call me back.” She clicked off the call and looked over at Stephanie.  “This isn’t the type of news you leave on a message.”
Stephanie agreed. It was agreed they would wait a few minutes, to see if he called back.  After a 20 minute wait, Stephanie forced her to go eat.
“Think of the baby.”  Stephanie pulled her along.
Jon had fallen asleep, his phone buried in the sofa cushion.  Romeo woke him up when it kept ringing. 
“Yeah?”  He mumbled into the phone.
“Mr. Bon Jovi, the plane is ready whenever you’re ready to leave.”  Max his pilot said.
“What time is it?”  He cracked open one eye to look at the DVD unit by the television.
“It’s ten in the morning, you wanted to be on your way by eleven.”  Max stood by the steps to the plane.
“Shit,” Jon rolled off the sofa he had fallen asleep on during the movie.  “I’ll be there.”  He closed off the call and rushed to get a shower.  Yelling instructions to the boys to get his bag as he stepped into a hot as hell shower, quickly turning it to freezing.
“Dad,” Jesse banged on the door.  “Grandpa is down in the lobby.”
“Go down and get him, I forgot to leave the key card last night at the desk.”  He yelled as he jumped out, wrapping a towel around his hips and grabbing a towel to dry his hair.  Nicking his chin as he ran the razor over his cheeks. Damn now I’m going to have toilet paper on my face.  Slow down Kidd, you’ll make the flight.  You did call for a driver, oh shit I forgot the car service. “Jesse?”  Jon yelled.
“He’s gone down to get Grandpa,” Jacob called from the bedroom.
Holding the towel around his hips, he ran into the bedroom and grabbed his cell.  Checking with his driver he sighed a happy sigh that he had arranged the driver and he was downstairs waiting.  Grabbing his clean jeans and polo shirt he dressed.  Carrying his shoes and suitcase he tossed the tickets to his dad and ran out the door.
“Daddy fell asleep on the sofa.”  Jesse told his grandfather at the puzzled look he gave him.
John senior laughed, “Must be love.”
Jon was putting on his shoes in the car when he noticed he had a message.  Sitting up he punched in his code and held the phone to his ear. Damn I missed her call.”  Checking his watch, Fuck she’ll be in the conference.  He punched the code for Stephanie phone.
“Hey Daddy, you hear yet?”  Stephanie answered the call as she handed out yet another bag. 
“Headed to the airport now, is Lexie busy?”  Jon put the phone on speaker as he put his other shoe on. 
“Daddy she has a line out the door, we aren’t even going to have lunch today to take care of all her fans.”  Stephanie told him.  “Your suit is in my room and I left you my key at the desk.  I got to go daddy my line is backing up.”
“Wait Steph, did she get the call?  Is that why she called?”  Jon grabbed up his phone.  “Steph?”  He looked at the phone in his hand and cussed, she had hung up.
It was a quick up and down for Jon, he was at the hotel and in the room.  He looked around the room looking for her phone, she must have it with her.  He called room service, he hadn’t had a chance for breakfast and the three cups of coffee was rolling around in his empty stomach. 
There was a knock on the door, Jon got off the sofa and went to the door.  Looking in the peep hole he saw Robbie standing there.  Opening the door, he backed up to the let the assistant in.
“Hey Rob, how’s she doing?”  Jon asked the six foot tall, athletic looking blond into the room.
“She’s doing super, she has the longest lines in the place.” He handed Jon the ticket for the dinner.  “I took a break to grab lunch and bring you the ticket.”
“Thanks Man, I owe you big time.”  Jon took the ticket. 
“Steph has the cost.”  Robbie winked and headed back elevator.
Jon gave a puzzled look at the assistant and shut the door, only to open it again for Room Service. 
It wasn’t long before a tired Lexie and Stephanie came up to the room.
“I have to go by Robbie’s room first.” Stephanie said as they got off the elevator.
“You’ll see him in about an hour, I need your help with the dress I have for tonight.”  Lexie said as she leaned her tired body on the wall by the elevator. 
“I promise I will be back in a few minutes, I’ll help you when I get back.”  Or daddy will. She turned and headed down the hallway.
“Okay, don’t stay too long, I might end up sitting on the bed and that will be all she wrote.”  Lexie called after her and she pushed off the wall and walked to the double doors to her suite.
Jon heard the key card being slid through the lock he stood up and waited.
Lexie came in and tossed the key and her name badge on the table, looking at her phone she sighed, no call back. Damn I thought he’d call back before now, she looked at her watch, and they would be at the stadium by now.  I really don’t want to wait till I get home to tell him. She gave a huge sight and headed to the living room, she stopped when she saw a man standing with his back to the huge floor to ceiling windows.  Blinking several times, she just stood there, I must be really tired, and I’m seeing things.
“Hey Lex.”  Jon said when she just stood there.
“Why didn’t you return my call?”  She said still standing at the alcove.
“I fell asleep watching a movie with the boys, I was late an almost didn’t make it here in time.”  He told her.
“The Jon I know is never late, who are you and what have you done with my Jon.”  Lexie kicked off her shoes and finally walked to him.  “Aren’t you supposed to be in Boston?”  She stood toe to toe with him.
He opened his arms and pulled her close.
“Dad’s with the boys, why didn’t you tell me you were up for three awards?”  Jon just held her in his arms, he could feel her body finally relax.  They just stood there for a few seconds for Jon to notice his shirt was getting wet from her tears.  “Hon, what’s wrong?”  He led her to the sofa and sat with her on his lap.
“You didn’t call me back (Sniff) I hardly slept last night (Sniff)” She cried so hard.
“I would have called you back this morning, but the car was here and I had to get ready, I saw your call when I got on the plane, but we almost missed our flight window.”  Jon rubbed her back while she cried and he tried to comfort her. “I’m here now.”  He held her while the tears flowed.
Stephanie came in to find a crying Lexie and went off on her dad.
“What did you say to her?”  Stephanie rushed over to where they sat.
“I just told her why,” He started to say but Stephanie jumped back in.
“She has been waiting on you to call her, she was so worried about what you would say.  I thought you’d be happy.”  She railed at her father.  “I guess I was wrong.”
“What are you talking about,” then he stopped. Looking between his pissed off daughter and his crying fiancé, he sat her up on his lap.  “Did the doctor call back?”  He asked Lexie.
All she could do was nod, tracks of her tears on her cheeks.
“Text.”  Stephanie told him.
“They texted you the pregnancy report?”  He asked Lexie softly.
Sniffing loudly she nodded her head again.
Stephanie took that time to leave the room to give them privacy.
Jon reached over for a handful of Kleenex and dabbed at the tears that still seeped from her closed eyes. So they were going to have a baby.  Deep breath Jonny boy, it’s not like you haven’t been down this road before, remember the jet on standby with Romeo?  Take it one step at a time. 
“Lex, honey, we’re going to have a baby.”  Jon said softly.
Lexie looked deep into his eyes, he’s not mad, but he’s not happy either.  What was she going to do about that? Sure he had Stephanie and the boys, wouldn’t he want a child that was theirs? The smile on his face didn’t reach his eyes.
“A baby.” She tried to paste a smile on her face, but more tears threatened to fall.
Stephanie came out, she had a feeling things weren’t going very well between Lexie and her dad.
“Lex, you better come get ready, or we’ll be late for the dinner.”  She said as she walked over to where she sat on her dads lap.  I’ll help you.”
She got Lexie up and moving toward the bedroom. 
“You need a soothing shower,” Stephanie told her, as she turned behind her back and scowled at her dad.


  1. Why is Steph mad at her Dad? it's none of her business and she has no idea how either of them feel right now. So but out kid!

  2. Yeah, Steph seems a little to in charge here. Hope the adults talk soon. They are already on two different thought processes...

  3. Looks like big misunderstanding's all the way. I don't think Jon & Lexi have had enough time to talk the whole baby thing out. Its all been over the phone. And yes Steph is overstepping but sometimes all teenage girls do & really over dramatize everything.

  4. Steph needs to apologize to her dad & show some respect - he hadn't even heard any news yet & she was all over him for nothing. after the dinner she needs to stay in her own room & let her dad & Lexi sort this out themselves.
    I'm sure once they talk everything will be fine.

  5. Any chance of an update soon?