Monday, January 4, 2010

More Snow! Snowball that is!

Alexis had just enough time to pull on Jon’s shirt, thank God it was long enough to cover her butt.

“Hey buddy.” Jon intercepted his son. “See who came to see us?”

‘Hey Lexie, you brought me snowball!” he ran over and climbed on the sofa beside her.

“We came to visit but you were asleep.” She smiled down at him.

‘I got firsty and need some water, and there she was…just like four.” He nuzzled snowballs furry neck.

“She missed you buddy. We got home and she lay on her little bed watching the door for her little buddy.”

Jon came back with a juice glass of water. Romeo let Alexis take Snowball so he could drink his water.

“Okay little man, back to bed.” Jon took the empty glass and ruffled his hair.

“Come on Snow…” Romeo took snowball off Alexis lap and headed back to the stairs.

“I guess you have another guest for the night.” She laughed

“I don’t think he’ll give her up.” Jon watched his youngest head back upstairs.

When he got to the top he turned and looked down at his dad. “Night…daddy.”

“Night little man. Love ya.” Jon smiled.

“Love ya too daddy…bunches and bunches.” He yawned. Turning he headed to his room then turned and ran back to the top of the stairs.

“Night Lexie thank oo for bring me Snowball…Love ya.” With that he ran back to his room and shut the door.

Lexie just looked up at him and smiled and blew him a kiss. She turned at Jon’s voice.

“I don’t mind if you don’t?” He asked taking the glass back to the kitchen.

Lexie picked up the wine glasses and followed him into the kitchen. Putting the glasses in the sink she leaned on the counter.

“They look sweet together would hate to break up the pair. Did you ever see who it was that called?” She watched him go back to the living room for the wine bottle.

“My ex, she must be back from her honeymoon.” He corked the bottle and put it back in the fridge.

“Do you need to call her back?” She played with the hem of his shirt. The mood was definitely lost.

“I should or she’ll just call again. I don’t need her waking him up again.” He leaned against the opposite counter and watched her.

Why did we have to leave the cabin, it was perfect and you, you asshole, never had it so good. She had done her thing and you had done yours and it was nice not to have arguing all the time he thought and he must have sighed because she moved and headed back into the living room. Turning he followed her in and watched her picking up her clothes.

“You aren’t leaving are you?” He asked as once she had the clothes in her hand.

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  1. She can't leave without Snowball! And I don't think Romeo will give her up that easily! So Jon, you're stuck with 2 guests!