Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chapter 50

Stephanie sat there for a while, her mom had all but said she was acting like a child and to grow up. Her dad had a new woman in his life and momma isn't going to leave her husband. The boys like Graham and they think this Lexie walked on water. Dad said I should talk to Lexie could help me, she had said that her dad had walked out on her and her mom. Neither her mom or her dad walked out on each other, they just fell out of love and well her mom had cheated on her dad. But daddy was no angel on tour, he had all but said so. Her dad still had her phone so calling Mark was out of the question. She doubted she would hear from him again.

Getting up she wondered around the house, her dad and Lexie took the boys to the mall to spend their hush money and Jesse was out on the pouch chatting on his cell. She went onto the kitchen and found Snowball curled up on her towel by the door.

Hey Snow, you want to go for a walk?” She spoke to the ball of fur, who perked up at the sound of a walk. Putting on the dog harness she snapped on the leash as headed out the front door.

Snow and I are going for a walk.” She told her brother.

Be careful and don't get lost.” He laughed.

You'd all be happy if I would.” She fake laughed.

Naugh I'd miss ya if you didn't come back.” He watched her walk off down the drive “Listen Sally I'll call ya back, going for a walk with Stephie.”

Okay Jess, I have to take my brother to band practice, call me when you can.” Sally said as they hung up.

He pocketed his cell and headed the way she and the dog went. He caught up- with her.

Hey Sis can I join ya?” He asked as he matched her step by step.

If you don't have anything better to do. I'm gonna be around the house a lot until we go home.” she stopped to let Snowball sniff. “You and the little bros seem to like Lexie, why?”

Jesse thought about what she asked. “She makes dad happy, I haven't seen him this happy in a long time.” He walked without talking for a second. “She isn't after him for his money, she's not a groupie, if anything he's her groupie.” He chuckled a little. “Steph, she's good for him, just watch them together. She doesn't take shit off him, she calls him Francis when he calls her babe.”

That got a chuckle out of Stephanie, they had to stop again while Snowball had to do her business. Jesse took the baggie and did the scoop business. They walked a little further then turned back.

Did anything I said help?” He asked as they approached the the gate.

Yeah it did, and I'll watch them and see if what you said was true.” She told him as they stepped aside so the Escalade pulled in the drive. “I hope the bros spent their money on something they wanted.”

You know dad won't let them spend it on candy so no candy to hype then up. I hope Lexie got him to let up on the bro's” Jesse tossed the baggie in the trash as Snowball danced in excitement on her leash.

The boys were the first two out of the car, both carrying shopping bags.

Hey what did you two get?” Jesse asked.

I got a new Mario Brothers game and some army men and a book” Romeo said as he bent down to get loving from Snowball.

Jake not to be outdone by his little brother bent down to get his share of Snowball loving. “I bought me a Madden football game and a football so we can play later and a book.”

Steph watched her dad and Lexie get out of the car. They were smiling and laughing. Her dad walked around the front of the car and took Lexie hand as they headed to where to boys played with Snowball.

Seems these two got a lot for ten dollars dad.” Jesse teased his dad.

Yeah it's amazing how much ten dollars could stretch when you go shopping with Lexie.” He gave Lexie a nudge.

You should have gone with us.” Lexie laughed.

Yeah I was talking to Sally and Steph didn't pay me anything.” Jesse laughed.

Well you can thank Lexie, she thought you might like this.” Jon said as Lexie pulled two bags out behind Jon's back. “She didn't want you two shafted.”

Jesse took him bag and gave Lexie a hug, and headed back into the house.

Stephanie walked up and took the remaining bag.

Thanks Lexie, you didn't have to.”

No I didn't have to, I wanted to. It's something that I use every day, it's a personal Journal.” Lexie told her.

I'm a little old for a diary.” Stephanie told her as she turned the book over in her hand. Steph opened the book and turned to the front page Lexie had written a message inside.

Steph, my grandmother gave me a journal when I graduated from high school she wrote in the front of the book. May this book be the holder of your secrets and your desires that you don't want anyone to know.
Your friend I hope Lexie

It has no lock on it like a diary, this one you can put pictures and ticket stubs all the things you want to keep.” Lexie told her as they walked in to the house. “I've had to replace mine several times over the years. I put in my first rejection letter in mine, so I never forget the company who turned me down and when I win writing awards I make sure to thank them for making me do better.”

You received a rejection letter? I can't believe it.” Stephanie told her.

When we get back I'll have you come down and see the letter in my journal.” Lexie put her arm around Stephanie as they went in.

Jon stood outside and watched his two favorite women head into the house arm in arm. He looked up at the sky and thanked God that for right now all was quiet in the Bongiovi house. He slowly walked into the house.

The next few days things seemed to go really smooth Saturday came, Lexie got up before everyone and pulled on her robe and slipped downstairs and called her Editor.

Hey Max, did the covers for my next book come in, did they take me suggestion on the cover design.” Lexie walked into the kitchen and started a pot of her coffee , she knew Jon would be up soon to make his sludge.

Good morning to you Lexie, do you know what time it is?” Max sat up and wiped the sleep out of his eyes.

Yeah it's the time I get up every day now, I do have a dog that needs to go outside now and them.” She sat down at the bar and waited on Max to answer her.

Yes I have the covers and I will fax them to you, with a release form.” Max told her. He crawled out of bed and headed to his at home office. You did things like this for his best author. “How are things going for you and the rock star?”

Really good, the boys like me, its been a tough road with Steph, I think we're going to be fine.” She said pouring her a cup of coffee and going in to the office and turning on the fax and watching for the machine fire up to print.

So you going to marry the man?” He fed the paper into his machine.

He hasn't asked, and I don't know, unless the whole family agrees then I, well I don't know. Anyway we haven't gotten that close so don't look for any announcements.”

Okay first one is sent, second one on the way.” He told her, “I won't jump until you give me the word.”

Good I would hate to open that kettle of fish. Okay they just got here, I love the one in silhouette, you can't really tell it's him, but the one in profile and shadowed you really can tell.” Lexie laid the two cover sheets on the table.

Lexie, I'm putting your coffee in the hot pot, Oh I'm sorry I didn't know you were on the phone.” Stephanie said from the doorway into the office.

That's okay Steph, it's just Max, my editor.” Lexie motioned her into the room. “Steph come look at these and tell me which one you like.” She showed her the two pages.

Oh, are these for your new book? Is that Daddy?” Steph turned the Silhouette toward Lexie. “Oh I know this one is.” She turned held up the other one.

Yeah, I thought I would use his picture since he was who my character is based on.” She took the release form off the fax. “Not the rock star persona but the rocker life style.”

I didn't think you were a fan, this blows that theory out of the water.” She started to turn around an walked out .

I never said I wasn't a fan, I'm just not a fanatic, I didn't chase after him and I have only been to one concert.” She followed her into the kitchen.

She stopped short and turned around to face Lexie.

You've only been to one concert?” Her eyes were big and round.

Jon walked down the stairs and followed Lexie and Steph voice, stopping short when he heard she had only been to one of his concerts.

Well that's gonna change.” He said as he walked in to the kitchen and gave her a kiss.


  1. Maybe after hearing what Jesse had to say Stephanie will give Lexie a chance.

  2. Yay! Slowly but surely Lexie is wining Steph over!
    Only one concert?!?!?!

  3. Yeah but will Jon like being on the cover of her book?

  4. Anything wrong sweetie? Will you be posting soon?