Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chapter 43

The club was not what they had expected this far from the City. Jesse and Steph bought membership with the help of Sally.

“Many of the vacationers join the club, so when they visit they don't have to have a townie to get in.” She said as they filled out the form and paid the fee.

Mark was waiting on her as she came into the club. The trio parted ways once they got stamped and banded.

“Well blue eyes, you finally got here.” He was sitting at a corner table sipping a beer.

“Had to wait on the car and then we met up with Sally.” She reached across for his beer and was going to take a sip, “This okay with you?” she asked before she did.

“You got on a red band?” He showed her his blue band.

“Yeah, I couldn't tell a lie my birthday is in a few weeks, and my brother was watching me.” she rolled her eyes.

He looked around and called a girl over.

“Hey Hannah, my friend here got the wrong drink band, what can you do for her?” He smiled and winked

The girl came back with a blue band for Stephanie.

“Just make sure you get her the right band from now own Mark.” Hannah told them.

“Thanks Hannah, I'm Stephanie.” She tried to make a friend of the girl in charge of the drink bands.

“I know who you are.” Hannah turned and walked away.

“Wow, I haven't gotten that cold a shoulder in a long time.” Steph faked a shiver.

“Don't let it get to you, Hannah is like that with all the vacationers.” He lifted his hand to the waiter and got Steph a beer. “Some of the Townies that have been here like forever, don't care for those who come in for a few weeks then are gone. Think she's one of those.”

Stephanie gave the girl the once over and sighed. She would love to have a female friend while she was here. Someone to talk fashion and girl stuff with.

While Stephanie and Mark were hitting it off Jesse and Sally were hitting it off really well. They got a table and soon many of Sally's friends came by to join the table.

All too soon it was about time for them to head back. Sally was okay with their need to be home as she had work the next morning,

Jesse went looking for Stephanie and found her and Mark outside on the smoking deck.

“Steph, it's time.” Jesse told her.

Stephanie rolled her eyes.

“You aren't leaving are you?” Mark asked as he ground out his cigarette. They had been sharing his smokes too.

“Yeah, my dad had a cow today and changed our curfew.” Steph took the last drag and followed suit. “He forgets we aren't kids anymore. Since he and my mom split he's like over protective.”

“So your parent aren't together anymore, maybe he needs someone to lighten him up.” Mark said as they headed back in. “Does he date?”

Steph stopped so short he almost mowed her down.

“That's it, oh Mark I could just kiss you.” She reached up and framed his face with her hands and gave him a smacking kiss. “Why didn't I think of this, it's been there all the time.”

Mark liked the fact that she kissed him first. She was what he was missing, short term and lots of fun.

“So you got a plan to take care of your dad?” they headed through the club and out to the parking lot.

“Oh yeah, I got a plan.” They got to Sally's car.

“Good, when you get it into place maybe we can go out a little longer.” Mark pulled her close and lowered his lips to hers.

“Mmmm. Oh I plan on it.” She told him when he broke the kiss.

“Any day now Steph.” Jess called to her as he got in the front seat.

“Mark,” Sally said to him.

“Sally, take care of my girl here.” He smiled and held the car door open for Sally then Steph.

Sally rolled her eyes and got in and started the car, giving them a few more seconds before she honked the horn, “We have to go, before they break their curfew.”

They barely made it, with only seconds to spare. Jesse and Sally made plans to go out again, hopefully without his sister and her new friend.

Jon was just getting ready to lock up the house and head upstairs when the garage door opened and he stopped and looked at the grandfather clock in the hall. They were cutting it but they made it.

Strange that they were quiet, not good. He thought back to last night and the mall fiasco.

“You smell like beer and cigarette smoke.” Jesse whispered as they headed to the door.

“So I had fun.” Stephanie pulled out mouthwash out of her bag and took a swallow. There was nothing she could do about the smoke smell. At home she kept spare clothes in the garage. She would just have to fly by the seat of her pants and hope her dad was already upstairs.

“How did you get a blue drink band, you had a red one when you walked in.” He rounded the car and they headed into the house, which was a blessing that it was dark.

“Mark got it changed.” She came in behind him. She would have to spend some time planning the plan. She would give it a day and then approach her dad with the idea of bringing Lexie up early

They turned to go upstairs and stopped short at the sight of their dad.

“We made it on time.” Stephanie said as she went to go up past him.

Jon was hit with the stench of stale cigarette smoke. He didn't say anything but the heavy smell of mouthwash about choked him as she blew him a kiss. Pulling back some.

“Night princess.” He called up to her, his only answer was the closing of her bedroom door. Well at least she was smiling, “Did you have a good time?” Jon sat down on the step waiting on Jesse to join him. “Still mad I set you up?”

Jesse sat down and knew bed was going to wait and he wanted to text Sally.

“I can't believe I'm saying this but, thanks Dad.” Jesse laughed. “I actually had a good time. Sally is a great girl.”

“Oh, not the great girl moniker, in my day she was not jock date material. You saw them with the multi media club.” Jon laughed.

“Nah dad, she's like the kind of girl to help you pass an exam to stay on the team, you know a friend.” Jesse ducked his head a little.

“Ah a friend but not a girlfriend.” Jon teased his son.

“Well she's a girl and she's a friend. She's a freshman in college and I'm a freshman going to be a junior in high school. So I doubt she'll be a girlfriend,” He got up and patted his dad on the head, “On that note I'm going to bed.” He headed up the stairs pulling out his phone as he went,

“Watch the hair kid.” Jon ducked his head, and listened to him going up the stairs, “Tell Sally I'll talk to her tomorrow when we have chat.”

“Eww Dad.” He shook his head.


  1. Not liking this Mark guy one bit. Something
    about him just doesn't sit right with me. Gonna have to keep an eye on him. Lol

    If Jon finds out the only reason Stephanie wants Lexie to come up is to distract him, he is going to be pissed.
    Awesome job, Alice!

  2. Love it Alfiepooh!

    I think getting Lexie to come up sooner than later might actually provide Stephanie with that female company she's looking for!

  3. maybe Jon's going to be fooled but not Lexie.
    She's a girl ;-)

  4. alright, what's up with this family they need to get back to being tight. fix them Alice don't make me cry :)