Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chapter Three

It was almost two in the morning when he pulled up the drive. Looking over at Romeo, asleep in the back, he grabbed the remote and opened the second door to the four-car garage. Snow had been falling hard when he got closer to the chalet, he didn’t bother to notice the other jeep parked in the garage. He carried Romeo in and put him on the sofa in the living room. He didn’t even wake up. Jon went back out and hauled in the two suitcases. Once he put them in the second bedroom, he went back down and carried Romeo up and put in bed. Feeling worn out, he fell across the other bed in the room and was asleep in seconds.

Lexie was awaken by a low growl coming from Snowball. Getting on her robe she opened her room door and went downstairs to looked around. After checking the door locks she shook her head at the small dog.

“See, there isn’t anything, must have been the wind.” She yawned and went back upstairs.

Snowball sniffed along the upstairs hallway, growling as she went.

“Snowball, get in here.” She called the dog, which turned and ran back into the room where she stood. Leaving the door open, Lexie got back into the bed. Listening to the wind rattling the windows, she fell back asleep.

~ ~ ~

Once her inner clock woke her up, Lexie got dressed and took Snowball out to do her business. Once that was done, she went in and cleared out the ashes from her fire the night before. Once that was done, she turned on the stereo and went into the kitchen and started breakfast.

Romeo slowly woke to the smell of bacon cooking. Getting up, he didn’t wake his father; he followed the smell of bacon downstairs. His attention once down the last of the steps was the small white fuzzy dog lying on a beach towel. Snowball finding a new playmate, let Romeo pick her up and take her back upstairs. Climbing onto the bed with his father, Romeo put her on Jon’s stomach. Snowball finding this fun, she walked up Jon’s chest and put her cold nose on his chin.


  1. Awww....I want Snowball....this is so cute Alfie....

    Snowball has good taste...She just walked up Jon's chest...LOL....

    Can't wait for more honey!

  2. Well if that doesn't scare the piss outta him...

    ~ Hath