Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chapter 63

Jon didn't get a chance to bring it back up for several weeks, they were sitting at Jesse's game. She was leaving the next day to head out toward Cleveland. Stephanie was going with her since her report card showed she was still on the A/B honor roll.

Dinner after the game, wasn't giving them the time for a one on one. It would have to wait, till they got home.

Steph, get your suitcase packed, have it down here in an hour.” Lexie told her as they went in the door.

Okay Lex.” Stephanie said as she ran to her room.

Why does she need to have her suitcase in an hour?” Jon said as he followed her into their room. “You two don't leave until tomorrow.”

Robbie's coming by tonight to pick up the suitcases, so I need to get packed.” She pulled her rolling Louie Vuitton out and put it on the chair. Going back into the closet starting to load clothes in her bag.

I thought we could share a little time together before you leave.” Jon said as he sat on the slipper chair at the end of the bed.

Jon, you can have your wicked way with me after I pack and you check to make sure you have your tickets for the football game and the time for the flight. Check to make sure the boys are packed.” She went to her lingerie drawer pulling out frilly undies and put them in her bag. Going into the on suite she came out with her travel bag.

I'll check on the boys, you finish up here.” Standing up he pulled out his wallet, opening it he showed her the tickets. Stashing his wallet in his pocket he left the room.

Lexie laughed and went back into the bathroom. Opening her side of the medicine chest she got out her prescription. Looking at the round disk she got a puzzled look on her face. Shaking her head the added it to her bag. Then got it out again and looked at the tiny pills in the plastic ring, flipping it over and noting the date it was filled counting the days. How did she miss four pills? Should I tell Jon, he's gonna be pissed. She tossed the pills into her case, fingers crossed she was safe, her period wasn't due for a week. Counting backwards she knew she might have missed one or two when they had the family spaghetti Sunday. She might have missed one when she had to go to Milwaukee for the day, those spur of the moment signings were so fast, fly out fly in the same day. Where did she miss the last one?

Walking back to the bedroom just as Jon came back in.

Boys are packed the plane is booked and waiting, wish you two were using it and not flying commercial.” He came in and flopped on the bed. “You about done?”

There was the opening she needed, why couldn't she tell him.

We need to put off the wicked ways.” She put her jeweler bag in her suitcase.

Not your period?” Jon actually looked sad.

How hard can it be, just tell him you missed four little pills, she just couldn't, not until she talked to Dr Sally. He could tell her if she was in trouble. She would call him tomorrow, tonight they better not chance it.

Cramps are starting, sorry babe.” She lied.

We can still cuddle.” He smiled.

I'd like that.” She said as she zipped her bag and sat it on the floor.
I'm going to check on Steph will you take my bag down?” She telescoped the handle and rolled it to the door.

Jon got off the bed and grabbed the handle. Leaning close he kissed her quickly on the lips. “It's gonna be a long weekend.” Jon whispered.

It's only three days, you'll be in football heaven, you won't even remember my name.” She teased.

Who were you again?” he teased back. “Oh yeah, my soon to be wife.” He leaned her on the door and teased her lips with his.

She was slowly starting to melt into him when the door buzzer went off and Stephanie yelled “That's Robbie, I'll buzz him up Lex.”

Jon groaned.

Stephanie was down helping Robbie set up the table and put all the swag bags behind the table and covered them up. Lexie knew it was now or never to call doctor Sally.

So Alexis, you say you skipped a few of your birth control pills?” Dr Sally asked her. “How many are we talking about one or two or more?”

I know of three, I might have missed four.” Lexie walked around the suite and looked down on the pool area.

Have you missed any periods since you forgot your pills?” You could hear the doctor taking notes.

Well, you know I'm not ever regular, you can't set your clock by me.”Lexie watched a mother chasing after a little white blonde haired little boy. She smiled at the thought of carrying Jon's child. Boy, no a girl with Jon's hair but her green eyes.

Well, do you feel pregnant?” the doctor asked.

Lexie had to laugh at that.

I've never been pregnant so I don't know how it feels.” She turned from the window and looked right into the wide eyed shocked look in Stephanie's eyes.


  1. Ooooooops!
    Don't tease us Alfiepooh! Give us more PLEEEEEAAAAASE!!!

  2. Don't make us wait girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm laid up!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hhhmmmm. It IS possible...
    What will she tell Steph? She's old enough to know... Will she confide in Steph or will she say she was just wondering and called the Dr...??

    Honestly I thought you were going to say Jon was the one who overheard...

  4. interesting development. but will Jon really be mad if she is?