Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chapter 37

Jon headed up the stairs counting each step taking him to his doom. Walking down the hall he got to her closed door. Taking a deep breath he raised his hand to knock, stopping when he heard her on her cell,

“But mommy there is nothing to do here.” She said.

“But can't you come and get me.” She pleaded

“What do you mean you can't,” She sniffed “He has full custody, you mean I can't come live with you.” She sniffed again

Jon really wished he could hear what his ex was telling her.

“Graham doesn't want me to live with you, Mommy are you going to let him do that?” Her voice raising. “What do you mean I did it to myself? You can't mean that, mommy, mommy”

He heard a loud crash and wondered what she threw and what it was going to cost him to fix.

He knocked on the door.

“Steph, can I come in?” he called through the closed the door.

“Go away” She called back to him.

Something heavy hit the door, a book perhaps.

“Okay, but I'm right down the hall if you need me.” he called back

Heading back downstairs to check on the boys. Jesse had the two playing on the Wii. He passed onto cleaning up the kitchen.

“She okay dad?” He looked over his shoulder at his oldest son.

“I don't know Jess, I really don't know.” he hung his head.

“Let me go talk to her, see what's going on.” Jess said not giving him a chance to say anything.

Jesse got to closed door, he could hear her crying through the closed door. He didn't knock just walked in. He noticed the books all over the floor and what looks like her cell phone in about four pieces. She was sitting in the window seat, curled into a ball, crying. Going over the nudged her over and pulled her into his arms.

He waited till the tears wound down before he spoke.

“You want to talk about it?” He asked when she finally stopped talking.

“Mommy said I can't live with her and Graham, that He won't let me.” She sniffed.

Jesse wasn't shocked when he heard that.
“I think you burned that bridge when you showed yourself while they were on their honeymoon.” Jesse told her.

“Hey I thought you were here to comfort me.” She sniffed loudly

“Steph, are you listen to yourself? Do you remember what you did to Grahams family, you really thinks he wants you anywhere near them.” He wasn't going to let her feel sorry for herself. “Dad has custody of us now, no visitation, full custody.”

“You mean Mommy has the visitation now, well, I want to go visit her,” She told him.

“If I head Dad and his lawyer right, she can visit us at our house, we can't go to her house. Grahams mom is living with them.” He told her as he watched her get up to pace the room. “We, you and me can't be around Grands.”

Stephanie sat on the bed and put her head in her hands. ''I'm screwed then”

“Well yeah I guess we all are. I don't see her leaving Graham anytime soon. I don't see Dad wanting her back. So time to be the oldest and buck up.” He nudged her shoulder.

“Been talking to Grandpa much?” she let him nudge her this time. “Buck up, Jesse.” She shook her head.

“Now that this has settled, lets talk about Lexie.” He waited for her to blow.

“Must we, you changed your tune really fast.” She made a face.

“Actually. I heard him talking on the phone with her several times, he's like one of us talking to a crush. It's funny.” he laughed. “I saw him going into that chat room and he didn't even know what l 8 ter meant.”

“What's that got to do with Lexie.” She ashed him.

“It was her chat room. He's been there before, they call him, Kidd. No one knows he's who he is or if they do, their keeping on the down low.” Jesse reached for her laptop and a few click's he was on line.

“You think we can catch them online together?” Steph looked over his shoulder.

“Doubt it, the wifi sucks would knock one of us off. Get dad to let us go into town with him while he shops, I'll see if I can tweek it.” He checked into shops in town for computer place.

“Someone will have to watch the runts, I doubt he'll take them to the store.” Steph sighed.

“Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. There it is, now I just need to get Dad to take me.” jesse power down the computer. “So game plan is to get into town tomorrow. He got up and headed to the door. “You okay with all this?”

Steph looked up and though about the phone call and how she felt now.
“Yeah, I think I am.”

“Good, now think hard till the end of the week and do what you think is best.” Jesse said as he headed to the door.

“Oh Lexie, I'll try.” She said as she cleared off the bed. Looking over at his look of question. “I really mean it, I'll try.”

“I'll hold you to that.” He said as he left the room.

Jon was bringing up the two youngest Jovi boys to bed.

“She going to be okay?” Jon whispered.

“I hope so, I really hope so Dad.” Jess headed down to his room.


  1. I love it how Jesse is trying to help his dad.
    And Stef is behaving like a 2 year old

  2. Leave it to the Jesse to straighten out his big sister. Time for Stephanie to grow up and accept the choices both her parents have made in their personal lives.

  3. Jesse sounds like he is much more mature than his older sister! Steph, grow up! Your parents are NOT getting back together. Looks like your mom prefers her new hubby more than you. At least your father respects your feelings. And it's time for him to be happy. Why don't you give Lexi a chance! You never know, maybe things will improve for you too!

    As always Alfiepooh, great chapter!

  4. How did Jesse get do mature? Wow Steph its time to learn from your baby brothers... All of then it seems are just a little more mature than Steph is being. Great chapter AF

  5. Steph is a drama queen but I see her as a normal teen trying to manipulate their parent. I commend you on writing her this way as mosts tories portray the kids as perfect understanding kids when in real life its not that way esp where divorce is concerned. also Jess comforting her really reminded me of Jon & his personality which is something he could've learned from his father.