Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chapter 52

Jon held her hand as the headed down the drive to the street below the gate.

Are they still watching from the kitchen window?” Lexie asked as they stopped at the end of the drive.

Yep, but they're good kids.” He took her other hand in his.

There isn't anything to see is there?” Lexie started to get worried.

No there isn't I want to ask you something and I didn't need an audience.” He got quiet for a second. “This past week has been so, damn I am write a love song but I can't tell you how this week as made me feel.”

I feel the same way, and I write books for a living.” she gave his hand a squeeze of encouragement.

I, don't want you to go home, I want you,” he paused a second “and my kids want you to move in with us, I want to wake up beside you every morning, and sleep with you in my arms every night.”Jon pulled her close in his arms.

The kids? They want me to move in?” she fell into his arms, “Even Stephanie?”

Jon chuckled a little.

Yes even Steph wants you to move in.” He gave her a little kiss.

A car driving by honked the horn and they jumped apart laughing.

I don't know what to say,” She took a breath.

Don't answer me now, think about it, you can answer me when we get back to the city.” He was afraid she was gonna say no.

You don't want to know now?” She asked, puzzled that she had to wait to say yes.

I don't want to rush you, this is an important step, think about it first.” he told her.

Okay, I'll think about it.” she smiled as he took her hand and they walked back up the drive to the house.
She already knew her answer, but if he wanted to wait then she would wait. As they walked into the house she was met by Stephanie.

I'll help you pack, Lexie.” Stephanie headed up the stairs and Lexie followed her. “If you and Dad are left alone we will not leave before dark.” Stephanie laughed so Lexie took it as a joke. This was a big change in a week.

Jon watched to two women in his life go up stairs laughing. Jesse watched his dad watching his sister and his girlfriend,

Do you think she'll say yes?” Jesse asked his dad.

I'm praying Jesse, I'm praying.” Jon turned to speak to his oldest son.

So am I dad, so am I.” Jesse turned to go back into the kitchen.

Lexie pulled her rolling bag out of the closet.

Steph, I guess you know what your dad asked me.” She pulled the drawer open from the chest she shared with Jon,

Yeah, if you'll move in with us.” She went into the bathroom and brought her makeup bag out and handed it to her.

I have to ask,” She turned and took the bag from the girl and took her hand to stop her from going back to the bathroom, “Do you really want me to move in?”

They stood staring at each other. Stephanie looked her dead in the eye and spoke.

Yes I want you to move in.” She reached out and touched her arm. “I know you might not trust me much, but I really want you to move in with us,”

Lexie reached out and placed her hand on Stephanie's.

Okay, I'll do it,” Stephanie started to get excited but Lexie emphasized her voice
Do not tell your dad, for some reason, he wanted me to wait to tell him when we got back to the city.”

Okay, but I think he was afraid you would say no.” Stephanie giggled “Can I tell Jesse? I'll tell him not to tell Daddy.”

Lexie giggled herself, “Sure, can't see for the life of me why he doesn't want to know now.”

Well, would you want to drive home, knowing the woman you just spent two weeks with, won't move in. Lexie would you really want to do that?”

Oh, I see your point.”

They finished packing and took the case down to the hallway by the backdoor.

I'll get Snows stuff packed up. Jesse did you call and tell someone goodbye?” Lexie said as she came into the kitchen where the men waited for them.

I packed it Lexie,” Jesse told her, “I called last night and we said goodbye.”

Are you two keeping touch?” She fixed up her travel cup.

Yes, we are.” Jesse ducked his head hiding his warm cheeks.

I think that's great. Did you guys call for the food pick up?” She sipped her coffee and leaned on the counter,

They just left, we got a card to call them if we come back.” Jon said as he pulled her into the circle of his arms.

Can we come back daddy?” Jakey asked, as he looked up at his father.

Sure we can buddy,” Jon looked down in his deep blue eyes. “I'm sure we can.”

For Christmas?” Jake looked up at his dad beseechingly.

Okay buddy I'll ask uncle Huge if its booked.” Jon ruffled Jake's head. “let's load up and hit the road, so we don't get home in the dark.”

The younger Jovi's rushed to Lexie's car with their suitcases, followed by Snowball.

Lexie got her car loaded and waited on Jon to lead the way toward home, she loved thinking of Jon's place as hers.

The sun was setting as they pulled into the garage. Jon was glad that he kept the two slots assigned to his penthouse. It took over an hours to get the luggage ready to go across the street.

Jon was doing everything not to hear Lexie's answer to his question. The doorman saw them heading pulling luggage and met them on the corner with the cart. Jon watched as all but Lexie's was put on to the cart.

Well I guess its time for the answer to my question Lex.” Jon walked around the cart and took her hand.

The kids all looked up at Lexie, even the doorman waited on her.

Well,” Lexie started to answer.


  1. Lol, Lexie should make Jon wait a little longer for his answer like he did her. I am happy that the kids, especially Stephanie, are all on board with Lexie moving in. Now I can't wait for Jon's reaction when he hears her answer.

  2. Finally! We got a commitment!
    Lexie, put them out of their misery! Answer already!

  3. Have I told you Snowball is my favorite doggie next to Jasper :) I love this story there's just something about a key character being something other than the norm that intrigues me. I'm telling you I know she has to say yes because lets be real - there's a hot, sexy, way to good looking man that wants to hold her every night while she dreams...I'd say that's a no brainer :)

  4. Can Snowball come out and play? It's been a whole month!!!!

  5. We've been waiting patiently can we have a chapter PLEASE!!!!