Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chapter 89

Dorothea at first didn’t know if she should be mad or not, her son was calling another woman Mom.  After all, SHE was his mom, SHE gave birth to him, NOT her ex-husbands new wife.

“Jesse James Louis Bongiovi, I am your mother, she is your Step Mother.”  Dorothea got a little hot and bothered.

Jesse finally looked at the caller ID and then flipped off his father.

“You sold that right.”  Jesse hissed and ended the call.  “I told you I didn’t want anything to do with her.  I know about the blackmail, I heard you talking on the phone to Uncle Mookie and to Lexie before we all met.”  He stormed over to the door as the phone rang again.  Jesse left it on the desk for his dad to handle and left the room.

Making sure to check the called id first, sighing he punched the button to accept the call, waiting on the shrill voice of his ex-wife.

“How did our son know about that deal?  This was between us, the kids were not supposed to know!”  She all but screamed into the phone.

“I don’t like to lie to my kids, they asked and I told them.  They don’t know the amount, they just know you allowed Lexie to adopt them.”  He started to pace the floor of his office. Moving to the window, he looked at the skyline.  “I didn’t know how Jesse heard me talking to Richie, I thought they were in bed.  I had just gotten him from jail, my lawyer and I had just met with Graham.  I will own up to that.”  He sighed and sat down at the desk.

“It’s about time that you did own up to something.”  Dorothea growled at him.

Rolling his eyes he wasn’t even mad when the door to his office flew open and Stephanie charged in.

“Is that my mommy?”  Stephanie asked reaching for his cell phone.

“Stephanie wants to talk to you.”  Jon said getting up and handing her his phone.

“Mommy, I’m so happy you called.”  Stephanie gushed into the phone.

Jon pointed to his watch and then waited on her to signal she understood, then he left them to talk.  Checking on Jake and Romeo he slowly approached his oldest son’s room.

The door was partially open, tapping on it he walked in.

“You know I don’t want to talk to her, why did you pass her off to me?”  Jesse asked his father.  Jesse had time to stew while his father was dealing with his mother.

“You and me both, I am doing this for your sister and your mom.”  Jon said as he came in and pulled the desk chair out and straddled it.  “In a few weeks, it will all be over.”

“You’re doing it for which mom?”  Jesse asked, putting his text book down on his lap.

“Your mom Lexie,” Jon told him.

Jesse looked cautiously, he couldn’t see Lexie caring what happened between his dad and his mother.

“Since the surgery and all that happened that day, I didn’t know just how much all the last few months have been bothering your mom.”  Jon said as he crossed his arms over the back of the desk chair.  “I’m gonna talk to the guys about taking a year off, give your mom some time for her to do her work.  I know Lemma wants to do this theater stuff and your uncle Mookie has been hinting of doing another solo.” 

“I know you said Mom knew Steph was seeing, well seeing mother, but you and mom are okay, aren’t you?”  Jesse asked his dad.

“Yeah, we’re doing great.”  Jon told his son.  “We had a bad day of the surgery, but every couple has a few bumps in the road, this was our first bump.” 

The door burst open and Stephanie came in all excited.

“Dad is it okay, Mommy said she talked to you, can I spend the weekend with her and Graham?”  Stephanie gushed.  The excitement in her eyes was hard to miss.

“I was kinda hoping you would help me with the trio this weekend since your mom was going to be gone, it’s been a long time since I handled babies.”  Jon looked up into his daughters falling expression.

“Jesse’s here and you have Hellen, please daddy, we’re going to look at college clothes.”  Stephanie begged her dad.

Jesse was getting upset with how his sister was acting.  Didn’t she see that she was stabbing mom Lexie in the back?  Their mother took money from their dad, sold them in essence to his dad and mom Lexie.  He tossed his book of the floor.

“I gotta take Snowball out.”  Jesse got off the bed and rushed out of the room.

“I don’t know Steph, your mom and I thought you would be here to help me this weekend.”  Jon got up from the chair and put it back under the desk.

“Please daddy.”  Stephanie wanted this so much.

He didn’t have the heart to turn her down, but there would be some ground rules.

“Okay, but the rules are still the rules.”  Jon watched the emotions play across her face as she absorbed what he was saying.  “You understand right?”

“Yes daddy, I understand that the rules are the same.”  Stephanie reassured him.

“Thanks daddy, she’ll be here to pick me up in an hour.  I’ll be home Sunday late.” She squealed and threw her arms around his neck for a hug.

Jon hugged his daughter and followed her out of Jesse’s room and went in search of his son.  He found Jesse out in the alley way walking Snowball.

“Your Mother will be here in an hour to pick up your sister.”  He leaned on the wall and watched Jesse and the little white ball of fuzz.

“You mean your ex-wife, my mother is in Atlanta working.”  Jesse said as he tossed the ball for the dog.  “She isn’t going to be happy that you let Steph go away this weekend.”

“You think I can’t handle the trio along with you three boys?”  Jon laughed.

“Dad, you never took care of us.”  Jesse laughed along with his dad.  He bent down and picked up Snowball.  “She always took care of us, school events and sports.  You were always on tour.” 

Jon knew his son was right, he hated to admit it, that he wasn’t there for most of their life. 

“I regret that I wasn’t there a lot, but it was a job, not much different from any other dad in the United States.  Granted my job kept me out of the house more than those other dads.”

“You got that right.”  Jesse agreed with his dad.  “But we wouldn’t be where we are if you were like those dads.” 

“That’s true.”  Jon laughed. 

Jon and Jesse brought Snowball back into the house, Jon went and checked on the trio.  Hellen had just put them into their swings, Disney was playing on the television on the wall. 

“Hello my trio, Momma is watching on the camera.”  Jon watched the two girls smile a gummy smile.  Cullen tilted his head from one side to the other. 

Jon went over to Cullen’s swing and got down to his level and stopped the swing. “Cullen, smile for momma?”  He asked his son.

Cullen looked up at his dad and broke out a big gummy smile and Jon smiled back.

The then the trio started to jibber between then.

“They’ll be talking soon.” Hellen said as she was stripping the cribs and making the beds back up.

“Then they won’t ever stop.” Jon laughed.

The door to the trio’s room opened up and Stephanie came in.

“Mom is downstairs, she won’t come up.”  Stephanie told him as she gave each of the trio a kiss goodbye.  “I’ll see you Sunday.”  She gave her dad a hug and kiss.

“Remember the rules young lady.”  Jon reminded her as she rushed out the doorway.

“So that means it’s just us this weekend?”  Hellen asked him.

“Well, yeah.”  Jon went over and picked up the dirty sheets and headed out the door.  “Jesse will be here to help us, then there’s Romeo and Jacob.  So yeah, mainly us.  I’ll talk to the accountant for your raise.”  Jon laughed.

Hellen just smiled. 

Dinner was burgers and he had called in the order and Jesse and Jakey went down to get the order.  Jon assisted Hellen with the trio’s dinner.  This wasn’t so hard, he could handle this.  He got the boys settled with a movie and he took Snowball for her after dinner walk.  He checked the front camera and saw it was empty, he took Snowball out the front for her walk.  Ball cap and jacket, he and Snowball headed down to the dog park.

“You’re to do your business young lady and then it’s back home for dessert.”  He said as he took off the leash and watched the little dog take off across the park.

Pulling out his cell he checked for a message from Lexie.

From: Lexie Bongiovi
Subject: Atlanta MWC

Got here and the weather is HOT for spring.  Robbie and I got checked in and set up the booth.  Really miss Steph helping us.   Robbie said we should get some work out of her before she’s in CT for college.  LOL!  Did I see you attempting to do laundry?  Please leave that for Hellen, I had to look everywhere to find that sheet set.  I called earlier and your line was busy for an hour.  I have to be down here on the floor early, so heading to bed early.  It’s gonna be hard being in the huge bed all alone, no one stealing my covers.  Miss you already and I’ve only been here for three hours.  Gonna be a long week.
Love you 

Jon smiled, looking around he decided to answer her when he got back to the apartment, as the dog park was getting busy.  He stood up and looked around for Snowball.  He looked around the park for the little ball of white fur.  Where was she?  Getting up he pocketed his phone and walked around the small park looking for Snowball.

“Snowball, come on girl.”  He called the dog’s name.

Several of the women looked at him, did they recognize him?  Making a circle of the small park he started to get worried, where was she?

”Snowball, let’s go girl, Romey will be waiting for you.”  He tried called again, and got more stares from the women in the park.  He was about to panic when he felt a tap on his back.  Turning around he looked down at a little girl holding Snowball, who wasn’t as white as she used to be. 

“Is this your dog mister?”  The little girl about Romeo’s age asked. 

“It sure is, thank you.”  He reached down to pick up Snowball.

“I think her and Max are girlfriend and Boyfriend.”  She told him as she handed Snowball over.

“Oh?”  Jon asked a little startled. 

The little girl was joined by a woman who turned out to be Max’s owner.  Max who appeared to be a small black poodle and straining out of the woman’s arms to get to Snowball.

“I hope she’s been fixed.”  The woman told him. 

“I don’t know, she’s my wife’s dog.”  Jon said as he brushed off the bits and pieces of Dog Park off Snowballs fur.  “I’ll check with her.”

“Well, good luck.”  The woman took the little girl and Max and headed to the gate.

“Thanks.”  Jon said looked down at the small dog.  “If you aren’t fixed, you will be by the time your momma gets home.”  Jon snapped the leash to Snowballs collar and they headed back to the townhouse.  “Well at least you have good taste, French poodle, you hussy.”  Jon laughed as he headed home. 

Jesse and Romeo, took Snowball to the bathroom to give her a bath.  Jon went to his office to shoot off a message to Lexie.

From: JBJ
Subject: Snowball

Lexie honey, I took Snowball to the park and met her boyfriend Max.  He’s a small black poodle and seemed very in love with our little girl.  So the point is, is she fixed?  She just might be knocked up by that piece of French trash.  I’m I gonna have to hire some Rotties to protect our little girl?  Max’s owner seems to think our little girl might be with puppies. 

Six days seems like a long time now that you’re gone.  The bed here is gonna feel just as empty. 

Love and miss you,


In Atlanta Lexie got the post as she and Robbie were heading back up to their floor. 

“Message from the sexy rock star?”  Robbie asked as he got on the elevator with Lexie and a few mystery fans.

“The one and only.”  Lexie said as she moved to the back of the elevator.  She wasn’t about to check her phone in the elevator filling up with women who seemed all a sudden interested in her and Robbie.

“Do I need to give you time before coming to the room?”  Robbie asked.  They were sharing a suite in the Peachtree Ritz.  They had a suite with an adjoining room for Robbie.

“Yeah you better, He and Hellen are handling the kids this week.  I may have to go home between Atlanta and Nashville.”  She told him as they walked into the suite.  He headed to his bedroom, allowing her private time for her texting her husband.

From: LMB
Subject: Snowball

OMG the vet number is on the fridge door, keep me posted. NO she isn’t fixed. Did you let her off the leash?  Where is Steph, she should have never let her off the leash?  Do I need to come home?  Call me.

Jon read the message and put his head in his hands.  He looked down at Snowball. 

“You’re next with the snip snip.”  He said as he dreaded this call.


  1. Lol, looks like Snowball is the next to be getting fixed.
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  4. Snowball = you go girl! :) I love that Jon think she's a hussy. He's going to be in trouble with the Mrs if he let her dog get knocked up. Jon's cute being a dad and Steph needs to grow up she's driving me batty.

  5. I get that Steph needs her mom. But I think her mom is using Steph. This is not going to turn out well.

    As for Snowball... Did anyone have the"Talk" with her about the birds & the bees??? Jon better hire those Rottweilers for Snowball sooner than later. LOL

    Loved the chapter. But. it's too calm.... Disaster with Jon in charge is looming in the near future, I can feel it. Not bad disaster but inexperienced dad of triplets and taking care of kids in general disaster.... The fun stuff. :)

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