Friday, March 20, 2009

Chapter 15

Lexie was closing down the laptop and smiled…Kidd hum? When she first saw that he was signed on, she was sort of shocked. Granted they had only been home one day, but he hadn’t called…but then again did I give him the number? She thought as she got up from the desk and nearly tripped over Snowball she was so distracted. Had she given him the number or hadn’t she? Oh well too late now.

“Come on snow lets get your little business taken care of.” She put the little dog in her sweater and snapped the leash to her pink collar; it didn’t take long to get down to the sidewalk. Not many people were out at this time of the night. They headed down Mercer to Bloomingdales; the night doorman always had a treat for Snowball.

All of a sudden Snowball began to pull on the leash.

“Snow honey!” She gasped. It was then she saw a man standing looking up the walk at them. As they got closer she dropped the leash as Snow ran and jumped on the man’s legs. She watched him pick up the over excited little dog, who proceeded to crawl into his jacket.

“Well someone is happy to see me.” Jon laughed as she settled against his chest, her small white head peaking out of the opening.

“I don’t think I would fit.” Lexie laughed.

Jon held out his arms, Lexie moved into the as if she was always meant to be there. His lips touched hers and they both sighed.

“I missed you.” They both said at the same time and laughed.

“When did you get home?” She asked him.

“Not long ago. Romeo was asleep half way home, but woke as I got him in bed, he was asking to see Snowball.” He told her as they walked hand in hand to the door of his building.

“If it means anything, I think, she misses him as much as he misses her.” Lexie said patting the top of the dogs head.

“Want to make them both happy?” He asked her.

Looking at the door and then up into his eyes she smiled.

“Let’s.” She said as she let him open the door for her.

“Tommy? This is Lexie.” Jon introduced her to the doorman.

“Hi Lexie, welcome to the Music Building.” Tommy tipped his hat to her.

“Thank you Tommy.” Lexie smiled as Jon pulled her to the elevator.

The ride up was in silence, just enjoying being together again. Jon squeezed her hand as the elevator stopped at the penthouse. Punching in the security code she heard the lock click as he swung the door open.

The first thing Lexie noticed was the wall of windows looking out on the New York skyline. The sight nearly took her breath away. You could possibly put her whole apartment in his living room.

Jon stood there watching her face in the moonlight coming from the windows.

“Wow, it’s beautiful.” She said softly.

He smile reached his eyes for the first time since he found the note in the cabin.

“Thanks, the windows were the selling point of the place.” He told her as he took Snowball from his jacket and placed her on the floor.

They both stood and watched her sniff the air. Tail wagging she headed to the stairs and ran up.

They both followed her, and were not surprised to see her jump on the bed and lay down in the bend of Romeo’s legs. The little dog sighed and closed her eyes.

“She really missed him.” She whispered as they backed out of the room.

They went back downstairs to the living room.


  1. AWWWW!
    The puppy is sooo sweet! So, are we going to have 4 happy smiles in the morning?!?!? :)

  2. ok, for Snowballs sake Lexi has to move ;)

  3. Yeah, I think too she has to move...won't be too difficult ..just down the block.

    More please!

  4. I don't think, Lexie can make Snowball leave so soon, so she has to stay too. ;)

  5. Yeah...what Rike and Meggy said...

    I think she has to move.....For snowball's sake....More please!!!

  6. I'm with the rest, she's got to move lol.

  7. awesome job I love Snowball and Romeo they give the story such an innocent loving flavor. Keep going.

  8. Miss Alice where are you?????? I need more please. Love your story and the other story you are doing. Please update both soon.

  9. Hey Alice, it's soo long since your last update. what happens with Snowball, Lexi, Romeo and Jon?