Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chapter 68

Lexie got dressed, Stephanie did her makeup.  She sat there looking at her reflection in the mirror.  Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God.  Please God let him still love me, that this baby will have its daddy’s love.

Jon had quickly changed into his suit, after calling Mark one of his assistant, “Yeah I want two dozen pink roses, and yes I know it’s the close to the end of October, but I want pink ones.”

“Jon, the cost of two dozen is one thing but pink might cost” Mark pleaded with Jon to change colors.

“Pink, with maybe a few of those blue flowers in it, and no I don’t know what they are called just do it Mark.”  Jon hung up, his assistant I should have called Dezie she would know what to buy.  I really screwed up, she thinks I’m not happy.  But I am, I never thought I would find someone after the hell of the divorce, now we’re going to get married and have a baby

Jon sat waiting on his two girls, the thoughts of the baby kept playing around in his head.  Someone knocked on the door, knowing it couldn’t be the flowers this fast.  Walking to the door he let the girls know he got the door.

Once again looking in the peep hole he saw Robbie.

“They’re getting dressed.”  He let the assistant in the door.

“I just went down and looked at the seating and you three are sitting in the center of the room, is that going to be a problem for you?”  Robbie told him as he passed him going n “Hum, Kenny Cole not bad rocker not bad at all.  I should let Christian take you on, he’s putting out his own line this winter.”  Robbie fingered his shoulder seam on his he walked past.

“Lex, Robbie’s here.”  Jon called out as they went into the living area.

Stephanie came out first.

“Hey Robbie, wow dad, Uncle Kenny did a great job on short notice.”  Stephanie carried her sandals.

“I told him Christian should dress him.”  Robbie told her.

“Daddy, can you help Lexie?  I think she’s nervous.”  Stephanie said as she sat beside Robbie on the sofa to put on her sandals.

“Sure,” Jon said heading to the bedroom.

Jon opened the bedroom door to see Lexie standing in front of the mirror.

“Wow Lex you look great.”  He leaned on the doorjamb watching her staring into the full length mirror.

“I don’t look pregnant, maybe the results are wrong.”  She turned right then left looking at herself in the mirror.

“You won’t for a few more weeks.” He said pushing off the door and moving up behind her.  Placing his chin on her shoulder and his hands spread across her abdomen.  “Our baby” he said softly.

She placed her hands on top of his.  “You’re not mad?”  She looked at his eyes in the mirror.

“I’m not mad, shocked just like you.”  He gazed into her eyes.  “But never mad.” 

They stood there a minute until Stephanie knocked on the door. 

“We’ll be there is a second.” He watched her back out of the room. “You ready to go win those awards?”

“Yeah, I’m ready now.” She said as she turned her to face him and kissed his cheek.

They walked together down to the convention room set up for the dinner.  You could hear the whispers starting to sweep the room.

Jon held her chair out and let her sit, then moved to seat Stephanie.

“Where is Robbie sitting?”   Lexie looked around the room for her assistant.

“He gave me his seat so I could sit with you,” he told her as he sat down and looked at the salad that sat in front of him.  Robbie probably got the chicken, he tried not make a face.

Stephanie leaned over and whispered. 

“Your covers blown.” She giggled.

Ah hell this is Lexie night, not meet the rock star.  He looked over at Lexie, she was still a little flushed from earlier.  Maybe they’ll leave us alone.  He chuckled to himself. I got a snowballs chance in hell.

Does Jon look uncomfortable?   Lexie kept looking at Jon out of the corner of her eye.

The long night began with two women coming up during the salad portion.  Jon was polite signed the programs and handed them to Lexie to sign and then passed them back to the ladies.  Then during the main course a few more, till security made them move along.

“Sorry Lex, this is about you, not me.”  He took her hand across the table.

“Comes with the territory.”  She smiled at him.  “I don’t mind sharing the spotlight.”

By the end of the night the table was loaded with awards.  She thanked everyone, at the end she smiled at him.
“And finally I want to thank my Editor, without him sending me into the mountains in the dead of winter, I wouldn’t have met the love of my life and get to share his wonderful children.” She looked from Stephanie to Jon.  She never said their names, but everyone knew who they were.

Someone sent a bottle of sparkling cider to the table.  Jon poured her a glass, he toasted her win.  Security came by the table and they were escorted through the kitchen and up the service elevator.

“So this is the rock star way to leave a dinner?”  Lexie asked Jon who carried her awards for her. 

“Yep, stinks sometimes when we have to jump in the laundry carts, but sometimes it’s safer this way.”  He followed the ladies when they got to their floor. 

Lexie opened the door, placing her room card on the table and kicked off her shoes.  Jon followed her in and placed her awards on the table by the door and took off his jacket.  Stephanie came in and locked the door, following her dad she kicked off her shoes.  Picking her shoes up and bid good night to her dad and Lexie.

Jon watched her close her room door.

“She has been such a help to me, working the table and supporting me.  I don’t know what I would have done without her this weekend.”  She sat on the sofa and propped her feet on the coffee table.

Jon folded his jacket over the club chair and went to join her on the sofa.

“That’s one thing she learned from both me and her mom.”  Jon pulled her into the circle of his arms, lifting her onto his lap.  “When the band got big, Dot could have sat back and lived off the money and the fame.  She had her own Dojo and kept that up until a few years ago.”  Jon got quiet when talking about his ex.  “After Romeo was born, she sort of lost interest in the Dojo and sold it to one of the other instructors.  We were doing back to back tours, she was pulling away.” 

“I love to write, I don’t think I could ever give it up.”  She laid her head on his shoulder.  “Even when I have writers block, I love to thrash it out.” 

“I would never ask or want you to stop doing what you loved to do.”  He rubbed her back. They sat there quietly talking, the subject of their wedding came up.  “You still want to get married at the river house?”

Lexie sat up and smiled.

“Yes I do, with the gates and the trees, security will be easy” her eyes sparkled when she talked about the trees being in full color, if they did it in fall.  There was no talk about being in fall, winter or spring, but it would be soon.


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  2. Awe so glad they got to talk things out & are planning the wedding. Great chapter. I just love these two.