Wednesday, July 9, 2014

chapter 70

“Twins?”  Lexie whispered, it was pure shock. Twins, I just got used to being pregnant and now I’m having two, not one but two, twins.

“Twins!”  Jon slowly started to sink.

Dr. Sally got up and slid the stool under Jon before he hit the floor.  “Haven’t lost a dad at the ultrasound, you just made my first.”  He patted Jon on the shoulder and lowered Jon’s head between his knees.

Jon took several deep breaths, he was having twins, well he wasn’t, and Lexie was.  Six kids, he was going to be the father of six kids.  Four was a perfect number, I thought they were the end.  The world stopped spinning as he slowly raised his head and looked over at Lexie.

“I’m going to go set up your next appointment, I see you decided to know what you’re having. Twins means we need to see you more Lexie, with your age and this being your first,” He looked over at Jon and smirked “and possible last, we need watch you a little closer.”

Jon finally started to stand up, reaching for her hand, he gave it a squeeze.

“Are you okay?”  He asked.

“About like you, shocked.”  She sits up and grabs a towel to wipe off the gel.  “Twins, I never thought I would have one, much less two.” She looked up from cleaning up into Jon’s blue eyes. 

He smiled and helped her off the table to get dressed. 

“Shocked is one word for it.  I know the kids are going to be excited.”  Jon took the gown from her and folded it, dropping it on the table. 

“I don’t know about that, Stephanie wants a sister, what if it’s two boys?”  Lexie asked him.

“What if its two girls, we’d be even for a change?”  Jon chuckled a little.

“I was just thinking, where are we going to put a nursery?  The house is full now.”  She asked him as she dressed. 

“We have a big house on the river, that’s more than big enough.”  He told her as he watched her dress.

“But that would mean changing schools and Stephanie is a senior and Jesse has his football and lacrosse.”  She told him as she grabbed up her bag and they headed out to get her appointment card.

Jon pulled out his cell and called their driver.

“Mr. Jon, you have about eight photographers outside.  Is there another way the two of you can exit?” The driver asked.

“I’ll see.”  He came up to the desk.  “Lexie we need to head out the back, think they can help us?”  Jon asked giving the nurse the megawatt smile.

“Sure,” The nurse came out behind the desk.  Jon called the driver where to come and get them.

As they rolled along, if driving in late afternoon traffic as fast as could get them, Jon was tapping on his cell.

Lexie reached in her bag and pulled out her crackers, Jon reached over and snatched a cracker.

“If you want to stop somewhere for lunch, I’ll find something to eat.”  She asked him.

Jon looked up, cracker in his hands, and had to smile.

“I guess I could eat something, next time just smack my hand.” He leaned over and kissed her cheek.  Looking around he told the driver where to go, soon after that they were seated in a back corner booth.

Lexie looked over the menu, while Jon finally put his phone in his jacket pocket. 

“Mom and Dad are going to be there when we get home, Dezi and Matt will be by after dinner, and I thought we could tell everyone the news about the twins.”  Jon reached for her hand.

Lexie looked up from the menu and closed her hand with his.

“What about Tony?”  She asked just as the waitress came by to take their orders.  It was salads for both of them and bowls of stew. 

“He’s coming for the wedding, but has a show tonight he’s running lights for.  I told him to call when he got to the arena.”  He sat back and watched the emotions shift on her face.  “How are you feeling?”  He rubbed his thumb over her knuckles.

“Right now, all is right with the world.”  She smiled.  “I think the shock is starting wear off, twins.”  She shook her head.

Yeah he thought it could be triplets, thank you God.  The waitress brought their salads to the table and he never told her his thoughts.

Since they only had a few blocks from the townhouse, they released the driver and walked home.  Of course they were never alone, a few brave photographers walked along with them across the street.   The joys of being the lead singer in a band, as long as they knew their distance. 

They got there right as the school bus dropped off the younger two, the older two would be home in the next hour.  When they had discussed the bus the first words out of Stephanie mouth were “Dad, I’m a senior, I can’t ride the bus.” So she and Jesse ode with friends, or he would let them take his chevele. 

Being last day before the Thanksgiving break, the boys were excited.  They seemed to both talk at the same time, and Lexie kept up with them.

“When are we going home?”  Romeo asked.

“You are home Romeo, dummy.”  Jacob rolled his eyes at his brother.

“Jacob, we don’t call each other names.”  Jon said as Lexie sat out a snack for the boys.

“Yes sir.”  Jacob said.

“Homework, then wash up, Grand Ma and Grand Pa will be here for dinner.”  Jon told them only to be awarded with groans and eye rolling.

Lexie was busy in the kitchen with dinner, when Mr. and Mrs. Bongiovi showed up, with Stephanie and Jesse right behind them. 

They had just finished dinner Matt and Dezi showed up, Jesse and Stephanie were the only two that had some idea what was going on.

They sat around the table, Stephanie and Jesse took the dishes to the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher.

“You think they found out anything today at the doctor?” Jesse asked his sister.

“I guess so, daddy doesn’t have grand momma come by unless he has to tell us something.”  Stephanie told her brother, who nodded agreement with his sister.

“We have dessert Lexie?”  Romeo asked.

“There might be some ice cream,” She looked up at Jon.

“In a minute Romey, Lexie and I have an announcement.”  Jon got up and went to stand behind Lexie seat.  “We went to the doctor today.”

“Is everything okay son?”  Carol asked. 

“Well, mom, Lexie is going to have a baby.”  Jon told her.

“That’s great dad.”  Stephanie said.  “I put in my order for a sister.”  She got up and went to hug Lexie.

“Mom, you awfully quiet.”  Jon noticed.

“It’s great Johnny, I’m happy for you.”  His mother said.  He could almost hear the but in her statement.

“I am happy, very happy.”  He gave Lexie’s shoulder a squeeze. 

“Aren’t you going back out on tour, Johnny?”  His mother said.  She knew that, him being on tour, what Dorothea had to put up with.  Granted Lexie had her own business, she was a writer, she and John would be there for her, just as they had done for Dorothea.

“What Jon didn’t tell you is that we’re going to have twins.” Lexie said quietly.

There was stunned silence in the room, you could hear a pin drop.  Stephanie was the first to react.

“Twins, you’re having twins?”  Stephanie asked.

“We heard the echo when they went to hear the baby’s heartbeat,” Lexie looked up at Jon, “Your dad about hit the floor.”

“Daddy, did you pass out?”  Jacob asked.

“No son, just sat down on the doctors stool, it was sort of a shock for both of us.”  He looked at the people sitting at the table. “I thought you all would be happy for us.”

They all congratulated them, it was Carol who finally said what everyone was thinking.

“It’s a good thing you two are getting married this month.” It wasn’t a cutting remark, just hit home that once again the fans would not be happy. 

Dezi stepped in and the talk turned to the wedding. 

Much later after they all left and the kids were in the bed, either asleep or playing on their laptops. Lexie was in the bathroom, Jon was stepping out of the shower.  He watched her turn one way and then the other.

“You get the idea they weren’t too excited for us?”  Lexie asked seeing him watch her.

“In their own way they were.  Mom and Matt worry about the fan base, the kids, well they were honestly excited.  Stephanie for one has her heart set on twin sisters.”  Jon rubbed his head with the towel and dropped it on the hamper.

“Well I sort of hope for girls too.”  Lexie laughed.

“I knew it, that’s why you want to know what we’re having.”  Jon joined her laughter.  “You do know you can’t send the back if they’re boys?” 

“Yeah, but they’re going to love the gingham I have in my mind for the nursery.”   She picked up his towel and put it in the hamper. 

They cuddled in the bed and talked about babies and wedding.

Thanksgiving morning found them at thirty rock, the older two were in the green room, not really wanting to be there.  Lexie and the younger two were to the side of the stage area.  They would play two songs near the end of the last hour and then play one song to take them into the later show.  They would make it home before the parade pre show started, then head to the Jersey house. 

The boys were acting up and posing for the fans, who snapped pictures.  Lexie sort of stepped back until Jon gave them the stink eye during the last song before the interview. Lexie put a calming hand on the boy’s shoulders and they calmed down.  It was going to be a long day if they were this hyper already. 

“I hear tomorrow is a big day.”  Matt Lower asked Jon.

“Big family dinner.”  Jon laughed “I’m deep frying a turkey.” 

Matt took the hint, he knew what was going on, being invited.  They could announce it after the fact, not before. Matt was already up to his eyeballs in private security and local police.  No one would be allowed without the proper invitation, or on the list of guest. 

The weather was holding, the trees were painted by Gods hand in fall splender.  Dezi, as Matron of honor, was in a burgundy wine color.  Stephanie, as maid of honor, was in rose pink color.  Sally, her chatroom buddy and friend of Jesse, was in a royal blue.  All the dresses where in jewel tones.  Lexie’s dress was empire waste for the baby bump she just knew would be seen.  It had three quarter sleeve with a blinged out bodice, thanks to Stephanie.  When they went for a fitting, she thought the dress was too plain.  Uncle Kenneth, listened to his honorary niece, and blinged the dress.  Jon bride’s gift, was a diamond chocker style necklace.  Stephanie had gone shopping with him, they had gone back to where he had found the antique engagement ring. 

Richie was playing softly while the guest were being seated.  When the time came for the service, Father Bob walked out with Jon and the boys.  When it came time for Stephanie, Dezi and Lucy to come down, Lexie was starting to get nervous.  John Sr. waited on her, he slipped her cold hand into the crook of his arm. 

“You look beautiful, Johnny is a very lucky man.”  He told her before they walked toward Jon.

Richie, after seeing Lexie and John Sr. starting to walk down, he started playing Thank You for Loving Me.  This was a surprise to her, Jon was singing softly to her.  He had asked her back when they were at the cabin what was her favorite song.  She had tears in her eyes when she looked down beside Jon saw Snowball with a huge bow with pink roses attached to it. 

They had decided to write their own vows.  Jon turned to her and took both her hands in his.  “This has been the hardest thing I have ever written.  From the first day at the cabin, when I first walked in and there you were.”

“You thought I was the cook.” Lexie said loud enough where everyone heard.

“Yep, but you were the cutest cook I had ever seen,” he laughed along with her.  “It was something in those green eyes, the way you took care of us, I was already falling in love with you.” 

“I promise to always love you, to honor and take care of you.”  He smiled into her eyes.  “As long as I live and even after.”

“I promise to not lock myself in when writing, I promise to let you win an argument once in a while.”  Lexie gave him a wink.

“We never argue.”  Jon laughed.

“I promise to love your children as if they were my own.”  She looks down the row of boys then to Stephanie.  “To share your life and allow you to be you. I will love you, and honor you as long as I live and even after.”  Lexie looked deep into his eyes as she pledged her love.

Father Bob pronounced them Man and Wife and Jon pulled her close as they kissed.  Mr. Bongiovi started to applaud and the rest joined in.

They moved to the party inside the tents set up leading toward the studio.  They had slipped away after the first toast to take pictures.  Soon Dezi and Stephanie pulled Lexie toward the house.

“Where are we going?” Lexie asked them.

“You need to change.”  Stephanie told her as they entered the bedroom.

“Why do I need to change?”  Lexie stood there while Dezi unbuttoned the back of her dress and helped her out of it.

“So you’ll be comfortable when you and daddy leave on your honeymoon.”  Stephanie told her, as she pulled jeans and a sweatshirt out for Lexie to change into.

“We didn’t talk about a honeymoon.”  Lexie said changed into her shoes.

“Daddy wanted to surprise you, we’re staying with Grand ma and Grand pa.” Stephanie told her when there was a knock on the door.

Jon peaked in with a smile.

“Ready to take off?”  He came into the room with a smile.  “We have a long drive ahead of us.”

“Where are we going?” Lexie asked

“It’s a surprise.”  He reached for her hand.  They went out to the Denali that the boys had decorated with streamers and shaving cream. 

Jon knew that as soon as they hit the street they would be followed, hoping he would lose them once he hit the first toll.  Making sure he could see out the windows, he opened the door for Lexie to get in.  Running around to the other side he started to pull out of the drive over by the studio, praying the photographers would be watching the main drive. 

“There’s ginger ale and crackers if you need them, you didn’t eat much at the party.”  Jon checked the back window and saw they had a few followers to lose.

“Now that we are in the car won’t you tell me where we are going?” She got comfortable, noticing they weren’t heading to the airport where he stored the plane.  Maybe they were headed to Newark? 

“Just sit back and relax.”  He looked over as her eyes started to close.  Smiling to himself he turned on the radio and got settled in for the ride.


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