Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chapter 40

Mark took Stephanie over to the phones and they looked at the latest version.

“I guess all my information is toast on here.” She said as they walked over.

“I can see what we can do for you, I'll need your number.” he pulled the phone off his hip

“212-325-2825” She told him. **

“You pick out which one you want and I'll see what magic we can do.” Mark took the bag and walked behind the counter and then disappeared into the back.

Stephanie smiled and decided on the white one and then went and looked at the protection cases. She walked around and watched Mark when he came out of the back room. He was not the kind of guy you saw at Polly Prep, more blue collar than blue chip. You've been too long from school that you're jonesing over a mountain hick. She watched him come back with something in his hand.

“Oh my God, you got it back together, could you get anything off it?” She gushed. It would take her months to get all her numbers back and forget all the pictures on it.

“This is a backup, I worked some magic and will transfer it to your new phone.” He showed her to phone he used. “So what did you decided on?” He noticed the phone and case in her hand.

After all the paperwork was done and her phone was charged she looked up to see Jesse and her brothers standing in the doorway.

“So Stephanie, you and your family here for a vacation?” He asked as he handled the charge, the name on the card not ringing any bells.

“Yeah, my dad and brothers came up here for some family bonding. So is there much to do around here?” She tried to wave off her brothers.

“We got a decent club and some burger joints. Most you find in a college town. Not what you see in the big city, but its good.” He put the case on her phone.

“My Brothers friend told him about it, we might be going tomorrow night.” She looked up at him under her eyelashes as she signed the receipt and the contract forms.

Handing her the phone and the bag with all the the papers, accessories and the empty boxes for the case and phone.

“Maybe I'll see you there.” He said as his hand brushed hers.

“I hope so.” She said looking up at him

Her brothers had waited enough for her came into the store. Jesse watched his sister with the sales guy, And she strikes again. God why me, dad'll kill him then me for leaving her alone with the opposite sex.

“You done sissy?” Romeo asked from half way the middle of the store.

Stephanie rolled her eyes.

“Let me guess, your brother?” Mark laughed.

“One of three, the youngest.” She wanted the floor to open up and swallow her. “Romeo, inside voice.” She turned to her brothers.

Jesse took the card she had in her hand.

“You ready Steph?” Jesse asked

“Yeah, I just got finished.” She looked from Jesse to Mark. “Mark was able to get my phone moved to the new one.”

“Great, You got a good hard case?” He asked her.

“The best we have.” Mark answered.

Jesse looked the guy over, he seemed okay, at first glance, but so do most cereal killers.

“Good, you ready to feed the rats?” Jesse turned his attention back to his sister.

“Yeah,” She turned her attention back to Mark. “Thank you for your help, I thought I would lose everything.”

“No problem.” Mark smiled, “Have fun tomorrow night.”

“I hope so,” She started to walk past Jesse when he touched her arm.

Mark had gone to the next customer but he kept looking back at Stephanie.

“Why did you tell him about tomorrow night?” Jesse asked as they walked out in the mall.

“It just came up, I asked him about things to do here. Anyway, he was kind of cute and I might want to see him again.” Stephanie steer the boys toward the food court.

“Isn't he older than you, what would he want to be with you?” Jesse asked as he walked with Jake.

“Isn't Sally older than you?” She looked at all the food choices. “Romey what would you like for dinner?”

“She's just being nice because of Dad, she's in Lexie's chat.” Jesse looked at the choices too. “Jakey you see anything you want?”

“So it's okay for you to go out with someone who is older but not me?” Stephanie asked.

“Do you not want to go?” He looked down at his sister. “I can always call her and tell her its off.”

“No I don't want to cancel, it's the first time since with got here it'll be fun.” She sighed.

“Don't fight.”

It was so quiet they almost didn't hear it. They both looked around to see who said it. Seeing no one paying them any attention they went back to their conversation,

“If you would just grow up a little and quit being such a princess you wouldn't have so many problems and I wouldn't have a record.” Jesse told her.

“I am not being a princess, and I am older than you, you spoiled brat.” Stephanie all but sneered “I didn't ask you to step in you should have let the old bat hit me.”

“Oh sure, you think she wouldn't have beat you with her cane?” Jesse asked her.

“At least I wouldn't be stuck here in bum fuck Egypt.” Stephanie flopped down. “Momma would leave Graham and come back to daddy and we would be a family again.”
“Stephie?” Romeo asked

“Wake up Steph, mom and Dad aren't going to get back together, that's never going to happen.” Jesse sat down. “Dad likes Lexie, he likes her a lot. Mom loves Graham, just because you get Granny so mad she takes a swing at you isn't going to change that.”

“Jesse I got to tell you something.” Romeo tried with his brother since his sister isn't paying him any attention.

“In a second Romey.” Jesse was getting exasperated.

“But I don't want daddy to like Lexie, if he would just try he could get momma back.” Stephanie put her bag on the table and pulled out her new phone in the pink hard case.

“But Stephie you got to listen to me.” Romeo grabbed her phone, “Jesse I got to tell you something.”

“Romey that's my new phone don't break it.” Stephanie snatched it back. “Whats so important that you took my phone?”

Romeo looked at his two older siblings and sighed. “Jakey's gone.”

** Do not call number I made it up. The only number that is right is the area code for SoHo in New York.


  1. "Jesse looked the guy over, he seemed okay, at first glance, but so do most cereal killers."
    Alfiepooh, I'm still laughing at that one!

  2. They lost Jake! Sure hope they find him before he gets hurt or someone tries to take him. Jon is going to be pissed when he finds out. Wouldn't be surprised if he cancels Stephanie and Jesse's plans for the next few weeks.