Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chapter 34

True to his words he was going to give her the two weeks, even if it killed him. As he and Romeo headed back to the penthouse. Romeo was dragging his feet, he wasn't stepping so lively himself.

“Are you hungry Romey?” Jon stopped at the corner so he could catch up.

“Lexie had some cookies, but I'm still hungry.” He looked up at Jon. “I only got one, cause I was a bad boy.”

“I'll make you a sandwich when we get home.” They crossed the street, one block to go. Jon looked down at the little man. It was going to be hard on him not seeing Snowball, and it was going to be hard on him knowing she was just two blocks away and not in his bed.

They had been home a few minutes before Richie and the kids walked in. Jon was in the living room with his laptop open and his glasses on. Romeo was standing in the corner.

“Daddy did you find him?” Stephanie said as she put the pizza box on the bar.

“Yep sure did.” He finished typing and lowered the site. “Thanks for the pizza bones, honey”

“Pizza bones?” Stephanie wrinkled her nose.

“Silly daddy, pizza got no bones.” Jakey spoke quietly and ran upstairs.

Jon was stunned at Jake speaking he missed Jesse asking him a question.

“Does she call left over pizza, pizza bones?” Jesse repeated what he said as he draped himself over the sofa, giving his dad a look after looking at his sister.

“She has a name and its Lexie, or Miss Madison.” Jon set up straighter. Richie went over and placed his hand on Jon's back and calmed him down. “And yes she called the left over pizza the bones.”

“Are you going to see her again?” Stephanie asked. Perching on the bar stool at the bar.

“We, or rather she, thinks you three need time to get over the experience you have been through, before you can accept that we will be dating.” Jon stood up and went over and headed into the kitchen.

Steph and Jesse looked at Richie.

“She makes him happy.” Richie told then. “While you were with you mom, he met her when he took Romeo to the Adirondacks. Three weeks later, he's back to his old self, he smiles again.” Richie followed Jon into the kitchen.

“I told you, he had a girlfriend.” Jesse said.

“Lexie is a nice lady, we made snow people and had a snowball fight and roasted marshmallows in the fireplace.” Romeo said from his corner. “Snowball is her puppy and she loves me and daddy. I can't see her for two whole weeks because of you and Stephie.”

“Hey, we didn't do anything to her,” Stephanie looked over at Jesse.

“Well, we really didn't welcome her with opened arms, you could have been a little more friendlier.” Jesse told her.

“Well you weren't smiling very much yourself.” She rolled her eyes.

Jon and Richie stood in the kitchen listening to the kids talking.

“Eavesdropping is not a good daddy quality.” Richie whispered.

“If you don't break the daddy rules sometimes with four kids you never learn anything” Jon whispered back.

“I heard him talking to her last night, he did sound like he really was back to his old self. Maybe we should give her a chance.” Jesse shrugged.

“We gave Graham a chance and look where that got us, you have a jail record.” Steph got up and walked over to the sofa,

“Well, I wouldn't have that record if you haven't tried get to Grahams momma and dressed like a slut,” Jesse spat out at her.

“I didn't ask you to play Incredible Hulk on her. Geese she's an old lady.” Stephanie got in his face.

“So I was to let the old bag smack you with that metal cane of hers. Sometimes I think you do all these to get momma and daddy's attention.” He got up and stood toe to toe.

“I think Kidd you better go out there before they draw blood.” Richie whispered.

“Damn, they always were hot headed.” Jon headed back in, “Hey you two enough.”

“She started it.” Jesse backed up.

“I started it? Oh blame me for everything.” Stephanie stormed off and ran up the stairs.

Jesse started to go up but Jon stopped him.

“Jess, lets talk,” Jon walked over and sat on the sofa. “Romey, come here, times out is over you can go up and unpack your suitcase.”

“Okay Daddy, can I call Lexie and see if Snowball can spend the night tomorrow night?” He ran over to the sofa.

“Now Romey, it hasn't even been two hours much less than two weeks,” He ruffled his hair. “We'll call her tomorrow and maybe set a play day up.”

“Yeah, you're the best daddy,” Romeo hugged him and ran up the stairs.

“He really loves that rag mop, doesn't he?” Jesse asked.

“Yeah he does, two weeks are gonna feel like two months for him.” Jon sighed

“For you too Dad,” Jesse watched his father.

“You could say that, but I can see where she's coming from.” He picked up his laptop and brought the site up again.

“You and a laptop are not two things I'm used to seeing. Hey that's the laptop I use when I'm here.” he moved over to where Jon was tapping away. “You're in a chat room? Oh my God dad welcome to the twenty first century,” He laughed

Jon Chuckled and noticed that the chat was over. “Damn” He mumbled. Sam was still there.

Kidd: Hey Sam, I missed chat.

Sam: It was short, she just didn't sound into it, ya know.

Kidd: Yeah I know what you mean.

Jesse watched him chatting with this Sam person.

“Dad, she know who you are?”

Jon looked at Jesse over the rims of his glasses.

“I don't think so, this is just my second time in here.”

Jesse looked over at the screen, watched his dad tap away at the keys.

Sam:Hey Kidd I added your name to the free book list. Lexie send out a free copy of her new book, we get advance copies of her book. Can't wait to read it.

Kidd: I can't wait either, heard it's gonna be great.

Sam: Well time to go, got school in the morning. L8ter

Jon looked at the acronym and made a face

“Dad she told you later.” Jesse chuckled.

Kidd: L8ter

Jon started to log out when SBM came in.

SBM: Hey Kidd, wondered if you were gonna make it in

Kidd: You know hows its been, Kids
SBM: LOL I copy, got a little pup here misses her buddy

“Lexie?” Jesse asked

“Yeah.” Jon answered

Jesse took the laptop from Jon

Kidd: <3 p="">

Jon looked at the symbol and the three

“Dad, it's a heart.” Jesse laughed

“I get that” He turned his head to the side and nodded his head.

“Listen Dad, I'm okay with you and Lexie dating. I don't need two weeks.”

Jon looked over at Jesse.

“Thanks. But she wants the two weeks and I'll try to give it to her.”

Jesse handed him the laptop back and got up.

“I'm headed to my room, I'll keep an eye out on the kids if you want to take a little stroll tonight. Uncle Mookie is here, if you know what I mean.”

Jon watched his oldest Son head upstairs. Looking back on the screen she was waiting. Richie walked in heading to the kitchen, his guitar in his hand.

“I'm gonna grab a slice and hit the studio and work out that rift,” He stopped at the stunned look on Jon's face, “You Okay there Kidd?”

“Yeah, my 15 year old Son just gave me permission to date Lexie.”

'Well, that's a good thing isn't it?” Richie questioned. “Then what are you doing sitting here, go to her Man.”

Jon nodded his head and picked up the laptop.

Kidd: Meet me at the corner and bring the dog.

SBM: Okay

Jon grabbed his key's out of the bowl on the table and log off the computer.

“I won't be long.”

He grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.

Shaking his head Richie chuckled.

“That's my boy”


  1. Love the conversation between Jesse and Jon. True father and son moment. Poor Romeo he is going to go nuts not seeing Snowball for two weeks.

    Great chapter Alice

  2. I hope Steph comes around as quick as her brother or Romeo and Snow will have a very long 2 weeks!

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