Friday, February 26, 2010

Chapter 22

It was decided that Lexie and Romeo would take Snowball back to her condo to be fed while Jon headed to Philly. Making sure that the doorman had her on the list of people allowed in the building, Jon gave her a kiss and left her with the key to the penthouse and the codes for the locks.

Romeo held onto Snowballs leash as they walked up Mercer to her condo. Passing by Bloomingdales the doorman pulled out the little bone he always had for Snowball.

“Well hello Snowball, you have a new friend?” He bent down and ruffled Romeo’s hair.

“Hi Stan, this is Romeo.” Lexie smiled at the doorman. When she had moved in and was out walking one day they struck up a conversation.

“Well hello Romeo, any friend of Snowballs is a friend of mine. Do you like magic tricks?” Stan asked Romeo.

“Hello Mr. Stan, yes I love magic tricks.” Romeo ever the polite child smiled up at Stan and held out his hand to shake hands with him.

When Stan reached out his hand to shake Romeo’s he reached behind Romeo’s ear and pulled out a sucker.

“Now Romeo, I thought we washed out all those suckers out from behind your ear this morning.” Lexie chuckled.

Romeo reached behind his ear to see if there were any more behind it.

“Wow that’s neat Mr. Stan, Thank you for the sucker and the magic trick.” He smiled up at the man.

Moving on up Mercer they came to her building. Putting the key in the door lock she held the door open for Romeo. Bending down she picked up Snowball and they headed to the elevator.

“You live really close to Daddy don’t you Lexie?” He asked as they rode up to the sixth floor.

“Sure do.” She told him.

“But you don’t have a Tommy like daddy does.” He waited for her to open her door.

‘Nope, sure don’t.” She let him into her small but cozy condo. “Roe, why don’t you go into the kitchen and get Snow’s water bowl and food bowl and put then in a bag for me.” He headed to the kitchen while she went into her bedroom and pulled out some things for the night and the next day. She figured Jon would be back by tomorrow afternoon and she’d be coming home. Going into the bathroom next she got her cosmetic bag and tossed a few things in it for the night. She was coming out when she heard Romeo talking to Snowball.

“You going to come and spend the night Snow. Daddy gone to see that mean lady and get Steph and my broders. They going to like you, but you my puppy.” He was sitting in the floor holding snowball to his face.

Lexie smiled and grabbed her laptop case and dropped a few jump drives in the pouch and zipped it shut. Going back into the kitchen she added several cans of dog food for Snowball. They were heading back to the Penthouse when her cell rang.

“Hello, Oh hey, is every thing alright?” She smiled, Jon must have gotten to the Turnpike.

“Yeah, I forgot that Richie is dropping by to pick up the music that I worked on while we were in the mountains and I forgot….” He said.

“Not to worry, where did you put it?” she asked him.

“My guitar case, I put it in the studio, Roe will show you where the studio is, just open the case and the music will be lying on the bottom under Black Beauty.” He told her then swore. “Stupid asshole this isn’t the brickyard five hundred.”

“Look you pay attention to the road; Roe and I’ll find the music and have it ready for him to pick it up.” She waved to his doorman and they headed to the elevator. Inserting his key into the penthouse button they headed up.

“Listen he might want to work in the studio for a while. Tell him I’ll be home tomorrow, he might crash there or go back to his mom’s.” He told her.

“We’ll take care of everything, you drive safe and we’ll see you tomorrow.” She handed the phone down to Romeo.

“Bye daddy, Give Stephie and Momma a kiss for me and tell J. J. and Jakey Snowball is mine!” He smiled up at Lexie.

“We’ll talk about that when I get home Roe, be good for Lexie and Uncle Mookie.” He told him.

‘Sure Daddy. Bye.” He handed the phone back to Lexie.

“You lost a dog, you know that don’t you?” he chuckled.

“Yeah he was telling her a while ago that J.J., Jakey and Stephie might like her but she was his dog.” She chuckled.

“Listen Lex, the traffic is getting bad and I’ll call you when I get to the hotel and checked in.” He told her. He pulled off the turnpike and was heading into Philadelphia.

“Okay, Romeo wants to show me his room. I’ll talk to you later, be careful.” She laughed a little to herself they sounded like and old married couple.

“You got it, Ah hell I missed my turn.” He laughed and signed off the call.

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  1. Well, I guess Lexi and Snowball will just have to move in with Jon and Romeo!