Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chapter 94

Lexie’s heart stopped, how the hell do they find this shit out? This will kill Jon she thought.

“You don’t know that it’s true.” Lexie told him. 

Jon didn’t say a word, but the vein on his neck throbbed. 

The rest of the ride to her floor was done in silence.  The long walk down the hallway felt like a death march, as they went to the doorway at the end.  Slipping her card in the lock, Lexie opened the door for her husband, who walked passed and tossed his hat and glasses in the arm chair in the corner.

Jon was afraid to speak, holding in his temper in was the top priority right now.  He just stood in the middle of the room. 

“Jon, honey, breathe!  You haven’t taken a breath since we got off the elevator.”  Lexie told him when she reached him and began to rub his back.  “I’ll look on my iPad and see if what that idiot asked his true.”   When he finally took a breath, she headed into the bedroom of the suite.

When she came back in, he was at the bar and rummaging through the mini bar. 

“There’s wine in the cooler.”  She told him heading for the sofa.

“I need something stronger.”  He surfaced with a bottle of Coke and a bottle of Jack Daniels.  Grabbing the two bottles he joined her on the sofa.  Popping the can of soda, he poured about a fourth of a glass full and tops it with the whiskey.

Lexie looked on Stephanie’s Tumbler account, then she just googled her name and came up empty.  She then checked on emails that might have been sent to her private account her editor set up so her fans could send her mail, nothing unusual was on there.  Then she went to Photobucket and took a chance that she might find something on there and hit pay dirt.

“Why don’t you call Matty and check on the kids?  I’ll keep looking on here.”  She told Jon, who was pouring his second drink.

“We have to get ready for your dinner, and he should already be with Steph at her fashion show.”  Jon said as he checked his watch.  “I’ll call when we get back.”  He placed the bottle and the glass on the table, and headed to the bedroom.

Lexie sent several pictures to Robbie to print off for her.  As she closed off the site, she checked her email once more. All of a sudden she got a Skype request, it was Jesse.

“Hey Mom, how’s it going?”  Jesse asked as he sat damp from his shower he took after helping his aunt with the trio.

“Conference is great, your dad being here made it special.”  Lexie told him.  “How was the game?”

“We won, of course.”  Jesse laughed.  “The reason I Skyped you, there was paps at the game.”

“About your sister’s weekend with your mom?”  Lexie asked him, afraid of what he was going to say.

“You got it, Uncle Matt got me out of there.”  Jesse told her.  “How do you know?”

“Let’s just say, they showed up here and ambushed us by the elevator.”  Lexie told him.

“Bet dad blew a gasket.”  Jesse chuckled. 

“Not really, but you know your dad.” Lexie though back to the ride to their floor with her husband holding his breath and the vein throbbing in his neck.

“Yeah, I do.”  Jesse got serious.

“Before I head out to get ready for the dinner, how were Jacob and Romeo’s games?”  Lexie asked her oldest son.

“Jakey won, but Romey lost his.” Jesse informed her.  “But the team is just getting started, but Romey did get on base both times at bat.”

“That’s good.”  Lexie told him as Jon came into the room dressed for dinner.  Lexie almost forgot to breath, her husband on stage made the women wet their panties, but dressed in a suit and tie he was truly edible.

“Is that Jess?”  Jon asked as he adjusted his cuff on his jacket sleeve.

“Hey Dad, Jakey and I won today.”  Jesse told him.

“That’s great son, how’s Romey dealing with his loss.”  Jon sat on the bed while Lexie left to get dressed.

“He’s okay, they were just out played, and he got on base twice.”  Jesse informed him, then got serious, “The paps showed up at my game, Uncle Matt got us out of there.”

“Damn, they know to leave you kids alone. “ That burnt him up, all these years of the kids being off limits, but now with them being on photobucket and all the other media spots, it was harder keeping them out of it all.  Now his daughter, his baby, has thrust them all into the media.

“They didn’t show up till my game dad, so Romey and Jakey weren’t exposed.”  Jesse told him.

“Tell Uncle Matt I’ll call him tonight.  Tell your sister I’ll talk to her too.”  He said as he heard Lexie come out of the bedroom. 

“I will, you two have fun.  Hey Mom looking good.” Jesse said as he saw Lexie walk into the area where his dad was.

“Thanks Jess, Jon I need to go down to Robbie’s room for a minute.”  Lexie had on a sleeveless sundress.

“Okay Lex.”  Jon said as he watched her walk out the door.  Turning back to the screen he saw his son grinning.  “I know, I got it bad.”  He laughed.

“Well, it has been almost two whole weeks.”  Jesse smirked.

“That’s true, tell Uncle Matt I’ll call him before we leave tomorrow.”  He signed off to his son’s laughter.

Lexie had already spoken to the hotel security about the photographers and made sure they were kept off the floor and out of the convention. She went down to Robbie’s room to see if they got everything loaded and off to UPS.  He was on the phone, his partner let her into the room.

“Your editor has been calling him for the past three hours.”  Stephen told her, as he fixed himself a drink.

“I didn’t have any messages, wonder why he didn’t call me.”  Lexie sat in the club chair.  She could hear Robbie saying something about the conference.  Stephen took Robbie his drink and must have told him Lexie was in the living room, because he ended the call in a hushed voice.

“Hey, I didn’t expect to see you out of your room yet.”  Robbie said as he came in dressed for dinner.

“The paps put a quick end to any romance.” Lexie told him.  “I already spoke to the hotel and security.”

“Good, we don’t need them disrupting the dinner.” Robbie said.

“I guess Thomas has heard about all this?”  Lexie finally asked.

“Yes, he said he would call and talk to you once you got home.”  Robbie said looking over the rim of his glass.

“He’s going to drop me isn’t he?”  Lexie asked.  Thomas didn’t like his writers to have any bad press, and Stephanie was making bad press.

“He’ll talk to you.” Was all Robbie would tell her?

Walking back down to the room to get Jon, Lexie had to stop and take several deep breaths.  Tears were threatening to pour down her cheeks. Thomas had been her editor and his company was publishing her books from the beginning when she was writing children’s books.  If she lost Thomas, no one would touch her books.  She would put on her brave face and wait for the axe to fall.

The dinner was good, you couldn’t tell anything was wrong.  They stayed to the very end, her table won best table and she got two awards.  The paps tried their best to ruin her night, but she and Jon slipped out and through the kitchen to the room service elevator.

“This is the second time we have had to escape through room service.” Lexie said leaning on the wall of the elevator.

“Part of the rock star life, sort of old hat for me.”  Jon said as he watched her face.

“I can’t wait to get home, I miss my babies and the kids.  These two weeks were too long.”  Lexie said as she counted the floors to theirs.

“You want to tell me what’s got you down?”  Jon asked her.  She put on a good face, don’t think her fans could tell.  The table was lively all night, full of laughs and book talk.

“I’m just tired, my feet are killing me and I just can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.”  She gave a deep sigh.  Lexie pushed off the wall of the elevator as soon as the door opened.  She took Jon’s hand and the headed down the hall to their suite. 

They passed Robbie and Stephen, laughing and holding hands, heading toward the elevator.

“Plane leaves at noon, don’t be late.”  Lexie told them as they passed.

Jon looked at Robbie with a questioning tilt of the head.  Robbie didn’t miss a beat and invited Jon to come in for a drink.

“Sure why not, that okay with you Lex?”  Jon asked his wife, who had dropped his hand and walked on toward their room.

“Sure, I’ll go get comfortable, don’t be long.”  She said as she turned back with the “Bongiovi” smile on her face.

Oh shit this is bad, for me to get that smile.  Jon thought.  “Just one quick one.”


  1. If Lexie's editor drops her because of all the bad press surrounding Stephanie, Jon is going to have a fit.

  2. He's going to feel guilty alright. For being who he is and for Steffy that's for sure. Steffy is going to get it for ruining her step mommy's job if she lose's her book deal hope she feels real guilty for that if she does. But poor Jon will feel real guilty for putting Lexie in that position in the first place being married to him. Even thou Lexi knew what she was getting into when she was marrying him. She's not stupid. Damned if you do damned if you don't. But I sure don't want to be Steffy right now!!