Sunday, August 24, 2014

chapter 74 (OMG three in one month)

The room erupted in congratulations to the couple.

“Hey Lemma, Jon just took the lead on Multiples.”  Richie smacked Jon on the back, then leaned over and gave Lexie a kiss on the cheek.

“You better congratulate Lexie, so far as we know, Jon can only shoot out singles.”  Lemma laughed and gave Lexie as kiss on the other cheek.

Several rounds of Champagne later, the guest started to leave and the elder Bongiovi’s headed up to their rooms.  Jesse and Stephanie helped Lexie pick up the glasses, plates and trash.  Jacob and Romeo headed up to bed, Jon had let them stay up until they started to crash.

“Carlotta will kill us if we don’t get this place back in order.”  Lexie said as she came out of the downstairs guest powder room with two glasses and a plate.

“I think that is the last of the trash.”  Jesse said as he came in from the trash dumpster.

“I loaded the dishwasher and started the load.”  Stephanie came in from the kitchen.  She joined Jesse as he flopped down on the sofa.  “All the packages are off the tables at the front door.”

“It’s snowing again” Jesse told them as he yawned.

“Why don’t you guys go on up, you know Romey will be up before the sun comes up.”  Jon said as he went toward his office.

“So that’s where he hides everything.”  Jesse yawned and stood up.

“The Shoe Inn until before the party.”  Lexie said as she sat down and kicked off her shoes and sighed in relief.

“Ah,” Stephanie joined Jesse as they headed toward the stairs.  “Don’t stay up to long Lexie, you’ll need your rest.”

“Going up soon after I help your dad.”  She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

Jon came in with Romeo’s old wagon loaded down with an assortment of brightly wrapped packages and bags.  “Lex can you go start on bringing the bikes in.”  He said as he started to unload the wagon with Xbox games and Wii games.  Three teddy bear’s, two with pink bows and one with a yellow bow.  When she didn’t answer he looked over at the sofa and smiled.  Standing up he shifted her on the sofa and covered her with the throw, off the back of the sofa.

He finished up playing Santa, going over to the plate of cookies he ate two, took the carrots back to the fridge and poured the now hot milk down the drain.  Taking the empty glass back to the desk, we went over and moved Lexie over some, kicking off his shoes he got comfortable on the sofa with Lexie in his arms and drifted off to sleep.

Romeo crept to the top of the stairs, it was almost eight in the morning, staying up late and the excitement for the babies’ announcement, he actually over slept.  Knowing he had to wake up his dad and Lexie, he went to their door first.

“Merry Christmas Daddy and Lexie.”  He knocked and opened the door.  The bed was empty.  “Maybe they didn’t wait on me.”  He went next to his sister’s room.

“Merry Christmas Steph.”  He opened the door and went and jumped on the foot of her bed.

“Merry Christmas Romey.”  Stephanie yawned.  “Daddy and Lexie up yet?”  She rolled over and looked at the clock, “Eight O’clock, Romey, have you already been downstairs?”  She sat up and pulled her little brother in a hug.

“I just woke up, Stephie, stop it.”  He giggled.  “Daddy and Lexie weren’t in the bedroom, the bed is still made.”  He gasped for air when she stopped tickling him.

“Maybe they beat us downstairs, you go get Jacob and I’ll get Jesse.”  She waited for her brother to hop off the bed, getting up she pulled on her robe and headed to Jesse room.

The door opened and Jesse stood there in his robe.

“You’re up already?”  Stephanie asked.

“Who could sleep with you tickling the giggle monster?”  Jesse asked as he followed her to the top of the stairs.  Soon they were joined by Jacob and Romeo.

“Okay let’s go see what Santa brought.”  Stephanie led her brothers down the stairs.  She stopped short when she saw her dad and Lexie asleep on the sofa.  “Found Daddy and Lexie.”  She said as they came into the room wishing them Merry Christmas.

Jon groaned and looked at his watch, his back was killing him, but the soft body of his wife took the pain away.

“Merry Christmas,” came the sleepy voice of Lexie.  She kissed his chin and sat up.  “We never made it up to bed.”  She yawned.

“You fell asleep on me.”  He said as she sat up and gave him time to sit up.

“Want me to make some coffee while we wait on Grandpa and Grandma?”  Stephanie asked looking at the small box with her name on it. The tag said it was from Santa.

“That would be great Steph, anyone wake them up yet?”  Jon asked as he looked around at the kids peaking under the tree.

“I’ll go get them.”  Jesse said, “You want your camera dad?”  He asked as he started up the stairs.

“Yeah Jess, Thanks.” Jon called out.

Soon they were joined by his parents and the mass hysteria known all of the world as Christmas morning had begun. Jacob and Romeo got new bikes and wanted to take them outside, but changed their mind when they saw the fresh show. 

Stephanie opened the small box from Santa and squealed.  “I got a car!”  She jumped up and threw her arms around her dad, who snapped away following one kid or the next.

“Don’t thank me Steph, it came from Santa.”  Jon laughed.

It all got down to one box, Jesse was showing Lexie how to use her iPad.  Jon was excited when he opened the box from Lexie that held the same three charms for his family necklace as the charm bracelet that he had given her. Walking over he nodded for Jesse to move off the sofa by Lexie.  He motioned to all the kids to gather round.  He took the iPad from her and sat the last unopened box on her lap.

“What is this?  I know every box that was under that tree.”  She looked at the tag.  It read To Lexie and had all the kid’s names on it along with Jon’s.  “When did you put this one under the tree?”

“Last night when you fell asleep on me.”  Jon laughed.
John Sr. and Carol quietly left the family, going into the kitchen to get more coffee.  Carlotta was peeking out the door when they came in.

“Is it time for the big gift?”  Carlotta asked them.

“Yes, he just gave it to her.”  Carol told her as she poured a fresh cup of coffee.

“My son said it wasn’t hard to work for Mr. Jon.”  Carlotta said.

“Well, Money will tell.” Carol said and Carlotta agreed.

Back in the family room, Lexie was slipping the ribbon off the box and eased to tape off the paper.

“Just rip into it honey,” Jon said as he was not patient.

“But the paper is so pretty, Jonny.” Lexie eased a piece of tape off the paper.

“I’ll buy you a whole huge roll of it, just rip the paper please.”  Jon begged. 

Lexie giggled and ripped the paper. Lifting the lid she takes out an envelope.  Carefully she slips the papers out.

“Is this what I think it is?”  She reads the pages slowly not once but twice.

“We had this meeting,” Jesse stated to say.

“We want to be one family.” Stephanie added.

“We want you to be our mom.” Jacob said as he moved closer to the sofa. 

“Yeah, will you adopt us?”  Romeo looked up at her with puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t know what to say.”  Lexie said with big tears rolling down her cheeks. Looking down to make sure Dorothea signed the papers.

“Say yes, please?”  Jacob asked.


  1. Dot gave away her kids? Yeah right! What mother in their right mind and it would mean her connection to Jon would be over would sign those papers! Men are different nut Mothers? No way in hell. There is no way I would ever give mine child up. She really is a bitch in this story! How much did Jon have to give her to sign her kids away?

  2. Crying.....

    I'll question Dot's motives later....

  3. Okay, you two have to understand, Dorothea don't make many chapters in this story, she isn't dead, she's very much still alive and if you remember the fact that she tried to blackmail Jon way back in I think chapters 6-9 somewhere early in this story. All I can tell you about Dorothea is what Mrs. B said in the old aol chats way back in the 90's and how she felt when J&D got married. I write this just how I want it to turn out. Will D appear anymore in this story, no. The only way they can truly be one family is if D gives up her rights. Now it won't be Step Mom and Step kids and A@J's kids, I did everything for them to be one family but Kill off D. Since J got control of the kids, she hasn't popped into my head till I made A knocked up. Just keep an open mind and remember this is Fan Fiction where anything can happen.

  4. I love it better to have her character out of the picture with the way she treated her kids in the past in the story. very touching moment.

  5. Totally agree Alice. Its fiction so anything goes... I'm just glad there aren't any vampires in yours lol.

    And mothers do walk away from their kids. My husbands ex has done it three times to her kids. Told them they were dead to her.Only now that they are adults, they've walked away from her. And I know in their hearts, I'm mom.

    I remember those chats with Mrs B. I always loved her frankness lol. She was amazing running that fanclub.

    Anyway, I loved this chapter. I hope Lexie says yes.