Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chapter 78

“Where is Jon?  Where is your dad?”  Lexie was sitting up and holding her belly.

“He’s in the air, he’ll be here as soon as he gets to the airport and on the chopper.” Stephanie told her as she dressed in the hair cover and mask. They waited on the nurse to come back, they were setting up for the c section.  Time was going in slow motion.

“He didn’t want to go and I made him.”  Lexie moaned as they finally came and got Lexie and then it felt like everything was going fast when they hit the delivery room door. 

They had given her something to make her comfortable, Doctor Sally said there was just no more room for the trio. 

“Can we wait for my dad?”  She sat beside Lexie at the head of the table, the Doctors were putting the drapes up.

“I don’t think the trio wants to wait Stephanie.”  Lexie was starting to calm down.

Doctor Sally looked up at Lexie and over Stephanie and shook his head no.  One of the delivery nurses came in to let Stephanie know her brothers and grandparents were there.

“Okay, I have to start now.”  Just as Doctor Sally was getting ready to do the first incision, and the door burst open and Jon ran in followed by three nurses who were trying to get him dressed.  “I’d almost given up hope.”  Doctor Sally informed him.

“I haven’t missed one yet.”  He said as he leaned over and kissed Lexie.  He settled on the stool and took her other hand.

They had been told what would happen, they had even taken a tour of the area.  Lexie had made a set of songs she wanted played in the room.  Jon smiled when he heard born to be my babies come over the speakers. 

“Okay, here we go.  Have you picked out names?” The nurse with the clipboard asked.

“We wanted to see who our mystery passenger is.”  Lexie told the nurse.

It got really quiet, all of a sudden small cry was heard.

“Okay we have baby girl A.”  Doctor Sally said holding the tiny baby is his hands.

Jon quickly snapped a picture of his new daughter.  The baby was passed over to the neonatal nurse and she was placed in the weighted and measured. 

“Four pounds and nineteen inches.”  The nurse called out.

“She’s okay?”  Lexie asked looking up at Jon.

“Ten fingers and toes, she’s perfect.”  Jon said softly.

“Okay let’s find baby B.” Doctor Sally said.

Soon they heard the second tiny cry

“There you are, Baby B is also a girl.”  Doctor Sally told the nurse and she was passed to the second neonatal nurse.

“Look at all that dark hair.”  Stephanie smiled down at Lexie.

“Same as her sister, four pounds and nineteen inches.”  The nurse reported.

“Ten toes and fingers?”  Lexie asked.  Jon snapped another picture as he watched her being weighed

“Same as her sister.”  Jon told her.

“Now let’s see who has been hiding, being born in to the family and not liking its picture taken.”  Doctor Sally joked.

The room went quiet once again.  There was no tiny cry. 

“What’s wrong?  Jon what’s going on?”  Lexie was getting upset.  Stephanie felt her tightening her grip on her hand.

Then finally they heard a tiny mewing sound.

“Well, well hello.”  Doctor Sally said.  “You have been paying hide and seek up to the very end.”  He passed the baby over to the nurse after Jon snapped yet another picture, wiping away at his eyes.

“Three and three quarters of a pound, seventeen inches.”  The nurse reported.  “So Bongiovi baby c is a boy.  Two girls and one boy.”

“Romey got his wish.”  Stephanie whispered.

Doctor Sally finished up with Lexie.  Stephanie went and looked at the babies, they were so tiny.  Being a little over a month premature, they were being taken to the neonatal unit.  Lexie looked over at her babies. 

“They’re so small.”  Lexie felt tears roll down her cheeks.

“Yes they are, but they are breathing on their own.  They’ll be here until they put on a little weight.”  Doctor Sally told them as the babies were moved and Lexie was moving back to recovering room.
They were back to her room about an hour later, the families were there.  The room was full of people, balloons and flowers.  Romeo was passing out bubblegum cigars to everyone.  He was so proud to finally be a big brother.  Lexie put on her smile face, but she wished everyone would leave so she could rest.

Jon was kept busy with Matt and Tony on the phone, all the morning shows got wind the babies were born and wanted a scoop.  Security had been tightened in the Neonatal wing.

Finally the charge nurse ran everyone out of the room, because the new momma needed her rest.

“I’m a mother, mommy.”  She whispered. 

Jon was allowed back in the room, Lexie had slipped off to sleep.  The nurse said she would be in some pain, when all the medication wore off.  He had slipped down to the NCIU to see the trio.  Baby a and c had dirty blond hair under their warming caps and baby b was going to have dark hair like her momma.  Sitting in the dreaded recliner he pulled up Lexie’s iPad.  Being nosey he read what she had been writing and then came across a link to My Baby Names. 

Today I started a list of names for my babies.  They have been listed A,B and C.  I know A and B are girls, Romeo wants C to be a boy, so do I.  A I thought I would name Maddison Arianna, and B, I have always loved the name Olivia, Olivia Bianca.  Now if my C is a boy then he is Calen, I always loved the name Calen. 

“Calen, you know Lexie, he looks like a Calen with all that blonde hair.”  He whispered.  But he noticed Calen didn’t have a middle name. He got an idea and got out of the recliner and went into the bathroom and called Romeo.

“Hey daddy, when are you coming home?”  Romeo asked.

“In a little bit, Lexie had the names of your new brother and sisters.”  He told his not so youngest son.  “Yep, Maddison, Olivia and Calen.”

“Maddy, Livie and Calen.”  Romeo whispered.

“Yep, But Calen doesn’t have a middle name, what should his middle name be?”  Jon asked his son.

“It’s got to be a J name, why not give him John, like you spell it, not like I spell it.”  Romeo told him.  “C a l e n J o h n.”  He spelled it.

“That sounds great.  I’ll tell Lexie we gave Calen a middle name.”  Jon told Romeo with a smile.

He hung up with Romeo and headed to the nurses station to give them the names of the trio.  Walking into the Neonatal unit he looked at the new signs on the incubators, Maddison, Olivia and Calen.  He snapped pictures with his cell for Lexie.  Going back into the room he left Lexie a note then headed to his mom’s house.  He would get in a couple of hours of sleep and then head back to Mohegan for the concert.  Then he’d be home for three weeks.

He walked into his mom’s house in Summerset.

“Hey, I got baby pictures.”  He yelled out and soon heard the thunder of feet coming from all over the house.  “Maddison, Olivia and Calen’s first pictures.”  Sitting down on the steps, he held out his cell to his mom.

“Oh Jonny they’re beautiful.”  His mother said.

“You make great kids son.”  His father looked over his wife’s shoulder.

“I think Lexie and I do.”  Jon had that shit eating grin on his face.  He gave his parents the full names and then told them Romeo gave Calen his middle name.

Jon finally went upstairs and got some rest.  He woke up to the message sound on his phone.  Picking it he read the message from Lexie.

Thank you for the pictures of our babies.  Someone’s been messing with my iPad.  Thank you for giving our babies their names.  I love you.


  1. Love that Romeo named John as the middle name. I was waiting for him to say Meatball... LOL...

    Good chapter. Thanks

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