Monday, April 20, 2015

Chapter 92

The whole process had Jon laughing at himself, they really need to update their magazines, ‘these couldn’t get a randy teenager to give a donations’, Jon thought.  Even though he had to pull up some shots of Lexie off his cell phone, he finally made a donation to the blue cup to have a count made.  Sitting on the rolling stool waiting on the doctor, he about fell off when he got a text from Lexie.

To: JBJ Rock Star
From: Lexie Writer
Subject: get off the doctors stool
I know you’re on it rolling around the room!  You have one in your office to play with.

To: Lexie Sexy Writer
From: JBJ Rock Star
Subject: Spooky
How did you know I was on the stool?  Is there a camera in here?  BTW Thank you for all your help with the donation.

To: JBJ Rock Star
From LSW
Subject: You’ll never know!
It’s like with the kids I know when you’re bad or good, Santa ain’t got nothing on me.        I am counting the days till I get home, this has been so hard, me being on the road and you at home. I can only hope no one saw you jacking off to photos on your phone, I can see the headlines now.

From: JBJ RS
Subject: Empty Bed Syndrome
Yeah, I’m marking the calendar myself.  I’ve looked at the reading material and the video selections and it couldn’t work even before I met you.  We get through graduation, end of school, and then family vacation.  Barts or Maui, we need to decide where we’re going.  UH OH I got to go, the doctor is here and wants his stool back.  See you soon, Love ya Lex.

From: LSW
Subject: Busted

“I heard your wife bought you your own rolling stool, yet you always change the height on mine when you visit.”  Doctor Major rolled his eyes at Jon.

“Yes she did, but it’s not here.”  Jon laughed.  “So how did the test come out, am I swimmer free or am I still using raincoats?”  Jon asked as he got off the stool and sat on the table.

“You’re wife isn’t here?”  The Doctor adjusted the stool for his own height and sat down with Jon’s folder.

“She’s been gone for almost four days and won’t be home till Sunday evening.”  Jon said as he watched the doctor make notes in his chart.

“So you haven’t had sex either protected or unprotected since Friday?”  Doctor Major wrote in the chart.

“Nope,” Jon said then thought about what he had been asked and changed his answer, “Yes I haven’t had sex since Friday. I’ve been on daddy duty, our sitter broke her arm and messed up her leg, so I have been taking care of the trio.” 

Doctor Major made more notes, looking at the report he made circles and checks.

“Okay, we’re got the test results and it seems like you have passed your test with flying colors, no sperm.”  He said as he closed the folder. 

“So do I need to be rechecked or anything?  Seems like the last one didn’t work, we decided that we had enough children.”  He knew it was in his folder, he just never go checked after the last one, who knew you had to be checked.

“We gave you the top dollar operation, don’t know who your doctor was then but, that’s why we do the sperm check.  We’ll do another check in a month, just to be sure we didn’t get a false negative report.”  Doctor Major told him.  “Just to be safe.”

“Just to be safe.”  Jon agreed, that meant raincoats or chance it and pray that the trio was their last kids.

Jon left with a card for his next appointment, he went toward the townhouse.  He had to take Snow to the vet and explain that his little four legged daughter might be knocked up.  The driver would let him off and circle the townhouse while he picked up the dog.

Sitting in the vet, he was the only man in the vet’s waiting room with a tiny ball of fluff.  He was happy when they called him to the back.  Weighing in, Snowball weighed only 7 pounds.  In the room, Jon looked for a rolling stool, finding none he sat in the chair holding Snowball.

“Well, what has Miss Snowball been up too?”  The vet asked.

“Seems little Snow might be knocked up.”  Jon told the vet.  “Lexie left for a week and I took her to the park, not knowing you don’t take her off the leash.”

“Well, when did this all happen?”  The vet asked.

“Just this past Friday, Lexie thinks it will be too soon to tell, but to be on the safe side we made an appointment.”  Jon told the vet, who took Snowball and put her on the table and gave her a treat.

“Lexie is right, but we’ll put it on the chart and set up a time to bring her back.”  The vet said handing Snowball back.  “Let’s say two weeks.” They headed out to check out, as he handed Jon and appointment card and walked him out.

Jon and Snowball headed to the waiting car.  “Well you little slut, we’re going to wait to see if you’re giving you momma her first grand fur babies.  If you are, Christmas presents will be puppies.”  He got the driver to drop them off at the pocket dog park.  He kept Snowball on the leash and walked around with her.  Bagging up the business they headed home.

Friday night Matt was in the trio’s room helping his wife.  Jon walked in while Matt had Livie on the changer.  “Livie girl, you know your uncle Matty is gonna make your daddy very happy.”  He tickled Livies’ toes.

“How are you going to make me happy?”  Jon went over and swung Livie off the changer and tossed her into the air.  Olivia awarded her daddy with squeals of delight.

“I’m gonna stay here, watch your family and let you go surprise your wife, I set up a flight for Saturday morning.”  Matt told him.

Jon looked up at his little brother.

“You’re shi,” Jon remembered who he had in his arms,

“You were sending the plane anyway, why not go spend the night with your wife?”  Matt took Livie back from Jon before he dropped her.  “Go pack a bag, I’ll be here with Desie and we have the older kids.”

“Saturday morning is baseball games from eight am to five pm up at Polly Prep.  Romeo is first, then Jakey and finally Jesse, then Stephanie has a show she’s walking in at about six.  I don’t see how this is gonna happen.”  Jon put Livie in her swing.

“I’ll get Tone to help, he’s in town staying at Mom and Pops place, and he can help us out.  Go before I change my mind.”  Matt watched him go.  “Livie, tell your sister and brother to go easy on your old Unkie Matty and Auntie Desie.”  He tickled his niece.

Jon went in search of his older kids and told them what was going on.  He hadn’t left the room long before Stephanie was on the phone to her friends.

Calling for a car, grabbing his go bag he tossed clean jeans and shirt in the bag.  He hit the dresser for socks, then hitting the bathroom for his travel bag, adding his shaver and cologne.  He pulled out his phone and texted Robbie.

To: The world’s best PA
From: JBJ
Subject: coming
Robbie don’t tell Lex, I’ll be there before Lunch.  Work your magic and get me into whatever she has going on tomorrow night.  I know it’s gonna cost me, but whatever it takes. 

Thirty minutes later as he took Snow for her last walk he got the answer.

Subject: Done
You owe me big time and it is going to cost you, it’s a charity dinner.  She’ll be over the moon, you know where we are, and I’ll leave you a badge and your ticket, along with a map of the floor.  You do have a book for her to sign?  Text me when you get here and I’ll look for you, so you don’t get mobbed.

Jon smiled and looked down at Snow.

“I wonder if I can steal Robbie away from your momma.”  He laughed.

From: JBJ
Subject:  Will do

They headed back to the townhome and Jon checked on the kids.  He made it to the trio’s room and gabbed a bottle and joined his sister-in-law and brother feeding the trio.  He couldn’t hide the shit eating grin off his face.


  1. Well isn't he going to talk to Stef before he goes? You know damn well she's up to something!

  2. So we are waiting on Snow to make grand puppies or not and Jon is on his way to Lexi Love it. That will be such a great surprise for her. I wonder what he owes Robbie... :)