Saturday, May 24, 2014

Did The Rabbit Die?

Lexie waited until she had a lunch break to call the doctor that was suggested by Dr. Sally.  She made an appointment for one, she would take a cab over and be back at three.  Stephanie decided that she should come along. 

“Steph, all they’re going to do is draw blood.” Lexie told her as the traveled through Chicago.

“No ultrasound?”  Stephanie asked.

“Honey, it’s too soon for anything like that.  We don’t even know if I am or not.” Lexie crossed her fingers.

They rushed in and signed in, she was taken back and true to her word, they drew blood and peed in a cup. They would contact her with the results. 

The rest of the day she was a bundle of nerves, she was going to have to call Jon.  And tell him what, she thought she might be pregnant, that she missed a few pills?  Would he be mad, would he even want more kids? Did she want a baby, what would it do to her career? 
She checked her phone, no messages.  Taking her dinner break she went into the room and shut the door and locked it.  Stephanie and Robbie were going to get dinner and she would meet them in Robbie’s room after her call.

One ring, two rings Jon looked at the caller ID and answered the call.

“Hey babe.”  He tried to make his voice calm.

“Hey, how’s Boston and the boys?”  She tried to put off the reason for the call as long as she could.

“Great, Bill can’t wait to meet you, Jess fielded a few catches today and the terrible two tormented the 
Photographers.  Other than that, pretty boring.  How’s the conference?”  Jon moved out of the balcony looking out over the city of Boston

“Great, Steph is such a big help, handing out bags and giving bookmarks out to the ones in line.  I’m so proud of her.”  Lexie sat on the end of one of the beds.  She had told him the truth, Stephanie was a big help.

“Great,” Jon sat on one of the chairs and propped his boots up on the railing of the balcony.  Who was going to bring up the Doctor appointment, him or her?  “Anything exciting happen?” He opened the door for her.

“I found out I’m up for three awards.” She told him as she toyed with her nametag. 

“That’s great, will they be awarded at the dinner tomorrow night?”  He sipped the beer he had brought out with him.  “Anything else happen today?”

“Jon is this your way of asking about Dr. Sally’s call?” She couldn’t take it anymore.

“Yeah, I guess it is.” He laughed “Are you alright?”  He sobered p

“Yeah, I guess so.  I haven’t heard from the test they did.”  She wish she had something more to tell him, but no news is good news, she guessed.

“What kind of test did they do?”  He dropped his boots from the rail.

“Blood work up and a urine test.”  She noticed her voice dropped. 
He wasn’t quick with the next question.

“Jon?”  She asked him after a few seconds of dead air.

“When will you know?”  He asked.  He knew the only reason they would do blood and urine tests was to determine pregnancy.  “Why would you need these test?”

“I haven’t heard, they said they would contact me tonight.” She felt the tears building.  “I might have missed a few pills?

“It’s okay honey, how many did you miss?”  He could hear her about to break out in tears.  “Didn’t they tell you when you started you could miss one or two and not get pregnant? You might be getting upset over nothing.”

“You’re not mad?”  She asked.

He had to think about that, sure he wanted a child with her, they were both still healthy and she was younger then him, he just thought they would be married, before they became parents

“You are mad, I knew you would.  To miss four pills, I was so worried about meeting your family and your friends.”  She let the tears come, she was tired of being brave and strong.

“You missed four?” He sat up straighter.  “Honey that was almost two months ago.”

“I know.” She sniffed.

“Honey, we’ll get through this.” He thought back over the last two months. The night before she let she told him she was cramping, they just cuddled.  “I that why you just wanted to cuddle last night?”

“I was packing my bag and noticed I had more pills than I should.  I didn’t want to chance it.” She sniffed again.

“Honey, don’t cry, I’m not mad.”  Jon tried to reassure her, he just wished he was in Chicago instead of Boston. “I love you, we’ll make great parents for this little one.”

“If I am pregnant.” She sniffed and tried to smile.

“If you’re pregnant.” Jon had to smile.

“I got to go eat, if I can get anything past the butterflies in there.” She tried to laugh.

“Feed them and yourself.  I love you Lex.” Jon made a big decision that he hoped the boys would understand.

“I love you too Jonny.”  She rang off the call and checked her messages, still nothing.
Jon looked at his phone and shook his head, now to break the news to the boys.


  1. Aaawwww... They would make great parents. I dont think a baby before marriage is that big of a deal.... Cant wait for the results.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. *sings to the tune of the Flight of the Valkyries *
    Kill The Rabbit!
    Kill The Rabbit!
    Kill The Rabbit!

  3. Lol, kill the rabbit lol.

    Great chapter. I just like love these two. Good on Jon for being understanding. I hope she is pregnant. She'll be a wonderful mom.

  4. I think he's jumping the gun a little in telling the boys. Wait until you hear from the doctor. If you want to be pregnant then don't jinx it by telling anyone. Just wait until Lexie calls back.