Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chapter 28

"Seems your parents want something to drop the charges." Jon told them.

"Well that's a good thing isn't it? We had talked about getting them to drop the charges." Graham said still watching Dorothea. Something isn't right here, Dorothea is looking really guilty and Jon is looking like he knows something I don't.

"Depends on if you think blackmail is a good thing." Jon turned his attention from Dorothea to Graham.

"Blackmail, is this a joke? My parents aren't like that Jon, trust me." Graham was shocked. To bad Dorothea didn't, now I see why he keeps looking at her.

"Oh I don' think a quarter of a million dollars is a joke, do you Dot?" Jon asked her.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Jon, and I don't like your tone of voice. I have nothing to do with them asking for money. I don't have to stand here and be abused like this. Come on Graham." She got up and headed toward the door.

Graham caught her hand and stopped her. Turning back to Jon he took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"I," He didn't know what to say, the shock that his parents or even his new wife would do this behind his back.

"If we can all sit down," Hank got into the fray. He turned to Jon, the look he gave him was to calm down. "I have the papers set up."

Once they all sat back down he passed out the papers.

"Jon will have checks drawn up in the parents name. It will be paid out in three portions so that it will not hurt them tax wise. You," Turning to Dorothea, "Will sign over total custody to Jon for the minor children Stephanie Rose, Jesse James, Jacob Hurley and Romeo Jon, you will continue to receive your alimony until the end of the year and then it will halt. You will have limited visitation to the said minor children and it will be in a controlled area, which will not be in the same household with the elder grandparents."

Graham looked over the papers in his hands. Reaching for the pen he quickly signed and handed the pen to Dorothea. "Sign it."

It was the first time Jon had actually seen Dorothea accept defeat. Signing the papers she handed them to Hank getting up she walked out of the room, head held high.

Jon sank down in the chair he had been holding in a death grip until they had signed the papers.

"That was too easy." He sighed as he sat down. "Waiting on the fall out."

Jon's phone beeped, taking it out he read the message. "Fall out. That's Graham, he wants your number."

"Tell him I don"t handle divorce settlements." Hank snorted.


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  2. Ok, all caught up now. **looks around, waiting patiently...waiting....waiting....**

    I love what you've written so far. And I LOVE Romeo & Snowball!

  3. Awesome story but I'm not as patient as Genie....I want more...Now!!! Yep, I was also a brat as a kid at Christmas. LOL!!

    I just found this story and read it in one sitting. Great characters. Also love Romeo and Snowball.

  4. Please....can we have more of it, PLEASE!!!!!!