Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chapter 57

Stephanie pulled Jesse to the side as they we're heading into the kitchen to put their plates in the sink.

Jess, Daddy wants to talk to us after dinner.” Steph leaned on the counter as Jesse rinsed the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. “You remember what happened the last time he,” and she made the quote sign with her fingers, “Talked to us”, he and mom got divorced. I don't want to him to break up with Lexie.”

And I do?” Jesse tossed the rag into the sink, “She's the best thing that came into his life in a long time. He can't be breaking up with her.”

Well he goes, Steph, I need to talk to you and Jesse after dinner. It's the same way he said it before.” She hopped on the counter.

Well, if he wants us to be happy about it, he's in for a fight. Romy will pitch a fit.” He shut the door on the dishwasher a little harder than necessary.

Hey guys, your dad is talking with Romeo. I think he's going to let him off restrictions early.” She noticed the tension in the room, looking between the two teens she got a strange vibe off them. “Okay whats up, meatloaf dry, blame your dad, he had me hold dinner on him.”

Dinner was great, we were just talking about dad, he wants to talk to us.” Jesse told her.

I noticed he was in a talkative mood tonight. This house hold lots of memories for him, he was talking about bringing all of you home from the hospital.” She took her wine glass and poured the rest of the bottle in her glass and rinsed the bottle.

I thought daddy would sale the place, but he uses the place for fundraisers and there's the studio and the inn.” Stephanie told her. “We only come out here now on the weekend, mainly when Grandpop makes a pot of sauce.”

Everyone comes?” She was still nervous meeting the family and the rest of the band.

Yeah, well they want to meet you.” Jesse told her.

Me, they are coming to meet me?” She was still shocked. “I’m not anyone special.”

Daddy has kept you all to himself, the only one that has met you has been uncle Mookie.” Stephanie teased her.

Yeah, he took momma home to meet the folks, way back where they were in High School.” Jesse added to the teasing.

You guys are teasing me,” She laughed

You're so easy?” Jesse laughed.

Jon came into the kitchen and joined in the laughter,

What's so funny?” He came up behind Lexie and put his arms around her waist.

Jesse said I was easy.” Lexie laughed,

Well I wouldn't say that exactly.” Jon gave his son a funny look.

To tease dad, get your mind out of the gutter.” Jesse rolled his eyes.

Ha Ha” Jon faked a laugh. “Hey Lex, the reason I came looking for you, Jake is waiting on you in the family room. You two have a challenge to finish.”

I was kinda hoping he would forget that, I am so bad at that game.” She drained her wine glass and sat it in the drain and gave Jon a kiss on the cheek. “Let me go get beat.” She left them in the kitchen.

The kids just stood and stared at Jon.

I let Romey off restrictions.” He told his oldest two.

That's good.” Stephanie told him as she went to the fridge and got out a bottle of juice.

Yeah, good.” Jesse opened the dishwasher and added Lexie's wineglass.

Jon watched his two oldest, whats up with them. Maybe I should put off telling them about Lexie.

You wanted to talk to us?” Stephanie handed her brother a juice bottle. They both turned to look at Jon.

Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about Lexie.” Jon told them.

Well, we think it's terrible. How can you do this to her?” Stephanie jumped on her father.

What do you think it's gonna do to Romey and Jakey?” Jesse asked him, not bothering to hide his anger.

Whoa, you think it's terrible?” He reached in his pocket and toyed with the box.

Yes we do,” Jesse told him.

Why would it be so terrible?” Jon asked.

Why do you think it isn't?” Stephanie asked her dad.

Dad, the last time we has this talk, you told us that you and mom were going to divorce.” Jesse gave his dad his version of the stink eye.

Whoa, whoa right there, you think I'm breaking up with Lexie?” He asked his oldest.

Why else would you want a family meeting except to get us to smooth it over with the ankle biters?” Stephanie asked him.

I want to ask you two what you think of this?” He reached in his pocket and pulled out the white box.

You bought her a ring?” Jesse asked.

Stephanie took the box from him and opened it.

Pulling out an antique looking ring. Vintage diamond with a filigree band. It looked like something from the twenties, sort of great Gatsby look.

Where did you find it?” She asked handing the ring over to her brother.

I was walking through Soho and I found this little shop, never noticed it before, I walked in and was just looking around.” He told them.

Daddy you didn't buy Lexie a ring at salvation army?” Stephanie asked.

At that price I don't think so. This was a very vintage store, lots of clothes and jewelry.” Jon took the ring back and put it in the box. “Your mom and I just had plain bands, when I saw this ring, it just said Lexie.” Jon closed the ring box and put it back in his pocket.

When are you going to ask her, not with the whole family here.” Stephanie gasped.

Why not?” Both Jesse and Jon asked.

She might say no.” Stephanie told them.


  1. I wonder why Steph thinks she would say no??? hhhmmmm

  2. Jon, don't you think it would be nice if you planned a quiet, romantic evening for the two of you and then propose? Lexie deserves a proposal she can cherish instead of one done with all the Bongiovis watching. The pressure might compel her to turn you down.

  3. Jon, Jon, Jon... *shakes her head*
    Are you sure you wrote all of those beautiful love songs, or was it Richie?!?!?
    Call your brother from another mother for some romance tutorial! Lexie deserves a beautiful, romantic proposal. Make her feel special, cherished and loved!