Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chapter 64

Lexie turned at the sound of a gasp, staring into the shocked sapphire eyes of her soon to get StepDaughter.

I'll come in when I can.” Lexie told the doctor and held up her finger to Stephanie to hang on a second.

I have a former colleague there, I'll call her and you can stop in there and get checked. I'll call you back with the appointment.” Dr Sally informed Lexie.

Okay, thanks Doc.” She disconnected the call.

Oh my God, can this get anymore screwed up.” Lexie looked up toward the ceiling for divine intervention.

Are you?” Stephanie whispered, like they were in a room full of people.

Am I what Steph?” She tried to pull it off, but she could tell by the look in her eyes, Steph was no dumb blonde. “I don't know.” Lexie sank down on the small sofa in the suite.

Does daddy know?” Stephanie came over asking the million dollar question.

No, and until I am for sure, we aren't going to tell him.” She watched the young girl sink to her knees in front of her. “Steph no one is to know, I may have my period next week and there is no reason to get anyone upset if or if not I am pregnant,”

Do you think Daddy will be upset if you are?” Stephanie asked as she reached out to touch Lexie tummy.

I don't know Steph, I really don't know.” Lexie told her.

Well if you are, I'm putting in my order for a sister.” She laughed

Lexie laughed and pulled Stephanie up into a hug.

Lets go get some lunch and see if Robbie needs help.” They got up and headed down to the venue floor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Jon herded his three sons out on the practice field of the New England Patriots. Romeo and Jakey were fooling around when he heard someone call his name. Turning he reached up to grab and spinning football.

Nice catch Bongiovi, you here just to watch or to be the new tackling dummy?” His friend and football buddy Bill Belichick called out, walking up to Jon and Jesse with is outstretched hand.

Brought the boys early to check out the new team.” Jon shook his hand and smiled.

If the news can be trusted to be truthful, I hear congratulations are in order. The new bride to be not into football?” Bill slapped Jon on the back.

Oh she loves football but she has her choice of teams.” Jon grinned at the idea of a die hard Forty Niners fan on the field of the Patriots. “I guess you heard all about my Lexie?”

Hell I read some of her books, She's got you down to a t.” He teased Jon.

Yeah, there's talk of a movie deal.” He said as his phone went off in his pocket. “I need to take this.” He told Bill when he noticed the name on the caller ID was Dr Sally's office.

Hey Jess, want to go field a few?” Bill took Jesse over to where the Quarterback was throwing long passes to players down field.

Once they were out of earshot he moved to the sidelines out of the way for the photographers on the field. Quickly hitting redial he got the receptionist.

Doctors Sally, Horton and Easley, would you like to make an appointment?” Came the bubbly voice of the receptionist.

This is Jon Bongiovi, you called my cell?” He knew that this was Lexie's Gynecologist , she had been talking about making an appointment. She had added his contact numbers when she changed doctors.

Yes, I have a note here for Alexis and we haven't been able to get in touch with her.” The receptionist in formed him.

She's in Chicago this weekend for a book conference, she must be on the venue floor and has no reception.” Jon told the lady.

Well, that is why we are trying to get in touch with her. Dr Sally has the number of an Gynecologist  there, for her to see.” She told Jon.

Give me the name and number and I'll,” Jon started to say but the receptionist stopped him.

We texted her and she just responded.” The young lady told Jon.

Jon was just about to tell her to still give him the number, she disconnected the call. Standing there he stared at the screen, if there hadn't been a field full of photographers he would have gladly spiked his phone in the ground.

He call Lexie cell and waited until it went to voice mail.

'You have reached the phone of Alexis Madison, No name no call back so you know the drill” BEEP.

Jon didn't know what to say so he went with the obvious. “Hey Lex, when you get a chance call me. I got a call from Dr Sally. Is everything alright? Call me please.” he sent the call and waited.

Lexie was talking with fans when Stephanie noticed her miss call on her cell lite up. Picking up the phone she listened to the call.

Oh Jeeze” She returned the call.

Hey babe, how is the conference going?” Jon asked as he was shocked she returned the call so fast.

It's going great daddy, Lexie's talking to another group of fans.” Stephanie told him. “Robbie has me handing out swag bags. No one has recognized me yet.”

That's great sweetie, can I speak to Lexie?” He smiled that she was helping Lexie and Robbie.

Daddy there's a line almost out the door. Can she call you back tonight or on dinner break.” She handed out another bag, this one had a book in it, she knew the lady would like it.

Yeah, I guess it could wait. Have fun.” He knew he wouldn't get to get to talk to Lexie until much later.

I'll tell Lexie to call you when she gets a break. Have fun at the practice field.” She disconnected the call and sighed a sigh of relief. She bought Lexie time to come up with an answer why Dr Sally was giving her the name of another gynecologist while she was here this weekend.


  1. hmm... is it good or bad news Lexi has to share?
    Alice please... don't let us wait to long ;-)

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  3. Rut Roh!
    I hope it is a girl! :)