Wednesday, February 12, 2014

OMG Its a new Snowball Chapter,

Things in the townhouse were slowly settling down, school had started, sports and club meetings. Thursday and Friday nights found the family at the football field. Jake's game was on Thursday and Jesse's on Friday nights. That only left her the weekend and the first three days of the week to write.

Saturday, Romeo thought she should spend the day with him, “It's only fair Lexie, you and daddy spend Fursday and Friday with Jakey and Jesse, I get Saturday.” , it was hard to argue with that logic.

Stephanie took care of her when she did get to lock herself into her writing studio, Jon had made for her. He turned a small dressing room, that had been Dorothea's, into an office with all the bells and whistles. He had added a door to the hallway, so if she was needed she wouldn't have to take the long track as she called it.

Jon came in from his last meeting of the day to find pizza boxes and take out tins on the table. Stephanie was coming downstairs, stopping when she saw her dad.

I'll get the boys fed, can you get them cleaned up? I just took Lexie her dinner, she's working.” Steph grabbed the paper plates and took them to the table.

She been in there all day?” Jon asked as he headed to the stairs.

No, she had to go talk to Romeo's teacher. She got home and put him in time out and set the timer.” She pulled out napkins and silverware.

Jon stopped half was up the stairs and came back down. “She had to go see Romeo's teacher?”

Yeah, Mrs Harper called to talk to you, but you were in a meeting and was not to be disturbed. Lexie went, as she was on the list.”
She opened the tins of rolls and salad, the last tin she knew was dessert. That one she put in the fridge.

Jon took out his cell and sure enough there was a missed call from Polly Prep. “Damn, I had it on silent.” he muttered under his breath. Turning he took the stairs two at a time. He started to go right into Romeo's room, but thought better of it. “I better find out what I'm walking into first.” he headed into the bedroom and knocked on the door to Lexie's studio.

Come on in Jon.” She called out.

How did you know it was me?” he came in and walked up behind her and kissed her neck.

I write mystery novels Jon, I'm paid to notice things like the sound of foot steps and smells.” She sighed as he brought his hands up and massaged her shoulders.

Really,” He slowly felt her melt under his hands.

No, Stephie told me when she brought my dinner up, that you just pulled in the garage.” She laughed and turned her chair and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Jon laughed and kissed the top of her head.

She told me you had to go see Romeo's teacher.” Jon felt her pull back and look up at him.

Mrs Harper said she called your cell and your office number.” she said as she reached for the envelope that she had tucked into her blotter. “You have to sign this when he goes back.” She handed him the envelope.

He got into a fight?” He said as he lowered the letter he'd been reading.

Well, he landed one punch.” She told him.

With Mikey Thompson, Mikey and Romey have been best buds since preschool.” He read the rest of the letter.

It seems that Mikey repeated something he head his parents say about Your Ex and blackmail and that you're new girlfriend is a Bitch.” she explained what wasn't in the letter. “I didn't know Romey knew what that was, but he decked Mikey, for calling me a bitch.”

She looked up at him and tried not to smile. “I had a hard time putting him in time out.”

I bet, but he knows fighting doesn't settle problems.” he reached over her an grabbed a pen off her desk and signed the letter and tucked it back in the envelope. “I guess I need to go have the talk.”

He's waiting on you to get home.” She picked up her empty plate and headed to the door to the hall. “Don't be too hard on him,” She grinned at him. “My hero.” the giggles started, Jon reached out and tapped her on her butt.

She laughed at his love tap and headed downstairs to put up her dishes and see the kids, she knew she was done writing until Jon went to see.

Jon listened to her laugh all the way down the stairs. Turning he headed to Romeo's room, knocking before he entered. The lights were off, but the lamp on his desk. He sat there head down, the timer the only noise in the room.

Lexie's mad at me.” he whispered.

Did you do something to make her mad?” Jon asked as he walked over and sat on the bed.

I punched Mikey.” He whispered.

So you had a fight?” Jon tried to put on his family stink eye.

Yes Sir, but I had to Daddy.” Romeo finally looked at his dad. He knew that he would get the mad daddy eye.

You know fighting is a bad thing?” Jon reached out and turned the chair so Romeo was facing him.

Yes sir, but Mikey called Lexie a bad word, I told him to take it back and he said it again. The next thing I knew, Mikey was on the floor holding his eye and crying and the teacher sent me to the office.” Romeo explained in a rush.

Jon tried not to laugh at the rushed explanation, seems like all his kids had the Bongiovi trait. What was he going to do, here he was supporting Lexie, but he knows that fighting was wrong.

Well Romie what should we do?” Jon asked him.

Lexie put me in time out till you got home. That's punishment, right?” He looked up at Jon with those big brown eyes.

That was Lexie, I think you and I need to go in to your class and apologize to the teacher for fighting and take your punishment from Polly Prep.” Jon got up and walked around the room picking up hand held games and iPad. “One week electronic free, should do it.”

Starting today?” Romeo asked, as Jon pocketed his electronics.

Jon thought about it, it was Monday.

Starting today to next Monday. Now go wash up and get ready for dinner,” He looked down as his youngest child.

Yes sir.” Romeo jumped up and headed to the bathroom.

Jon juggled all the junk he picked up around the room and took it to his bedroom and deposited in his closet then followed Romeo to wash his hands for dinner.


Sorry for the delay, many of you know I have been very sick since the last post. I'm in rehab and might go home this Friday, first time since December 9th.  So enjoy the chapter.


  1. Sorry to hear you have been ill, Alice. I hope you get to go home soon. Thank you for the new chapter. It definitely put a smile on my face. Take care of yourself.

  2. Alice I'm really happy you feel good again to write. The way of recovery is hard and you're doing so good!

  3. Gotta love Romeo! The little Knight in Shining Armour!

  4. what a sweet chapter! so sorry to hear about your illness. I hope you get to go home soon! thanks for taking the time to update this especially due to your circumstances.