Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chapter 56

Lexie took the key off the hook and left Jon a Note:

Took kds  went to HP to get started. Stopped at S&S got food. C U when U get here. 

The kids had clothes out there, they would rotate closets when they got there and donate the ones that didn't fit. She was the only one with a suitcase. Romeo was still on restrictions, she would have to check his room while they were all in homework mode. Pulling off when Steph told her, Lexie looked around so next time she wouldn't need help to get there.

Back in New York, Jon finished his meeting made three stops then headed to the townhouse. He noticed the quiet first, saw the note second. Laughing it took him a while to figure it out, he went into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water, set the alarm and headed to the garage.

Lexie pulled into the Stop and Shop parking lot and turned off the engine.

Okay where did I put the list Stephanie?” She rummaged in the sack she called a purse.

I have it Lex, you handed it to me.” Steph pulled the list out of the book she was reading.

Okay,” Looking at her list, the kids got out of the car and started to go in. “Lets do this” Lexie got out and followed them in.

Jesse grabbed the cart and followed behind Lexie. First stop was the produce department.

Lexie got all the salad fixings, Stephanie added apples and grapes, Jake add Banana's and Romeo added a big bag of peanuts in the shell.

Salted in the shell, not raw?” Lexie asked. None of the added item in the cart were on her list, but the kids would eat the fruit and it was good for them.

Salted.” Romeo ran his finger over the word on the bag.

Okay,” She nods her head and they move on in the store. Getting dinner things and the stuff for Sunday dinner, they were heading over the bridge to the house. As she pulled into the drive, one photographer was across the way. “Better let dad know we have one on the gate.” Jesse called from the back seat.

On it” Stephanie already had her cell out. “hey daddy, was gonna leave you a message.”

Got done early, you guys there yet?” Jon jockeyed for a slot on the Garden State.

Yeah just pulled in, we had one on the gate. By the time you get here take the back way in.” She told him as she watched Lexie pull to the front door. “We can go in the garage and it's better Lex.” She motioned for her to follow the drive. Soon she was parked between Stephanie's little bug and an old Chevy. “See ya when you get here daddy.”

Just got on the GSP. Tell Lex to hold dinner for me.” He rang off. With all the divorce and stuff he had added a drive for the Studio and the Inn that they Poppers hadn't found yet.

Daddy said hold dinner for him.” Stephanie.
said as they started unloaded the car. Lexie rolled her case with one hand and two grocery bags in the other.

Okay, groceries up and homework.” She put her bags on the table and tried not to look like a fish gaping for air. This was her dream kitchen.

I'll show you daddy's room and then I'll help with the groceries.” Stephanie took her suitcase and headed through the swinging door out of the kitchen.

Which is Romey's room?” Lexie asked Steph as they went up the back stairs.

Top of the stairs to the right, second door. Going to check for electronics?” Steph crested the top of the stairs.

Should I or wait for your dad to come and do it.” Lexie came to the top of the stairs.

Let daddy, Romey has been doing so good, he has detention for a hour after school. He and Mike now sit across the room from each other.” Stephanie said and she had to agree.

She left her case and went back down to the kitchen to start dinner. The kids were spread out in the kitchen, doing homework.

The meatloaf was finished and the veggies cooked all they had to do was wait on Jon.

Lexie was working with Jake on spelling when Jon came in the garage door.

Jake looked up as Jon walked in.

Daddy's home.” Jake shut the book and looked up at Lexie “Can we eat now?”

Sure, set the table and I'll get the food.” She ruffled Jake's hair.

Getting off the stool she had been sitting on working with Jake on spelling, she went over and gave Jon a little kiss.

Jon loved the homey feel of coming home to Lexie. Granted they lived in the city for the kids to go to Polly Prep, but this house would always be home.

You all settled in?” Jon asked as he watched her pulling the meatloaf out of the oven and turning off the stove. Home cooking as she called it. He had forgotten to call his cook, Ida, to come out this weekend. Patting his pocket of his jacket, the small box sat snug in the depths of his pocket.

Well come on Daddy, Jakey is starved.” Stephanie nudged him and she got out the chilled bottle of wine and the milk.

Hey Steph, I need to talk to you and Jesse after dinner, Okay?” Jon asked his daughter.

Sure Daddy, everything okay?” She asked, the last time he had to “Talk” with her and Jess, he was getting a divorce from their mom.

Depends, but after dinner, okay?” He took the wine out of her hand and headed to the dinning room.

Oh shit” Stephanie followed her dad shaking her head.


  1. hehehehe..... I think I know what he wants to say to Steph and Jess.....

  2. Lol, by her "Oh Shit" I think Stephanie figured out what her dad wants to talk to them about after dinner.

  3. Do we have a proposal coming up?