Monday, June 17, 2013

Chapter 39

After lunch Jon and Jesse sat down and started to learn the new set up.

“I didn't want to make it ease for the hackers to get into it. So Dad, all in lower case your gonna type lexnkidd.” and so dad computer 101 began.

“It keeps booting me out.” Jon groaned

“No dad, all lower case no spaces lexnkidd.” he watched his dad repeatedly type the wrong thing in.

“What am I doing wrong?” He handed the laptop.

“Dad, its really easy,” He handed to laptop back to him “Lets try it one more time.”

“Why didn't you use something easy,” Jon took the laptop and waited.

“What like bonjovi, then any hacker could get on and use it. You need to learn it, just in case we come back,” Jesse spoke really slow, “Type the following letters, all lower class, l,e,x,n,k,i,d,d and it enter.”

Jon slowly typed the letters and finally he was in.

“Yes, don't tell your uncle Tony or Matty how hard it was for me to get in.” Jon started searching through different area's.

“Hey dad, can Steph and I go into town. She needs a phone and I'd like to check out whats there,” Jesse asked as he watched his dad log into the chat site “You know you can bookmark the site.” He showed his dad how and waited.

“You two be here for dinner?” Jon thought about making them take the boys.

“Not sure, don't know how long it takes Steph, you know how she is ones she gets into a mall.” Jess laughed a little.

“I'll treat dinner, if you take your brothers.” Jon peeked up at his son,

“Dad, they'll run crazy and want everything they see.” Jesse groused

“True, but it would give me and Lexie time to talk and it'll feed the two beast.” He hinted.

“I'll talk it over with Steph.” Jesse knew his sister would put a botch on bring the two ankle bitters.

Leaving the game room and headed to his sisters room, He found her in the window seat reading.

“You up for a trip to the mall?” Jesse stuck his head in.

“Are you shitting me?” She looked up from her book.

“Yeah dad said we could go,” He came into the room.

“Whats the hitch?” She marked her page and closed the book,

“We have to take the rats with us.” He learned on the door. “Feed em while we're out.”

She thought about it and shrugged. “We can handle them. You better call Sadie and let her know we plan on going out with her tomorrow.”

Jesse nearly fell in the floor.

“Okay, who are you and what have you done to my sister, and her name is Sally.” He pushed away from the door.

“I just did a lot of thinking since lunch, I owe daddy for all the mess I've caused. Jess I really messed up this time,” She watched him walk over to the other side of the window seat and sit down. “We can't go home to mommy, she can't even let us come and visit.”

“Steph, you know there was going to be fall out for what we did.” he reached over and put his hand on her knee.

“Yeah but not Romey and Jakey, they're the ones getting a raw deal. Jakey hardly talks, Romey was with daddy and now he can't even visit mommy.” She looked about ready to cry.

Jesse knew his sister was a good little actress, so he wasn't sure if she was acting or really feeling the results of her actions. He'd watch her to see how honest she was.

“I'll go get the rats, you get the keys from dad.” Jesse told her and got up to leave. “Steph, I hope you serious about all this.” He left without giving her time for rebuttal.

Stephanie stopped half way out of the window seat. I guess I deserve that. You can't turn back time.

She headed downstairs to get the keys, her dad was on the sofa typing away on the laptop.

“Hey daddy, Jess said we were going to replace my phone,” She walked over and sat beside him.

“Yeah, listen, keep an eye on your brothers, make them eat a good dinner.” He lowered the screen so she couldn't see what or who he was talking to.

“I will, Jess and I will take care of them. You can depend on me.” She told him.

“Keys are in the bowl on the table and” He stood up and for his wallet. “Here's for dinner,” He pulled out cash and then took his card out “For what ever the runts want and for to replace your phone.” He sat back down and picked up the laptop.

“Thanks daddy.” She took the card and the money and reached over and gave him a hug. “We'll be back around seven” She told him.

“Make it eight thirty. They boys bedtime is nine and they need to get a bath.” He winked.

“Okay Daddy.” She laughed “We will.”

She got up and got the keys and met Jesse and the boys.

“Okay, lets go.” The loaded up the Escalade and headed to town.

Kidd: hey Lex, the kids just left for town, Something happening with Steph.

M2S: Don't push her Jon, she'll talk when she's ready.

Kidd: I know she was talking to Dottie her phone took the blunt of the call.

M2S: Oh

She didn't know what to say, she never had children and she didn't want to tell him how to handle his, so she changed the subject.
M2S: How is she liking to books I sent her?

Kidd: She was excited when she saw them, she used to have a few of them.

She started to say something when she saw people coming into the Chat.

M2S: Welcome Sam. You're here early.

Just the three of them were in there.

Kidd: Hey Sam, how are you?

Sam: Good Kidd, waiting on a text.

Kidd: Should be getting one soon.

Sam: Good.

M2S: Well. Seems I'm out of the loop. Lol

Sam: I offered to take Kidds older two to a club in town.

Kidd: Sam works at the grocery store near the cabin.

M2S: Oh I see now

More people came in so talk changed to the new book release and other things.

Stephanie followed Jesse directions and they were soon at the mall. Pulling into a close space she turned to her younger brothers

“Rule one, you do not take off as soon as we get in the door. You will stick close to Jesse while I go to the Apple store.” She had her old phone in a bag, all four pieces.

“Dad gave me his card, so as soon as I am through getting my new phone will go where you two want to go.”

“Oh boy, Super Mario game.” Romeo yelled.

“Jake, you like Mario, is that what you want one also?” Jesse asked.

Jake just hunched his shoulders. Jesse looked over at his sister. That was so unlike his brother. If Romeo wanted Mario, Jake wanted something else.

“Okay, why don't you three go see whats available for dinner and I'll meet you at the food court,” Stephanie got out of the car and waited on her brothers to follow.

They separated at the door once they looked at the mall map. Stephanie headed to the Apple store while the boys about when in three directions.

Signing in she started looking around. Looking at the iPads and the iPhones and all the goodies that goes with them. Granted if she hadn't had a jeweled case and had a more sturdy one, she wouldn't have a bag of phone parts.

“Stephanie, Your Geek is ready.”came the call over the P.A. She headed to the front of the store. She pulled up when she saw the guy waiting to help her.

“I'm Stephanie,” She said softly,

A pair of golden brown eyes looked down in her blue ones and she held her breath.

“I'm glad, I mean I'm Mark, what can I help you with.” He smiled and in Stephanie's mind she heard birds sing.

“I broke my phone.” she held out the bag.

Mark took the bag and looked in, jiggling it to hear how much noise it made.

“Well, looks like time for an upgrade, hope he got what he deserved.” Mark said with a wink.

Stephanie giggled.


  1. Looks like Stephanie has made a new friend. Wonder how daddy is going to like that? Lol

  2. Looks like Stephanie's mood should improve dramatically now! My concern is Jake. What's up with him?