Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chapter 60

Jon pulled his arm over his eyes, he heard Snow scratching at the door. Groaning he slid out from under Lexie's legs and arms. Letting his feet hit the floor as he sat up.

I coming girl, damn your like a baby whining from a wet diaper.” He moaned as he tried to will his morning erection to allow him to put on his running shorts. Looking back at a totally sated Lexie he had to smile.

Once they got the older two to bed, he tossed Lexie over his shoulder and took her upstairs.

He opened the door and headed down to let Snow out. Turning on the coffee pot he pulled his mug out and one for Lexie. Glancing at the clock he moaned.

Snow, we got to paper train your little puff ass.” He had only a four hour nap, maybe he could catch a nap before everyone came over. “Six a m is too early to be up puff ball.” He opened the kitchen door and the dog shot out heading toward the river. “Don't get out in that mud puff ball.” He called the dog put on the breaks, dropped her tail and walked back toward the house. Jon laughed, that little ball of fur acted just like the terrible two when he yelled at them.

He finally watched her find a spot and do her business he clicked his fingers and she snapped to and ran to his heels and followed Jon into the kitchen

Filling his mug he added water to the next cup and stirred in his sludge, as she called it. Carrying the two cups upstairs, he nudged the door open and peeked in. Sometime while he was downstairs, Lexie pulled on a night shirt, which was good because Romeo was snuggled close on his side of the bed.

He walked to her side of the bed and held the coffee close. He watched her nose wrinkle.

Is that sludge I smell?” She whispered and tried to sit up. A small body held her in place. “Little help here dad?”

Jon chuckled softly and sat her cup on her side table, walking around the bed he placed his cup to his side table. Leaning over on his side of the bed he put his knee on the mattress and moved Romeo into his arms. Heading toward the door, he carried Romeo toward his room.

Lexie sat up and reached for the cup. Grimacing she took a swallow of the watered down sludge. She was either going to have to learn to love sludge or buy another coffee pot for her style coffee. She was counting the coffee grounds in the bottom of her cup, when Jon came back in the room.

Snow has done her business, we need to train her to wait until a more Godly hour to go out.” He left the running shorts on and sat beside her.

She's used to me being up writing, but, someone wore me out last night.” She sat the empty cup on her table and snuggled close to Jon.
When will the angry horde be here?”

Mom and Dad will be here around eleven to put the sauce on to heat and make the pasta, Richie and his mom around noon with Matt and Dezie, David normally blows in about the time the pot hits the table.” Jon told her between sips of coffee. “Wore you out hum?” he put the cup down and put his arm around her.

Lexie shifted her body so her head was on his shoulder. “Did you tell your parents about us getting engaged?”

Jon shifted uneasy, Ah hell, he didn't even think to tell Mom and Dad.

Feeling the sudden shift in the mood.

Jon, you did tell your parents?” she struggled to sit up, he held her into place.

We can tell them when they get here. They'll love you as much as I do.” Jon held her tight and kissed the top of her hair.

Jon,”She sighed. “You're your moms son, her first born, she is not gonna be too happy she didn't know before you put the ring on my finger.” She reached her arm across his waist and snuggled closer.

She'll be happy because she can help you plan the wedding.” He laughed until he felt her reach up and twist a nipple “Ouch shit Lexie that hurt, so you won't have her help you with the wedding.”

She patted his nipple to ease the pain she caused. “Jon, was your mom happy when you and Dorothea got married?”

No, she was pissed we did it without telling anyone.” He answered softly.

You think it's going to be any different, us getting engaged without her knowing anything?” Lexie yawned, slowly closing her eyes. Him rubbing her back and her rubbing his chest.

When he didn't answer she lifted her head and looked into his peaceful sleeping face. Sighing she lowered her head back to his chest and closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep herself.

Romeo and Jake were sitting at the counter, Stephanie was cooking breakfast and Jesse was out getting the paper when the gate alarm went off.

Jakey go see who is at the gate.” She flipped the last pancake out and started filling plates. “I wonder if daddy and Lexie are up?”

Jesse came in with the paper and tossed it on the table. “Grand Mom and Grand Pop are here.” He went to the fridge and got out the milk and filled the glasses that Stephanie set out.

We're here.” came Carol's voice from the foyer.

Somewhere in the recesses of his mind the voice registered, but sleep was winning over waking up. Pulling Lexie close he smiled and went back to sleep.

Grandmother, you're early.” Stephanie said as she came into the foyer.

Your Grandfather wanted to get the pot on.” Carol told her as she gave her oldest granddaughter a hug.

Your grandmother wanted to meet this new woman in your dad's life.” John Sr. said and he came in following his wife in the door, carrying a huge pot of sauce. He headed to the kitchen “Hey boys, come help grandpa with the sauce.” John Sr. said as he walked into the kitchen.

Don't listen to your grandfather Stephanie, now where is your Father and this woman.” Carol walked into the family room.

He and Lexie are still in bed.” Stephanie told her grandmother.

He's sleeping with her, in the same house as his children? I didn't raise my son that way.” Carol started to head back to the foyer and the stairs.

Grandmother, they've lived together for eight months now. We love Lexie and she makes daddy happy.” She said loudly as she followed her grandmother upstairs.

Eight months, why and I just hearing about her? Is she one of those groupies that follow your dad around?” Carol said as she headed down the hall toward Jon's bedroom.

If anything he's her groupie.” Stephanie said as she continued to follow her grandmother.

Jon heard his mother and daughter creeping into his sleep. Why did the word groupie wake him up when he heard his daughters voice right outside his door.

Lex, Lexie, get ready to meet my mom” He grumbled and eased out from her embrace.

Mom, okay.” She mumbled then her eyes popped open , “Your mother?” She moaned as she scooted off the bed as the door burst open.

John Frances, Why am I just now hearing you and this woman have been living with my grandchildren.” His mother charged into the bedroom, her arms crossed over her chest.

Mom, Carol Bongiovi this is Alexis Madison, Lexie this is my mom.” Jon said as he sat with his back against the headboard, his legs crossed at the ankles.

Lexie stood, her back against the closet door, happy that she put her night shirt. She looked at her future Mother in law and tried not to back away from her.

It's nice to finally meet Jon's mother.” She swallowed the lump that threatened to choke her. She came forward her right hand extended.

Carol looked at the extended hand, Jon gave his mom a family stink eye, she took the extended hand. “Nice to meet you too.”

You could tell her heart wasn't really into it. No one was good enough for her son.

We'll let you both get dressed, come on grandma lets go see what the guys are doing.” Stephanie said as she pulled her grandmother out of the room.

Well that went great.” Lexie dropped down in the overstuffed chair by
the window.


  1. Whoops... Not the best way to meet your future Mom-in-law.... Wonder how THAT piece of info is going to go over.

    Love snowball's part in this chapter. Yup, she's gonna have to learn to go a bit later..

    Thanks Alice. Good chapter. Bring on more. I'm sooo ready to hear the families reaction to the news...

  2. You know Carol has to understand that Jon is a GROWN MAN! And barging into HIS bedroom is not right! I think his should say something to her and he shouldn't care that it is his mother you just don't do that to an adult. My parents wouldn't of!

  3. Yeah it went over like a lead balloon! I'm afraid to know what's in the morning paper Jesse brought in. Let's hope Grandma doesn't see it anytime soon!